Longevity, cryonics, and life extension

Reading #1: "There's No Limit to Longevity" (Scientific American):
.       https://tinyurl.com/yath4rf5

Video ("Human popsicles") :
.       Frozen Faith: Cryonics and The Quest to Cheat Death
.       https://youtu.be/m5KuNAeOtJ0

Reading #2 from The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies:
.       FAQ on Ethics of Lifespan Extension:
.       https://ieet.org/index.php/IEET2/more/Stambler20170608

.       Is healthy life extension a good thing?
.       Would extending longevity enhance human suffering, or conversely, is death a solution against suffering?
.       Would extending longevity lead to extending boredom?
.       Would extending longevity make human life meaningless?
.       Will cryonics work?
.       What are the ethical and interpersonal considerations?
.       Are the frozen people dead?  Is cryonics suicide?

Extra credit:
.       Has Walt Disney been frozen?  (Answer: No):
.       https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/suspended-animation/