Friday Honors Lectures

Physics 207 (also 201)

Fall 1996

All lectures are at 8:50 am in 1300 Sterling Hall.

Sep 6 "A Private Universe" and "Taking the World from Another Point of View" (Videos)
Sep 13 "Frames of Reference" (Film)
Sep 20 "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out" (Feynman Video)
Sep 27 Prof. J. Cameron - Physics of Imagination and Creativity
Oct 4 Prof. R. Morse - Neutrino Astronomy using the South Pole Ice Cap
Oct 11 Exam I (207 students only)
Oct 18 Prof. M. Olsson - Can we Travel to the Stars?
Oct 25 Prof. H. Richards - Saga of Brahe, Kepler, and Newton
Nov 1 Exam II (207 students only)
Nov 8 Prof. C. Sprott - Chaos and Randomness
Nov 15 Prof. H. Ogelman - The Densest Objects in the Universe
Nov 22 Exam III (207 students only)
Nov 29 Thanksgiving - no class
Dec 6 Prof. H. Barschall - Bubbles and Films (cancelled)
Dec 13 No class