Sprott's Hobbies and Interests

Most of my interests outside of physics involve thinking or moving. I tend to fall asleep when I read or watch television, and, although I like music and theater, I get restless when I have to sit still in one place for too long. Here are some of the things I've pursued fanatically at one time or another:

* Bicycling (commuting and occasional day trips)
* Camping (wilderness)
* Canoeing (preferably quietwater rivers)
* Computers (of course)
* Dancing (ballroom, polka, cajun, contra, square, folk, ...)
* Flying (since 1971, private, single-engine, instrument)
* Ham radio (since 1955, amateur extra, W9AV, formerly K4BOM)
* Rafting (small streams in southern Wisconsin)
* Skiing (downhill and cross-country)
* Spelunking (crawling around in caves, mostly in east Tennessee)
* Tennis (contingent on a suitable partner)
* Writing (books and technical papers)

"...the man's a human dynamo" -- DoIT Now, March, 1996

J. C. Sprott