Kenora Reel

(Three-couple strathspey)

1M with 2W, 2M with 3W, and 3M with 4M change by right shoulder (look right, pass right)
2M with 4W, 2M with 4 M, and 1W with 3 W change by left shoulder (look left pass left)
Men left hands across while women right hands across
Women cross in front of men as partners meet, so that women left hands across at bottom and men right hands across at top, Crossing begins with 1C
Reel of four on the sides halfway
Reel of three on sides for 2W, 1W 1M, and 3W, 4W and 1M (2M and 3M remain stationary at bottom of set)
All women cross with opposite woman by right hand to end across the set opposite partner
All turn partner by left hand into so that all men on on the men's side, women are on the women's side ready for
Allemande for four
C2 and C3 (at top) dance the Knot while C4 and C1 at bottom dance the slip Knot.

Repeat, having passed a couple

Devised by Michael Mudrey after a trip to Kenora, Ontario and recalling the Kenora Reel, May 2002
Madison Scottish Country Dancers