Pictures from Events and Activities of 2001

Buss Stop Run Alaska Great Walls of Sauk Co.
JKASC Dressed Up Chicago Marathon
Team Time Trial Fall Santa Barbara
Thanksgiving Christmas open

Christine Rehder makes me laugh.

I wasn't here, but this a great pic of my dad jeepin' it up.

Buss Stop Run

another J.K. Anderson Original

Don Holly, Gene, Jay, Marty, Lisa, Adam, Erin.


Following the TTF meeting I traveled Alaska with my bro's Matt and Ben

Ben and Matt shaved their heads. Why? I don't know.
Matt, Ted, and Ben at the Arctic Cirle.
The Alaskan Pipeline.
Peaks in Denali National Park
Moose in Denali Nat. park.

The Great Walls of Sauk Co.

This ride hurt me.

Marty, the ring leader.
Somebody's tired.

Third Annual Jay K. Anderson Suicide Century

130 miles, 7000+ feet of climbing

1st Rest Stop, Wyalusing State Park: Mike, Erin, Eilleen, Don, Marty, John, Ted, Christine, Lisa, Chris, Diane, Jay, Scott, and Samantha.
Samantha helps Jay stay hydrated.

Dressed Up

for the wedding of Christina and Pablo

Christine and Ted

The Chicago Marathon

finished in 4:22:59, my first marathon

Run, Ted, Run

Dad, Jan, and David at the CAI

4 Person Team Time Trial

Ted and Jay
Holger, Ted, Jay, and Marty
Team OddOnes
after the race: third place

Fall at my Apartment

Ted w/ leaves

Santa Barbara, CA

Mountain biking before the APS confernece

Stephan and Ted on West Camino Cielo
Stephan and Don Holly w/ snacks


in Kansas with Christine

Christine at the Kansas Capital
Christine w/ Kim's 3 day old Logan
Mark, Grandma, Carol, Christine, Grandpa, Tim and Pookie


in Arizona with Christine

Christine and Ted at the Arizona Capital
Christine with her first Joshua tree.
Christine mails letters home.
Christine checks out the Hoover Dam.
Christine at the Grand Canyon. What a view!

Ted Biewer (