Physics 207 Lecture Demonstrations

Fall 1999

Wednesday, September 8 (Introduction to the Course)

Friday, September 10 (Problem Solving and Error Analysis)

Monday, September 13 (1-D Motion)

Wednesday, September 15 (Vectors)

(Note: Fire drill is scheduled for today)

Friday, September 17 (Frames of Reference)

Monday, September 20 (2-D Motion)

Wednesday, September 22 (Laws of Motion)

Friday, September 24 (Feynman video)

Monday, September 27 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, September 29 (Review)

Friday, October 1 (Exam #1)

Monday, October 4 (Circular Motion)

Wednesday, October 6 (Work and Kinetic Energy)

Friday, October 8 (Physics of the 21st Century)

Monday, October 11 (Potential Energy)

Wednesday, October 13 (Linear Momentum and Collisions)

Friday, October 15 (Physics of Imagination and Creativity)

Monday, October 18 (Rotational Motion)

Wednesday, October 20 (Angular Momentum)

Friday, October 22 (Seasons, Tides and Phases of the Moon)

Monday, October 25 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, October 27 (Review)

Friday, October 29 (Exam #2)

Monday, November 1 (Static Equilibrium and Elasticity)

Wednesday, November 3 (Oscillatory Motion)

Friday, November 5 (Chaos and Randomness)

Monday, November 8 (The Laws of Gravity)

Wednesday, November 10 (Fluid Mechanics)

Friday, November 12 (Fractals)

Monday, November 15 (Wave Motion)

Wednesday, November 17 (Sound Waves)

Prof. Don Cox will give this lecture and may have other demo needs

Friday, November 19 (Astrophysics)

Monday, November 22 (Superposition and Standing Waves)

Wednesday, November 24 (Temperature)

Monday, November 29 (Catchup Lecture)

Wednesday, December 1 (Review)

Friday, December 3 (Exam #3)

Monday, December 6 (Heat and 1st Law of Thermodynamics)

Wednesday, December 8 (Kinetic Theory)

Friday, December 10 (The Wonders of Physics Fun Lecture)

Monday, December 13 (Entropy and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics)

Wednesday, December 15 (Review and Wrap-up)