List of Individuals
Rogers, Infant
Rogers, Ruth Olive
Rogers, Thomas N.
Rogers, Thomas Sprott
Rogers, Virgia Page
Sanders, Katherine
Sanders, Sarah
Sayers, Harriett
Smart, Brenda Sue
Soffos, Ambra Collen
Soffos, Beverly Sue
Soffos, James Harry
Soffos, James Harry (1)
Soffos, Michael
Soffos, Rebecca Elaine
Soffos, Stacey Renee
Soffos, Thomas Michael
Sprot, James
Sprot, John
Sprot, John (1)
Sprott, Alexander Loughridge
Sprott, Frank Wilson
Sprott, Henry
Sprott, Infant
Sprott, James
Sprott, James (1)
Sprott, Jane
Sprott, John
Sprott, John (1)
Sprott, John (2)
Sprott, Julien Clinton
Sprott, Louisa Elizabeth
Sprott, Margaret
Sprott, Margaret Bothwell
Sprott, Margaret Jane
Sprott, Marie Louise
Sprott, Martha Brockaway
Sprott, Mary Augusta
Sprott, Mary Elizabeth
Sprott, Mary Jane
Sprott, Nanie Bell
Sprott, Reba Lucille
Sprott, Robert
Sprott, Robert (1)
Sprott, Sadie Chandler
Sprott, Samuel
Sprott, Samuel Henry
Sprott, Sherri
Sprott, Udell
Sprott, William
Sprott, William Leonadis
Sprott, Willie Maie
Sprott, Yetive Calhoun
Sprott/ II, Frank Wilson
Sprott/, J, Samuel Henry
Sprott/, Jr, Frank Wilson
Sprott/, Jr, William Leonadis
Stanley, Richard
Stanley, Robert
Stanley, Sterling L.
Tidwell, Elton
Tidwell, Eula
Tidwell, Gnath
Tidwell, Ila Fern
Tidwell, Infant
Tidwell, Isabella
Tidwell, J. Franklin
Tidwell, John
Tidwell, Matilda Jane
Tidwell, Milton
Tidwell, Pauline
Tidwell, Richard Milton
Tidwell, Robert
Tidwell, Ruby
Tidwell, Ruth Bessie
Tidwell, Sally
Tidwell, Thomas
Tidwell, William
Tidwell, Wilson
Walton, Fred
Weller, Virginia
Williams, Charles
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, Charles A.
Wilson, Fannie
Wilson, Lancelot
Wilson, Lancelot (1)
Wilson, Lewis M.
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Ruth Olive
Wilson, Sarah Bettner
Young, Billy
Young, Louis Evelyn
Young, Waylon

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