I told you not to ask!

But since you did, the reason is that each of the times I have taught this course before, I have taught with another professor.  I would always teach the first half of the semester and he would teach the second half.  I would make up the first two exams, and he would make up the third exam and final, sometimes with a little input from me.  Thus I have never written a third exam or final for this course.  I could, of course, show you someone else's exams or exams I have given covering similar material in other courses, but I think that would be more misleading than helpful to you.  My best advice, as always, is to work as many problems at the end of the chapters as you can.  Try giving yourself practice exams by picking problems from the end of the chapters and doing them in the allotted time without reference to the book.  Do this repeatedly until you can perform well on your practice exams.

J. C. Sprott