Pictures from Events and Activities of 1999

CrazyLegs Classic Chocolate City Ride Galena Triathlon Relay
Madison 10k TOMRV MTB
GRABAAWR Utah Castle Rock Tri. Relay
Balley's USTS Tri. Waunakee Duathlon Devils Lake Tri.

Ted B. at the UW-Madison

Crazylegs Classic

5 mile run on April 24th, Madison, WI

Nicole, JP, and Ted B. as the Beastie Boys

Going Intergalactic on Observatory Drive

Galena Triathlon

700y swim, 17 mile bike, 4 mile run May 22nd, Galena, IL
1:30:01 time, 2nd place Coed Relay (John Wright, Ted B., Christina)

The Results for Team Paoli

Can you find the John Wright in this picture?

Biking out of Apple Canyon Lake

The Hill

Team Paoli and their medals: John, Ted, Christina

Heoroes Madison Marathon (10k)

10k run May 30th, Madison, WI
43:35 time, 5th place in my age group (M25-29)

Ted gets a 5th place finish
Christina, Ted, and John Peck


Tour of the Mississippi River Valley
200 miles in 2 days

1st Rest Stop w/ the smoking man
"the hills of Iowa" . . .
. . . get even steeper in Illinois

Mountain Biking in Chequamegon

fun in Northwoods of Wisconsin

Bruce at the Rock Lake trailhead
Rock Lake
Bruce negotiating with the trail

see this GRABAAWR 1999 link

June 26th to July 3rd: 500 miles along the Wisconsin River from source to terminus

Castle Rock Triathlon

440y swim, 16.5 mile bike, 3 mile run July 24th, Adams-Friendship, WI
1:16:03 time, 1st place Coed Relay (John Wright, Ted B., Christina)

John Swims Ted Bikes Christina Runs

Team Paoli wins again!!

The Marty 85

95 mile ride: Madison to Riley to Blue Mound to Mt. Horeb to New Glarus to Paoli to Madison

Eileen, Christina, Chris, Ted, John, Jackie
Ted, Marty, and Jackie near Blue Mound State Park
UpChuck Hill, outside Mt. Horeb

Balley's USTS Madison Triathlon

.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.4 mile run August 15th, Madison, WI
2:24:29 time, 26th place M25-29

After the Swim Running Finish Line Sprint

Devil's Challenge Triathlon

1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run September 12th, Devils Lake Sate Park, WI
1:16:44 time, 10th place M25-29

Mt. Horeb Biathlon

2 mile run, 14 mile bike, 2 mile run October 2nd, Mt. Horeb, WI
1:12:39 time, 1st place M25-29

The starting gun.
Ted and Chris; neck and neck at transtion #1.
The whole gang.
The results.

Ted Biewer (