Physics 208 Lecture Demonstrations

Spring 2000

Monday, January 24 (Electric Fields)

Wednesday, January 26 (Gauss's Law)

Friday, January 28 (Electrostatic Accelerators)

Monday, January 31 (Electric Potential)

Wednesday, February 2 (Capacitance and Dielectrics)

Friday, February 4 (Tour of the Nuclear Physics Laboratory)

Monday, February 7 (Current and Resistance)

Wednesday, February 9 (Direct Current Circuits)

Friday, February 11 (Atmospheric Electricity)

Monday, February 14 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, February 16 (Review)

Friday, February 18 (Exam #1)

Monday, February 21 (Magnetic Fields)

Wednesday, February 23 (Sources of the Magnetic Field)

Friday, February 25 (Plasma Physics)

Monday, February 28 (Faraday's Law)

Wednesday, March 1 (Inductance)

Friday, March 3 (Tour of the Plasma Laboratory)

Monday, March 6 (Alternating Current Circuits)

Wednesday, March 8 (Electromagnetic Waves)

Friday, March 10 (Radio Communications)

Monday, March 20 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, March 22 (Review for Exam #2)

Friday, March 24 (Exam #2)

Monday, March 27 (The Nature of Light)

Wednesday, March 29 (Geometric Optics)

Friday, March 31 (Rainbows, Halos, and Glories)

Monday, April 3 (Interference of Light Waves)

Wednesday, April 5 (Diffraction and Polarization)

Friday, April 7 (Cosmology)

Monday, April 10 (Relativity)

Wednesday, April 12 (Quantum Physics)

Friday, April 14 (More on the Theory of Relativity)

Monday, April 17 (Atomic Physics)

Wednesday, April 19 (Nuclear Structure)

Friday, April 21 (No Class - Good Friday)

Monday, April 24 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, April 26 (Review for Exam #3)

Friday, April 28 (Exam #3)

Monday, May 1 (Fission and Fusion)

Wednesday, May 3 (Particle Physics and Cosmology)

Friday, May 5 (History of the Atomic Bomb)

Monday, May 8 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, May 10 (Summary and Wrap-up)