Miss Phillip's Transition

(Three-couple reel)

Seeking a new place

1st couple cross down between 2nd and 3rd couple, dance behind third couple, cross up between 3rd and 2nd couple, dance behind 2nd couple to top

Traveling to visit new home

1st couple lead down

1st couple dance back to top and cast off to face first corners, 2nd couple step up on bars 15-16

Back home visiting with friends

1st couple turn first corner with both hands, pass left shoulder and turn 2nd corner by both hand and end in lines across the set (1st woman between 2nd couple, 1st man between third couple)

All departing party with tears

All advance

2nd and 3rd couple retire while 1st couple turn two hand to face 1st corners

Goodbyes, but we will see each other again!

1st couple set to first corners, then to each other. 1st couple set to second corners, then to each other up and down the set. 1st couple finish with a petronella-type turn to second place on own side (Hello-goodby setting)

Repeat, having passed a couple

Recommended tune: The Lost Accordion © by Martha E. Phillips

Devised by Michael Mudrey for Martha Phillips as she transitions in life! August 2002
Madison Scottish Country Dancers