Sprott's Favorite Places

Some of these are useful, others are interesting or weird, but all are worth a look. You are welcome to suggest links to your site or others. See also those outstanding sites that have won the exclusive Sprott's Spots Award.

* Computer Graphics

* Cool Site Lists

Cool Site of the Day
The Internet Pearls Index
The Lycos Top 5%
Sprott's Spots Awards

* Lifestyles

Alice Chatbot
Best Places to Live
Database of Happiness
Email a Postcard
Internet Greeting Cards
Internet Travel Network
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Myers-Briggs Personality Test
A Thousand Points of Sites
Track Flight Status
Twenty Questions
Virtual Tourist
Welcome to the White House
WWW Speedtrap Registry

* Meteorology

Aviation Weather
Current Weather
Decoded METAR for KMSN
North America Satellite Image
The Weather Channel

* Multimedia

Chicago Air Traffic Approach Control
Classical Music MIDI Archives
Continuously Refreshing Fishcam!
Fractal Movie Archive
The Fractal Music Project
Live Air Traffic Control
Mathematics Archives - Interactive WWW Pages
National Public Radio Online
Peeping Tom Homepage
Random Internet Cameras
RealNetworks Home Page
Learning About MIDI

* Personal

Airport Diagrams
City of Madison - Metro Transit
Current Weather in Madison
Dane County Airport Arrivals and Departures
DoIT Classlists and Listservers
Java API Documentation
Madison Metro
MikTeX E-group
PowerBASIC on the Net
Time Series Data Set Manager
UW-Madison Interactive Map
Website-talk Mailing List Archive
Wisconsin Aviation
WOP Video Streaming Statisitics

* Reference Materials

Alta Vista Translation Service
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Earliest Use of Some Words of Mathematics
Helwig's Smiley Dictionary
How Far is it?
How Stuff Works
MapQuest Interactive Atlas
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's Laws of Motion
Real Estate Prices
Real-Time Clock
Step-by-step Calculator
StockMaster Home Page
U.S. Postal Rates
Unofficial Smiley FAQ
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
ZIP+4 Code Lookup

* Science

American Institute of Physics
Ask Dr. Neutrino
Bad Science
The Chaos MetaLink
Cool Science Sites Hotlist
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
The James Randi Educational Foundation
Institute of Physics
It's Alive (Artificial Life Links)
Mad Teddy
Nonlinear Dynamics Bibliography
Santa Fe Institute
The Skeptic Tank
Views of the Solar System
Simple Machines in Automobiles (thanks Gabby!)

* Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page
AltaVista Search Service
Amateur Radio Directory
Amazon Books Catalog
Anywho Directory Service
Ask Jeeves
Background Checks
Deja News
Finding People/Organizations/Hosts
Google Search Engine
Liszt E-mail Discussion Groups
Lycos Search
Publicly Accessible Mail Lists
Starting Point
World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
Yahoo - a Guide to WWW

* Shopping

Amazon.com Bookstore
Download Astro
NECX Computer Products
Netmarket Web Superstore
Pizza Hut Delivery Service

* Software

Archie Query Form
The Converter's Paradise
PC Magazine
Windows Web Server Utilities
WinSite SuperSearch Engine
ZDNet Software Library

* WWW Information

AOL Quick Buddy
Determine IP Address
HTML Station
HTML Link Checker
Imaging Machine
Internet Archive
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
Network Diagnosis
The PostMaster - Announce Your URL
Submit It!
Wayback Machine
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
W3C Link Checker
Weblint (HTML Checker)
Whois Search
World Wide Web Servers
Wotsit's File Format Collection
WWW-Finger Gateway
WWW Viewer Test Page
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
J. C. Sprott