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(04/07/16) Intriguing artwork: evolution and improvisation

(04/07/16) Imagine the joy of programming a computer to distinguish chihuahuas vs muffins

(04/06/16) Watch a straight rod somehow pass through a curved hole without bending

(04/05/16) This cartoon has humor while expressing a kind of truth for many of us

(04/04/16) Math that makes you wonder

(04/03/16) Oh, the horror. Monstrous eel emerges from its tank, in grocery store, to dine on its neighbors

(04/02/16) A brief history of art in 2 panels

(04/01/16) Do we find this joke slightly funny?

(03/31/16) Mathematics

(03/30/16) Intriguing representations of lunar eclipse, solar eclipse,....

(03/29/16) Mind-numbing extensions of Ramanujan's insights. Math, string theory, and beyond

(03/28/16) Crystal fog forms light pillars over Alaska

(03/27/16) PHOTO: The apparent goal of humankind is to pixelate a fractal world

(03/26/16) Math & Beauty. The Buddhabrot is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set fractal

(03/25/16) Self-similar pizza for fractal lovers. Infinite joy

(03/24/16) Fungal timelapse

(03/23/16) Selfie photo from 1920

(03/22/16) Square ocean waves discovered on French coast

(03/21/16) When panorama photography goes wrong. Oh, the horror

(03/20/16) Imagination that works. "iPhone Speakers"

(03/19/16) Physics around us. Space-time Warp Dress

(03/18/16) Man paints himself as Alzheimer's progresses

(03/17/16) Man wakes up one day to find a horrifying, huge worm-like entity in his fish tank

(03/16/16) This photograph of the NYC winter storm looks like an impressionist painting

(03/15/16) Bagworm moth larva’s twisting stack of twigs it builds to protect itself

(03/14/16) This pie chart is meant to be funny but also express a truth

(03/13/16) 1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. Nice. YouTube

(03/12/16) Schroedinger's Cats contemplate Parallel Universes

(03/11/16) The craziest math graph you'll ever see. e^(sin x + cos y) = sin[e^(x+y)]

(03/10/16) World's most mathematical tattoo?

(03/09/16) The strange relationship between 666 and Roman numerals

(03/08/16) Knowledge, experience, creativity

(03/07/16) Building owner and highway department reach compromise?

(03/06/16) This is what the south pole of Jupiter looks like

(03/05/16) Believe it or not, Wikipedia actually has a page devoted to "Lists of unsolved problems in many fields"

(03/04/16) Believe it or not, Wikipedia actually has a page devoted to this word: "Zenzizenzizenzic"

(03/03/16) Amazing photo of Aurora Borealis in shape of a huge phoenix flying over Iceland

(03/02/16) Shiver at the sizes. Ancient cephalopods

(03/01/16) Titanoboa (60 million years ago): largest, longest, heaviest snake ever discovered

(02/29/16) Living animals burst from the triangulated geometry that confines their true essence

(02/28/16) Photo: Strange Reality

(02/27/16) At around 500 rubber bands, the external pressure forces the watermelon to explode

(02/26/16) Metal Person leaves confines of static reality (sculpture)

(02/25/16) This is a joke for archeologists. (by Ed Fisher)

(02/24/16) Planet temperatures, from NASA

(02/23/16) Sometimes, Schizophyllum fungus reminds me a little of mathematics

(02/22/16) Hydrophobic sand

(02/21/16) Graceful circular bridge encourages traffic to slow down and enjoy the view. Uruguay

(02/20/16) Willingness to express an opinion on a topic...

(02/19/16) Shiver in ecstasy. This is a prime number

(02/18/16) Sheep traffic jam, Idaho. Photographed using a drone

(02/17/16) Shiver in ecstasy. Given three adjacent squares, then angles a + b = c

(02/16/16) Life explained

(02/15/16) Physics is Phun. Head separation & water refraction

(02/14/16) Science vs. Math

(02/13/16) Math surrounds us. Spiral nasal passages of a musk ox. Breathe deep

(02/12/16) Old motherboard discovered that looks like ruins in Ancient Greece

(02/11/16) Artwork, drawn with just one continuous line, based on Traveling Salesman Problem

(02/10/16) Watch a chaotic double pendulum move

(02/09/16) Imagine an ocean within a whale, in contrast to a whale within an ocean

(02/08/16) Noam Chomsky: The Singularity is Science Fiction

(02/07/16) Kurzweil Interviews Minsky: Is Singularity Near?

