St. Patrick

(Three-couple reel)

1-6 Snowball chain
1-2 1st couple cross using right hand
3-4 1st man with 2nd woman and 1st woman with 2nd man change places by left hand
5-6 2nd couple cross using right hand, while 1st man with 3rd woman and 1st woman with 3rd man change places by right hand.
Ends 2nd couple (improper), 3rd couple (proper), 1st couple (improper).
7-8 All set.
9-16 Right shoulder reels of three on the sides beginning with 3rd man facing down and 3rd woman facing up (3rd man out the bottom, 3rd woman out the top).
17-24 Corners pass and turn begins with 3rd man passing 1st man, 3rd woman passing 2nd woman in first corner positions.
25-26 3rd man with 1st couple and 3rd woman with 2nd couple right hands across halfway (3rd couple end outside the set, 3rd woman at the top and 3rd man at the bottom).
27-30 3rd man dance around 1st man and loop into second place on own side, while 3rd woman dances around 1st woman and loop into second place on own side; end couples turn once by the right hand.
31-32 All set (dance ends 2nd couple  3rd couple, 1st couple all proper). 

Repeat with new top couple

Devised by Michael Briggs and danced for the first time on March 17, 2002.
Madison Scottish Country Dancers