Chaos Data Analyzer
Professional Version

by J. C. Sprott

Chaos Data Analyzer Menu Screen

The program Chaos Data Analyzer: Pro is a research and teaching tool containing nineteen tests for detecting hidden determinism in a seemingly random time series of up to 32,000 points provided by the user in an ASCII data file. Forty-four sample data files are included for model chaotic and real-world systems. When chaos is found, calculations such as the probability distribution, power spectrum, Lyapunov exponent, and various measures of the fractal dimension enable you to determine properties of the system underlying the behavior. The program can be used to make nonlinear predictions based on a novel technique involving singular value decomposition. The program is menu-driven, very easy to use, and even contains an automatic mode in which all the tests are performed in succession and the results are provided on a one-page summary.

Chaos Data Analyzer: Pro is a DOS program that runs under older versions of Windows or using the freeware DOSBox program for Windows Vista and later. Until 2011 the program was distributed by Physics Academic Software for $300 but is no longer available from them. However, the current version of CDA:Pro without written documentation or technical support can be ordered directly from the author for $150 (US) by check, money order, PayPal, or credit card and will be delivered electronically as a ZIP file including a User's Manual in pdf format usually within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Note: The current version of CDA:Pro is 2.2.

Additional Information

* For further information about Chaos Data Analyzer, check the list of frequently asked questions.
* You can see the differences between the Regular Version (1.0 - no longer available) and the Professional Version (2.2).
* You may be interested also in the companion program, Chaos Demonstrations.
* You can download a limited demo version (1.0) of Chaos Data Analyzer.

 J. C. Sprott