(02/06/16) Rotation in math land

(02/05/15) Coffee + engineer = ?

(02/04/15) Homeopathic comic

(02/03/15) Himalayan Balsam plant spreads it seeds by exploding, sending the seeds far away

(02/02/15) If you’re on a beach, this map shows you what’s across the ocean

(02/01/15) Zebras pulling coaches through London and other cities, 1898

(01/31/15) Cookie Monster + Great Wave of Kanagawa

(01/30/15) Map of ancient Pangaea. Imagine geopolitics today if the world still looked like this.

(01/29/15) Babylonians used "precalculus" to describe Jupiter motion, 15 centuries before Europe

(01/28/15) Eric Standley's paper-cut artworks achieve a complexity of space that makes us shiver

(01/27/15) Impressive geode wedding cake. For mineralogists who fall in love

(01/26/15) Age of Miss America correlates with Murders by Steam and Hot Objects

(01/25/15) Amazing pattern traced about by Earth and Venus as they orbit Sun

(01/24/15) Beirut, Lebanon Photo, 1958. Diversity, captured in one incredible scene

(01/23/15) Watch This Guy Solve a Mega-Insane Rubik’s Cube at Your Own Brain-Exploding Risk

(01/22/15) Along one possible path, North Korea and Finland are separated by only ONE country

(01/21/15) If you drive at speed of light and turned on your headlights, what would happen?

(01/20/15) Biochemist makes 3D prints of budding yeast cells

(01/19/15) The calculating machine of Anton Braun (1700s)

(01/18/15) "Removal of growth rings reveals the original sapling"

(01/17/15) This is a Do-Nothing Grinder (or Trammel of Archimedes)

(01/16/15) The evolution in our thoughts and models: Heliocentrism and Geocentrism

(01/15/15) Most Common Language Spoken in Each Neighborhood of NYC After English and Spanish

(01/14/15) Scientist Resurrects Ancient Creatures by 3D-Printing Them in Metal

(01/13/15) Different wavelengths of colors of light. I love the long hopping of Mr. Red

(01/12/15) Someone at the science museum has a sense of humor

(01/11/15) A Logarithmic Map of the Entire Known Universe in One Image

(01/10/15) This shows a kind of magnetic chain reaction or self-assembly

(01/09/15) An x-ray of the head of a hammerhead shark

(01/08/15) Our plans in life

(01/07/15) Man ponders the meaning of life

(01/06/15) Photo of the original USS enterprise model and the men who built it, Dec. 1964

(01/05/15) Jewel-studded mechanical robot caterpillar, 1820

(01/04/15) "The Open Office is disruptive, stressful, cumbersome. Productivity falls."

(01/03/15) Here is a short essay on Mathematics and Reality

(01/01/15) Shocking gear reduction. "11 million to one gearing."

(12/31/15) Shiver in ecstasy. The year 2016 is a triangular year!

(12/30/15) Shocking discovery of Star Wars meme: Yoda in a 1300s manuscript

(12/29/15) Mysterious multi-tentacular being emerges in a glass terrarium

(12/28/15) Amazing math fact

(12/27/15) This is the gravestone of Elijah Bond (1847-1921), American inventor of the Ouija Board

(12/26/15) All the roads that lead to Rome (drawing of complex map)

(12/25/15) Merry Christmas. Don't you just love 69720375229712477164533808935312303556800?

(12/24/15) See higher dimensions. "Nested Klein Bottles" by Alan Bennett

(12/23/15) Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable

(12/22/15) "Life within Life." Worlds without End. YouTube

(12/21/15) When you need a 20-digit prime in a hurry...

(12/20/15) Imagine the joy of programming one of the world's first general-purpose computers (photo)

(12/19/15) Less than 30% of people surveyed can correctly locate the kidneys

(12/18/15) In the hall of the Fractal King

(12/17/15) The insertion of two vertical lines gives us the impression of 3D

(12/16/15) Ada Lovelace poster

(12/15/15) Long exposure shot of an airplane taking off

(12/14/15) Video documentary on Fermat's Last Theorem

(12/13/15) Photo: Crane vs Eagle

(12/12/15) This is an unusual poster for a "Found Dog"

(12/11/15) Mysterious ad where time seems to stop

(12/10/15) This is a science joke

(12/09/15) Unusual recent serious paper title: "On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit"

(12/08/15) Nice photo. Inside the Steinway Piano factory. Astoria, Queens.

