Miss Nancy Smiles

(Three-couple jig)


1st couple and 2nd couple set.

1st couple and 2nd couple right hands across halfway.

2nd couple and 1st couple turn partner by right hand once-and-a-half to own side in progressed position.

1st couple pass left shoulder to dance out around first corners, 1st woman casting up and dancing down between 2nd couple, 1st man casting down and dancing up between 3rd couple, and turning away from each other so that 1st woman faces 2nd couple and 1st man faces 3rd couple (as in Sugar Candie).

2nd couple and 1st woman, 1man and 3rd couple three hands around to the left, 1st couple pulling back right shoulder at end to face each other in middle of set.

1st couple pass left shoulder to dance reels of three on the side, giving right shoulder to second corner.

1st couple cross giving right hand and face down holding hands while 3rd couple cast out away from each other and back into third place ready for

1st couple and 3rd couple right hands across.
2nd couple and 1st couple left hands across.

Repeat, having passed a couple

Devised by Charles Snowdon for the wedding of Nancy McClements and Ian Stuart Gaylor, November, 1998.
Madison Scottish Country Dancers