Pictures from 2005, in no particular order

Christine at 9 months Jack at 0 months Heading home from hospital.
IMG_0113 IMG_0140 IMG_0176
breakfast Jack learns some physics at MIT. Boston, MA
IMG_0473 IMG_0506 IMG_0538
Christine and Jack at Dartmouth. Jack meets Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa. Ted goes to Saint Petersburg, Russia
IMG_0674 IMG_0792 028_23
Peter-the-Great's summer palace. "The Gates" in NYC, prior to Jack's arrival. Summer palace of Katherine-the-great
039_12 021_5 016_10
Jack tries solid food. Halloween Christmas portrait
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JFK presidential library JRB infant-ial library Uncle Ben visits from Montreal
IMG_0946 IMG_0954 IMG_0986
Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Rehder's Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Biewer's Shadow stands guard in AZ
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