Squirrel on the Bough

(Three-couple reel)


1st couple cross down, 2nd couple step up into double triangles; set.

2nd woman and 1st man turn by the left hand halfway, while 2nd man and 1st woman turn by the right hand halfway (gate turn halfway, 1st couple up the outside); 1st couple (improper), 2nd couple, 3rd couple set.

Cross-over mirror reels, begins with1st couple crossing down  (middles bulge), all couples cross at top. Figure ends with 1st couple proper and facing down, 2nd couple and 3rd improper and facing up ready for

1st couple cross down into double figure of eight with 3rd couple who continue up the outside from bar 16, 1st man makes wide loop at endready for

1st couple and 2nd couple reel for four across set, begins with women passing right shoulder.

1st couple (proper) and 2nd couple (improper) left-hands across halfway.

1st couple (now improper) and 3rd couple (improper) right-hands across halfway.

3rd woman with 2nd woman, and 3rd man with 2nd man right-hand turn half way, ends with 2nd couple, 1st couple, 3rd couple all proper

All set.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Michael Mudrey in January 2001 and inspired by the morning activities of a squirrel family outside the bedroom window.
Madison Scottish Country Dancers