Norwegian Dance & Music from Vågå
  Folklore Village Farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin
April 25 - 27, 1997
  Featuring Tor & Randi Stallvik
Ivar Odnes & Leif-Inge Schølberg

Tor and Randi Stallvik have a broad knowledge of Norwegian dance. They will be teaching Springleik and other dances from Vågå, and possibly from their native Trøndelag. Their clear, fun, and informative teaching style carries dancers into the rhythm and 'svikt' of the dances almost effortlessly.

Tor has been active in Norges Ungdomslag, organzing and teaching leadership-teacher training courses for Norwegian dance instructors. The hundreds of people dancing Springleik from Vågå during the opening ceremonies of the Lillehammar Winter Olympics were a testament to his teaching skills. Tor has also judged at many competitions, including the national competition (Landskappleiken).

Ivar Odnes and Leif-Inge Schølberg were both born and raised in Vågå and are teachers and participants in several groups, including longtime members of the Vågå Spelmannslag. Together they have won first prize for duo gammaldans fiddling.

Ivar plays with the popular group 'Nye Ringnesin' from Gudbrandsdal, whose most recent CD won a Grammy in the folkmusic category. At this year's national landskappleik, Leif-Inge took first place in the 'A' Class fiddle category for ordinary fiddle ('vanlig fele'). Both fiddlers teach for all ages, as well as play for festivals and dances throughout central Norway.

Ivar and Leif-Inge will alternate leading fiddle workshops and providing music for dance teaching.

Special Workshops

On Friday, there will be a Special Beginning Fiddle Workshop from 4:00-6:15 pm, and a Special Beginning Dance Workshop from 5:00-6:15 pm.

Musicians' Listening Tape

Ivar and Leif-Inge will provide a listening tape of fiddle tunes, which will be mailed to all those who order it by April 11. Cost is $5; available approximately March 20.


The cost of full-time registration includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Folklore Village serves excellent, hearty meals, including vegetarian offerings. People with specific dietary needs are asked to bring their own supplemetns. Saturday evening will feature a traditional Norwegian dinner.


In addition to the Friday workshops described above, there will be a dance workshop for all from 8:00 - 10:00 pm followed by a dance party. Fiddle and dance workshops will be held Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning. The Norwegian dinner and dance party on Saturday will begin at 6:30 pm.


Workshops are progressive, therefore this festival is designed for full-time participants. Part-time registrants will be accommodated as space permits. Your early registration is a great help in planning meals, workshop spaces, etc. If you would like additional information or a flyer to register, please contact Folklore Village at 608-924-4000, or in writing to: Folklore Village Farm, 3210 Co. Hwy. BB, Dodgeville, WI 53533. Or you can contact Cassie Kight for additional information or to receive a flyer.


Full time fees before April 11 are $100 for adults, $110 after. There are several part-time options available (see above note), and different fees for teens and children.

Work Scholarships

Dishwashing and cooking opportunities are available for work scholarship. Please inquire early if you are interested in a work scholarship.


Bunkhouses are within walking distance at $8/person/night, one for women and one for men. They contain cots and pillows. Limited space. Showers are available at Farwell Hall for 25 cents. Tenting on grounds is available at $6/tent/night. Motels are available within 7 miles of Folklore Village. Please contact us for further information.

Travel to/from Madison (CEK Note)

Dodgeville is about 45 minutes west of Madison. You may be able to get a ride from Madison to Folkore Village (and returned after lunch on Sunday) with Madison folks. If you stay at the bunkhouse, it is within walking distance, and you will not need further transportation . If you would prefer to stay in a motel, several folks who attend the workshop will also be staying at a motel, and you can probably get a ride to/from with one of them. If you think you would like transportation for staying at a motel, we can let you know the one where most people stay. Or, you can rent a car at the Madison airport. If you would like to arrange transportation from Madison to Folklore Village, please contact Martha at Folklore Village, and she will contact Madison folks who have registered.