Pictures from Events and Activities of 2003

Steve and Christine get married

in Alabama

Ted in the Gulf of Mexico
Ted and Christine on Mobile Bay

The Jersey Shore

Ted and Christine and the Atlantic Ocean.

Visiting NYC

Christine in Central Park


Princeton, NJ

Ted gets to work inside NSTX.
and work some more

Our NEW car!!!

The pimped out Neon, sitting at the dealer, waiting for us.

Jilinda and Chris get Married

in Kansas City

Jilinda and Chris say their vows.
They kiss.
They cut the cake.

Camping at Pine Grove Furnace State Park

July 4th weekend in PA

At the mid-point marker of the Apalachian Trail.
Ted and Russ.
Christine and Rebecca.
Dave and Allison.

Our Wedding Shwoer

East coast friends gather for wedding shower, July 19th, 2003, Princeton.

Sarena, Jilinda, and Christine at wedding shower, July 19th, 2003, Princeton.

Ted, Steve, Dan, and Russ at wedding shower, July 19th, 2003, Princeton.

Pictures from the Wedding

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. We had a wonderful time, and hope you all did too. Here are a huge number of pictures:

Christine and Ted got married on October 11th, 2003, Lawrence, KS.

Tim and Sheila get married!

Sheila and Tim are toasted by Pookie, Hayes, KS, December 6, 2003

Bert, Christine, and Carole get ready for the ceremony.

Ted Biewer (