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Session GP1 - Poster Session IV.
POSTER session, Tuesday afternoon, November 12
Grand Ballroom CDE, Rosen Centre Hotel

[GP1.009] The Wonders of Physics

J.C. Sprott, R. Feeley (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Wonders of Physics (WOP) has been the University of Wisconsin's primary physics outreach since 1984. Utilizing faculty and staff of the plasma group, a typical WOP presentation covers the six areas of classical physics in a way designed to make science interesting. A special emphasis is placed on plasmas and fusion science. Every February, Clint Sprott gives six WOP presentations on the UW-Madison campus. He has given over 150 standing-room-only shows, to a total audience of over 50,000. These annual February shows are videotaped and distributed nationwide. In 1990, a Lecture Kit was developed and is also distributed nationwide. A mobile version of WOP, the Wonders of Physics Traveling Show (WPTS) was created in 1988. Over 725 WPTS presentations have been given to nearly 100,000. In 2001, Roger Feeley, the principal WPTS presenter, gave 134 presentations, to over 15,000. WPTS has traveled to nineteen states and provinces, and has been an active participant in APS DPP education and outreach activities since 1996.

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