Ian Gaylor's Entrance into Matrimony

(Four-couple reel in a square set)

1st man set advancing and pull back right shoulder to face his partner.
1st couple set to each other.
1st couple turn with both hands (pas de basque) back to place.
All circle around to the left and back, retaining hands at end.
All advance into the center and retire dropping hands.
1st couple dance across the set, followed by others to form two lines of four: 1st man followed in order by 2nd woman, 2nd man, 3rd woman; 1st woman by 4th man, 4th woman, 3rd man. (Dancers should create enough space between the lines for the next figure).
Lines of four, advance and retire.
All turn the opposite person halfway with both hands (pas de basque) to reform the square set. 1st couple and 3rd couple will have changed places, as will 2nd couple and 4th couple.

Repeat, with a new 1st couples (in order, original 2nd couple, then original 3rd couple, then original 4th couple). At end of 2nd and 4th repetitions, all are back in original places.
Devised by Todd McCall for the marriage of dancers Ian Stuart Gaylor and Nancy McClements in 1998.Originally published in Wee Hoose on the Mississippi by Todd McCall and Doug Schneider, 2000 ©. http://aol.members.com/weehoosebooks/index.html
Madison Scottish Country Dancers