Plasma Seminars

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fall 2003

All seminars are Monday at 12:05 pm in 4274 Chamberlin Hall (1150 University Avenue)

Sep 8 Stefan Gerhardt UW Dept of ECE Measurement of biased electrode induced plasma flows in HSX David Anderson
Sep 15 Scott Kruger SAIC - San Diego Free-boundary magnetohydrodynamic simulations of DIII-D tokamak plasmas with NIMROD Chris Hegna
Sep 22 Alain Becoulet CEA/DSM/DRFC Overview of long pulse experiments on Tore Surpa and JET Cary Forest
Sep 29 Stewart Prager UW Dept of Physics Magnetic self-organization in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas Stewart Prager
Oct 6 Paul Terry UW Dept of Physics Zonal flow dynamics in trapped electron mode turbulence Paul Terry
Oct 13 Phil Snyder General Atomics MHD stability and dynamics of the tokamak edge, and implications
for ELMs and pedestal constraints
Chris Hegna
Oct 20 Ian Dobson UW Dept of ECE Cascading failure, the risk of large blackouts, criticality and self-organization Clint Sprott
Oct 27 No seminar (APS meeting) - -
Nov 3 Weixing Ding UW Dept of Physics Measurement of magnetic fluctuation-induced electromotive force by Faraday rotation in the MST Stewart Prager
Nov 10 Diego del-Castillo-Negrete Oak Ridge National Lab Fractional diffusion in reaction-diffusion systems and plasmas Carl Sovinec
Nov 17 Alex Lazarian UW Dept of Astronomy Statistics and astrophysical implications of MHD turbulence Stewart Prager
Nov 24 Rick Nebel Las Alamos National Lab  Theoretical and experimental studies of electrostatic confinement Clint Sprott
Dec 1 Jonathan Menard Princeton Plasma Physics Lab MHD physics research on NSTX Chris Hegna
Dec 8 Jim Callen UW Dept of Enigneering Physics Electron heat transport is not anomalous;
It's a paleoclassical process in toroidal plasmas
Jim Callen

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