June 27th through July 4th, 1998

7 days, 518 miles

from the headwaters of the Wisconsin River to its meeting with the Mississippi

GReat Annual Bike Adventure Along the Wisconsin River XIII 1998

Day 1
Ted and Jackie cruise
Jackie and Marty . . . . . .John and Ted
the accomodations
the river
Ted, John, and the WI river
Marty, John, Jackie, and Ted: rest stop
Marty . . . . .Ted and Jackie and Kentley beat up a hill
dead Ted on the Merrimac Ferry
Kentley and Marty . . . . . . . . the Wollersheim Winery
Marty and Jackie take a short break
finished: Ted and Jackie and Marty and Kentley with unknown biker guy

Ted Biewer (biewer@loki.physics.wisc.edu)