Physics 505 Lecture Demonstrations

Fall 2000

Tuesday, September 5 (Introduction and Overview)

Tuesday, September 12 (One-Dimensional Maps)

Tuesday, September 19 (Nonchaotic Multidimensional Flows)

Tuesday, September 26 (Dynamical Systems Theory)

Tuesday, October 3 (Lyapunov Exponents)

Tuesday, October 10 (Strange Attractors)

Tuesday, October 17 (Stability and Bifurcations)

Tuesday, October 24 (Hamiltonian Chaos)

Tuesday, October 31 (Time-Series Properties)

Tuesday, November 7 (Nonlinear Prediction and Noise Reduction)

Tuesday, November 14 (Fractals)

Tuesday, November 21 (Calculation of Fractal Dimension)

Tuesday, November 28 (Multifractals)

Tuesday, December 5 (Other Chaotic Sets)

Tuesday, December 12 (Spatiotemporal Chaos and Complexity)