Royal Divorce

(Three-couple strathspey)

The Royal Couple separate, briefly reconcile, then decide to part forever.
1st couple cast off, lead up between 3rd couple, cast off to face first corners (2nd couple dance up on bars 3-4).

They make new friends .
1st couple set and turn corners.

They attempt to avoid the reporters and photographers.
Left shoulder reels of three on side.
1st couple pass right shoulder to end in second place on the wrong side, while 2nd couple and 3rd couple cross over giving right hand.

Clients and lawyers confer, and finally a settlement is reached.
1st couple retire one step and advance one step three times, while 2nd couple and 3rd couple advance one step and retire one step, first diagonally, then up and down the set, then diagonally.
1st couple cross over passing right shoulder, 2nd couple and 3rd couple cross over giving right hand. 

Repeat, having passed a couple

Devised by various members of the Madison, Wisconsin, Scottish Country Dancers, July 1996.
Madison Scottish Country Dancers