We are in an election year, and I am frustrated by the limited discussion of issues by the pundits and  lack of probing questions by the interviewers on TV.  This applies to those who support  both(all?) political parties.  I watch  MSNBC , FOX and CNN, both Rachael Maddow and Bill O'Rilley, and am still waiting for someone to ask the right questions.

For our meeting Tuesday, think of questions that you would like to hear asked of the candidates,  especially but not limited to those for president.  Here are some of mine:

For most of the Republicans (before they dropped out ;-) 

You say of Obamacare,  "Repeal and Replace"  So tell us about the "replace" part.

On abortion, should that be illegal?  If so  should women who get one be punished?  If not, why not?  Should an exception be made for victims of rape?  If so, why?  If a fertilized egg is a human baby, should pregnant women who drink alcohol be charged with child abuse?  And should every mis-carriage be investigated as a homicide? 

Donald, you say that when you are president people won't be dying on the street for lack of health care.  Good.  But who will be treating their health problems,  who will pay for this, and how?

For Bernie,  you say raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hr.  Then you say unemployment is too high, especially for teens and young people and people of color. (50+%).  So if they are not being offered jobs now,  why will employers offer them jobs  at twice the current minimum wage?  Same question for Hillary but substitute $12/hr.

And as a follow up, have either of you considered the Negative Income Tax proposal of Milton Freedman?   Of if that is too radical, at least an expansion of the EITC?


PS  Additional questions:  

Bernie:  You are opposed to fracking, and also to climate change.  But planned coal fired power plants are being cancelled and existing ones shut down and replaced with natural gas ones.  This because of cheaper natural gas--from fracking.  So which is worse for the environment,  fracking or burning coal?

Republicans:  you accuse Obama and the Democrats of a "war on coal".  But you loved Margret Thatcher and her war on coal in England, which shutdown the burning of coal  there.  So why is coal power good for America but was bad for England?

And Donald,  when did America stop being Great?