(12/07/15) Researcher draws anatomically correct skeleton of Charlie Brown

(12/06/15) This is considered a kind of Venn Diagram humor

(12/05/15) This is a Venn Diagram, sort of. Maybe. Smile

(12/04/15) Conductive ink in a pen allows you to draw working electrical circuits

(12/03/15) How to explain Fourier Transforms to a kid

(12/02/15) Amazing clock made of all 9s

(12/01/15) Picture: How to test the age of an egg

(11/30/15) A mysterious and beautiful equality

(11/29/15) Dan Burns explains space-time warping demo at Los Gatos High School

(11/28/15) The dragons of reality

(11/27/15) Post-human mathematics

(11/26/15) Classic "proof" of 1=2, to show your friends

(11/25/15) For Thanksgiving, these people made a giant fractal pecan pie

(11/24/15) Pringles are examples of hyperbolic paraboloids, one model for the shape of our universe

(11/23/15) Two Rules of Success...

(11/22/15) One of the most fascinating math objects: "Figure 8 knot complement"

(11/21/15) Spiral tilings

(11/20/15) Science and technology writing

(11/19/15) The Man Who Knew Infinity: The life of Indian mathematician Ramanujan comes to the movies

(11/18/15) Choices we make

(11/17/15) Fordite, or Detroit Agate

(11/16/15) Strange Ice Rainbow forms in New Mexico, as if heralding the dawn of a new age

(11/15/15) Beard + Plant = Santa Claus Venus Fly Trap

(11/14/15) A list of women who tweet about math

(11/13/15) Mystery of reality. Scientists look into hydrogen atom, find ancient recipe for Pi

(11/12/15) Looks like mathematics. But really it's moth trails at night

(11/11/15) Do these beautiful creatures exist on Earth?

(11/10/15) The latest information on tentacular tornadoes in Oklahoma

(11/09/15) Kid's brilliant answer to exam question that asked "show your thinking."

(11/08/15) This joke is called "Boolean Hair Logic"

(11/07/15) Old math paper uncovered on Rubik's Tesseract (and higher dimensions)

(11/06/15) The advantage of short technical paper titles: they get cited more

(11/05/15) Animating the famous painting "The Scream," by Edvard Munch

(11/04/15) Our lives and inflated expectations in the digital age

(11/03/15) The most famous quotation of genius Indian mathematician Ramanujan

(11/02/15) God in a box. Portable shrines were used by traveling priests who narrated stories of Vishnu

(11/01/15) Neuroscientist keeps monkey brain “alive” while connected to a recipient’s body

(10/31/15) North Korea opens atom-shaped science and technology center

(10/30/15) Denmark Unveils a Surreal 'Infinite Bridge'

(10/29/15) Illustration: How an inebriated Einstein might have looked at and played Angry Birds

(10/28/15) This museum let a group of street artists do whatever they wanted to its walls

(10/27/15) This joke may appeal to scientists interested in animal sensory systems

(10/26/15) A Crayola Crayon will burn for 30 minutes if you light the top of it

(10/25/15) One person's attempt to become one with geometry. Living in math

(10/24/15) Strange title for a book: "The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell - A Memoir"

(10/23/15) The sockets of our lives

(10/22/15) An unusual article on using the Spiricom device to speak to the dead

(10/21/15) Tonight, I'm on a popular radio show to talk about my latest book

(10/20/15) A droplet of water orbiting a knitting needle in micro gravity

(10/19/15) Famous author Isaac Asimov once appeared in a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer ad

(10/18/15) The oceanic pole of inaccessibility, shown here, is farthest from any land

(10/17/15) "Madonna, Child, and Cell Phone"?

