Mathematical Models of Love & Happiness


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Table of Contents

Mathematical Models of Love & Happiness


Simple Linear Model

Limitations of Model

Some “Romantic Styles”

Number of Pairings

Both out of touch with their own feelings

Out of touch with their own feelings (continued)

With Self-Awareness and bc < 0 (nerd + lover)

Fire and Water (Do opposites attract?)

Peas in a Pod (Are clones bored or blissful?)

Romeo the Robot (How does Juliet react?)

Effect of Nonlinearities

New kinds of Dynamics

A Love Triangle

Love Triangle Equations

Linear Love Triangle Examples

Romeo’s Fate

One Chaotic Solution of Nonlinear Love Triangle

Possible Further Studies

Simple 2D Linear Model

Solutions of 2-D Linear System

Happiness Model

What is x?

Winning the Lottery

Drug or Other Addiction

Intermittent Reinforcement

Random Events

Real Life


A few other happiness studies

What disabilities, you ask?

As for the dynamics

Other Similar Qualities



Author: Clint Sprott


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