Santa Barbara Strathspey

(Three-, Four- or Five-couple strathspey)


1st woman followed by 1st man dance down the middle; on bar 4, 1st woman pulls back right shoulder to face 1st man.

1st couple set and turn by right hand three-quarters to end facing up (on bar 8, 2nd couple, 3rd couple and 4th couple face down the set).

1st couple lead up the middle, followed by (5th couple), 4th couple, 3rd couple and 2nd couple (2nd couple do not join hands).

All set on the side, then turn partner by right hand halfway to end facing down in an allemande holdready for

Upside-down 4th couple allemande (dance down the set and up the women's side, and fall back on partner's side and face up).

2nd couple followed by 3rd couple, 4th couple (5th couple) and 1st couple, lead down, cross at the bottom, and dance up own sides to progressed place. 1st couple will merely cross into place at the bottom.

Repeat until all have danced as first couple. If danced by three or five couples, this dance requires appropriate accommodation so that the figures are completed smoothly.

Devised by Todd McCall in honor of the wedding of Barbara Burns and Frank Mills in Santa Barbara, California, March 20, 1999.
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