(10/16/15) Expandable round table

(10/15/15) Latest thoughts on failed attempts to steal Abe Lincoln’s corpse

(10/14/15) Pentagonal oranges are real

(10/13/15) Line of code, from the Space Shuttle to the modern car

(10/12/15) Cool factoid on Saturn's rings

(10/11/15) This is Niels Bohr. He helped us understand atomic structure and quantum mechanics

(10/10/15) Sunset at the Sea of Primes

(10/09/15) New review. "Bring this encyclopedia of the macabre to the Halloween party." See the photos

(10/08/15) 10 coolest mathematics results

(10/07/15) A restaurant dishwasher contributed to Einstein's thoughts on gravitational lensing

(10/06/15) My book "Death and the Afterlife" became available today at Amazon. Take a look

(10/05/15) A university janitor secretly created this extremely complex maze over 7 years.

(10/04/15) Evolutionary tree of religion

(10/03/15) Eye, drawn with colored pencils, by Jose Vergara

(10/02/15) Arabic numerals are actually Indian in origin

(10/01/15) The physics of collisions

(09/30/15) How French Artists in 1900 Envisioned Life in the Year 2000

(09/29/15) Mathematics from Indian subcontinent contributed to much of modern thinking. Listen

(09/28/15) Edward Snowden says alien communications are encrypted: humans mistake them for noise

(09/27/15) India and ancient mathematics

(09/26/15) Shiver in awe. The spiral geometry in cabbage

(09/25/15) Under an electron microscope, spider skin is cooler than you might have imagined

(09/24/15) Artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s Daily Miniature Photo Project

(09/23/15) This is a NASA antenna. Shape was found by evolution to create best radiation pattern

(09/22/15) Periodic Table of Chocolate

(09/21/15) A profound invention for all to enjoy

(09/20/15) Mathematics and Pi

(09/19/15) Time travel sign

(09/18/15) Nonsense computer-generated paper accepted by mathematics journal

(09/17/15) Peering beneath the skin of reality

(09/16/15) Look carefully: Can you find the cat in this photo?

(09/15/15) Man solves Rubik's Cube in free fall from plane

(09/14/15) A map of the most popular website in each country

(09/13/15) Teachers. How to explain radians to students visually, and they'll never forget.

(09/12/15) A universe, endlessly reincarnating itself

(09/11/15) 1/3 of marriages now result from online dating, in some parts of the world. That means that computers (algorithms) are starting to breed humans

(09/10/15) Vi Hart recreational MATH VIDEOS all in one place

(09/09/15) This gif by Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure attempts to illustrate the concept of "6 degrees of separation"

(09/08/15) How to make a mathematician instantly fall in love with you. Try it

(09/07/15) Two strangers are asked what they wish for, side by side. You could be in tears by the end

(09/06/15) Two gears tracing out a path

(09/05/15) The strange rise of Facebook--in 1902

(09/04/15) Solar-powered glowing bicycle path in Netherlands inspired by Starry Night

(09/03/15) "We're much more likely to get a job through random acquaintances then through close friends"

(09/02/15) Morph reality. Vincent van Gogh faces, 51 frames

(09/01/15) The payoff of a university education depends on what you study – NOT where you study

(08/31/15) Map shows which disease will kill you depending on where you live

(08/30/15) Blue Spiders are Real. The Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula

(08/29/15) Dianna, the Physics Girl, shows us how to make a supernova from 3 stacked ball

(08/28/15) Breaking news. Strong correlation between Shanghai Composite Index and map of Virginia

(08/27/15) Sometimes, it is important to leave the virtual realm and see the world around us

(08/26/15) Mathematicians who died under unfortunate or unfitting circumstances

(08/25/15) One of these is a moon of Jupiter -- the rest are frying pans. Can you find the moon?

(08/24/15) World population by longitude and latitude

(08/23/15) Picbreeder's mystifying images evolve, haunting our dreams

(08/22/15) About 50 years ago, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space

(08/21/15) Death and the Afterlife: A Chronological Journey, from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection

(08/19/15) Half of Australia lives in the tiny blue areas

(08/18/15) This is a math joke

(08/17/15) World's Strangest Mother's Day Image

(08/16/15) Annie Easley, "human computer" & early NASA mathematician

(08/15/15) Laptop from 1981. Sleek, polished, and portable, with gorgeous display

