Jack gets a bath Jack gets a nap with Great-Grandma At AMSE in Oak Ridge
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Leaving for the UK Lunch at Thai Orchid St. Helen's church, Abingdon
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getting ready to go to Oxford playing in Abingdon more playing
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downtown Abingdon making bubbles Cardiff, Wales
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Cardiff, Wales downtown Abingdon looking from our balcony
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spring flowers in Oxford Oxfords "dreaming spires" Grandma visits Jack
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rambling in the Cotswolds Christ Church Green, Oxford Jack's first birthday
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on the Thames River visiting Bath a snack in Bath
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Jack waves the Union Jack Jack's first bike ride The Pantheon, Rome, Italy
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Piazza Navone, Rome, Italy The Forum, Rome The Colleseum, Rome
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St. Peters Basilica, Rome Angelicum University, Rome driving in Madrid, Spain
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Cervantes montument, Madrid paella and sangria, Madrid Abingdon sprinkler park
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looking cool in Cambridge enjoying the view from "The Backs," Cambridge Prince Albert park, Abingdon
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Southsea beach, UK keeping cool in Southsea Jack's guitar lesson
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Oxford Botanical Garden coy pond, Oxford Bot. Garden berry picking, Marcham
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blackberries for Jack