Numerical Recipes
Routines And Examples in BASIC

by Julien C. Sprott
in association with Numerical Recipes Software

Companion Manual to
Numerical Recipes
The Art of Scientific Computing

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Modern BASIC programmers will be delighted to learn that the routines and demonstration programs from the highly acclaimed reference book Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing are now available in their language of choice. Numerical Recipes, by William H. Press, Brian P. Flannery, Saul A. Teukolsky and William T. Vetterling, is a complete handbook containing nearly 200 algorithms or "recipes" for scientific computing and numerical analysis. It is accompanied by the Numerical Recipes Example Book containing the programs that demonstrate the subroutines. Julien C. Sprott has translated all of the recipes and programs, over 350 in all, into BASIC. This book brings the routines and programs together in a single source that includes computer code and code captions from both the book and example book and the commentary from the example book. It is recommended for use with one of the main Numerical Recipes books.

The author employs Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5, but the recipes are easily adapted for other modern forms of BASIC. The programs contained in this book are also available as machine-readable code on a 5 1/4-inch floppy diskette for IBM compatible computers.

Numerical Recipes
Routines and Examples in BASIC
by Julien C. Sprott
Cambridge University Press
QA297.s68 1991
ISBN 0-521-40689-7 (softcover book)
ISBN 0-521-40688-9 (diskette)

Lauren Cowles of Cambridge University Press says that the BASIC diskette is no longer available from them.  The BASIC code is all contained on the Numerical Recipes CDROM, which is still available from CUP.  She has asked that their customer service departments make sure that customers who call about the BASIC Diskette are informed of this. The copyright to the code is held by Numerical Recipes Software, who have not licensed CUP or the translator (Julien C. Sprott) to make it available over the Internet.

Bill Vetterling of Numerical Recipes Software says that the BASIC code is included on the Numerical Recipes CD-ROM, in both the QuickBasic and TrueBASIC versions. The PC (Windows and Macintosh compatible) format of this CD-ROM costs about $90 and is sold by Cambridge University Press.  There is an order form for it on their Web page.

J. C. Sprott