In the twenty-five years since we in Madison, Wisconsin have been enjoying Scottish Country Dancing, our members and friends have devised dances for our dancing community. These dances have helped us to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and yes, even divorce. Our dances are conventional Scottish Country Dancing lines, square sets, rotating square sets, and triplets. Our dances run the gamut from straight forward and not too demanding, to those not for the faint of heart or foot.

We invite you to try them out – pass them on – and if they capture your imagination, add them to your standard repertoire.

                    Madison Scottish Country Dancers
                    Celebrating 25 years of happy dancing in 2002

Edited by Michael Mudrey and Michael Briggs

Madison Scottish Country Dancers
Clelia Niesen, Secretary
2428 Fox Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53711

Madison Scottish Country Dancers