Study Group Candidates

Physics 207 - Fall 1999

Below you can add your name to a list of students who are looking for a Physics 207 study group to join. Please enter your name and email address and then click the SUBMIT button. When you add your name you will be automatically returned to this page and your name should appear after you click the RELOAD button on your browser menu. If you wish to remove your name, please email Professor Sprott.
There are 18 names on this page.
Last name was added on 12-16-1999 at 22:15:58.


Jenny Harms
Sara Steien
George Steele
Sung-keun Kim
Kim Mueller
Nick Isabella (Ogg East)
Rebecca Peterson
charles bui
Kelly Radermacher
Doug Lagally
Raissa Trend
casey munz
Heidi Koss
Justin Gray
Hans Jensen
Dave Ruttum
Alberto Locante
Douglas Yee

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