Ted B. at the UW-Madison

Friends and Family

Family B. @ Christmas 1995
Benjamin W. as the Marlboro Man, John Jr. and Ted B.
David-doggy-dog in Globe, AZ, Nate-dog during the glory days
E. & J. Fernandez with Jan and Joan at Devil's Lake, WI
David "Big J." Isaac and Teresa, South Mountian Park, Phoenix
Emp. Melonhead and Angie Isaac, Sabino Canyon, Tucson

Earlier Times

A young Ted B. contemplates world domination.
Chandler High School, AZ
Lynn Schultz and hippie pupil

Arizona State University Years

Ted B. w/ ASU Cycling Devils
Ted B. in Arrowhead Criterium
Summer in Boulder, CO plasma lab
Our hero on spring break (Mexico) with Maura and Suzanne
punks outside LongWongs, Tempe, AZ

Around Arizona

Near Canyon Lake, AZ
John Jr. at Superstition Mtn.s
Maura, Angie, and David in White Mtns.
Globe, AZ
Backpacking in San Francisco Peaks
SF Peaks, near Flagstaff, AZ

Parting Shot

decadence at the Qual. Party

Ted Biewer (biewer@juno.physics.wisc.edu)