(08/14/15) Cats stuck in a Sierpinski fractal triangle

(08/13/15) Italian sculptor carves an impressive dragon head from a watermelon

(08/12/15) Graph: Rabitness vs Duckness

(08/11/15) Image composed of 5000 selected photos taken within 48 hours

(08/10/15) Almost looks like an SF movie. Space Shuttle Over Los Angeles. Real photo

(08/09/15) Unusual. First known photo of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

(08/08/15) A famous astrophysicist, rendered in Lego

(08/07/15) Turquoise ice formations on Lake Baikal, Russia

(08/06/15) The Cambridge List of suggested math books for passionate explorers of all ages

(08/05/15) Map of the moon, 1679, with secret Mood Maiden drawn by Cassini or engraver Claude Mellan

(08/04/15) Australia is big (maps)

(08/03/15) Earliest surviving Chinese globe. Hand-painted by Jesuits, 1623

(08/02/15) When students ask, "When will I ever use this math....?" Article by D. Corey

(08/01/15) Is there another version of you somewhere out there in a Parallel Universe?

(07/31/15) Seemingly "ridiculous" beliefs of the world's most acclaimed thinkers

(07/30/15) Drawn by hand entirely with numbers, by Sienna Morris

(07/29/15) Sometimes the beauty of physics is a form of poetry...

(07/28/15) Crying woman says goodbye to son where the Berlin Wall is about to be built: 1961

(07/27/15) Math + curse word + cat + joke. Sure to be a hit on social media

(07/26/15) For some reason, the word "Brontobyte" makes me shiver a little

(07/25/15) Draw a line between 2 planet positions every few days. Watch what happens

(07/24/15) The largest non-Christian religion in each US state

(07/23/15) "Mathematician John Horton Conway is a cross between Archimedes, Mick Jagger and Salvador Dalí"

(07/22/15) All you need is...

(07/21/15) Menger Sponge + Mobius Strip = Mobius Sponge

(07/20/15) Froot Loops (cereal) loops are all the same flavor, just differently colored

(07/19/15) Space-time distortion place-mats

(07/18/15) Startling photo that appears to show seagull attempting to rescue another gull from an eagle

(07/17/15) Look at this formula. And shiver in ecstasy

(07/16/15) Pluto is actually "larger" than Earth if you count the whole atmosphere

(07/15/15) Disney's Pluto found on Pluto

(07/14/15) Doughnut atom

(07/13/15) This is a Venn diagram (chemical elements and US states)

(07/12/15) Mitosis, explained with donuts

(07/11/15) Shiver in ecstasy. Two number sequences that agree for a long time, and differ at n = 777451915729368777451915729368

(07/10/15) "Something's just not right...."

(07/09/15) How We Understand the Universe. Celebrate the Beauty and Wisdom of Physics

(07/08/15) How mathematics and game theory solved a religious mystery

(07/07/15) Why social networks make things appear more popular than they are

(07/06/15) "I have paper books that are 100 years old and useable...."

(07/05/15) This SAT Math question got no correct submissions. Here's why

(07/04/15) Spectacular Fabergé fractals by Tom Beddard

(07/03/15) World's first serious physics paper by a physicist, using Tweets to find time travelers

(07/02/15) Gullibility Test

(07/01/15) 1 divided by 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,998,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 gives the Fibonacci Sequence in its digits

(06/30/15) Scientist sneaks in a figure of a little man fishing -- in serious technical paper. Wins wager

(06/29/15) China has consumed more cement in 3.5 years than United States did in 100 years says Bill Gates

(06/28/15) Physics Girl reveals what REALLY is inside a proton

(06/27/15) This is a joke that could appeal to mathematicians

(06/26/15) Strange and unusual lawn ornament. Zombie flamingos

(06/25/15) Steve Jobs

(06/24/15) People in poorer countries more likely than richer ones to say the day was a good one

(06/23/15) This is a joke for archeologists

(06/22/15) Shiver in ecstasy. 2015 (11111011111) is a palindromic binary year

(06/21/15) When the children open the door, their minds expand

(06/20/15) A well-preserved trilobite specimen from Morocco that lived ~400 million years ago

(06/19/15) Neural nets help us peer into new realities. The neural net is electronic DMT, tearing away the veils

(06/18/15) Why editors are important

(06/17/15) All these people.... (cartoon)

(06/16/15) Where humans live

(06/15/15) Three-headed deer

(06/14/15) Mathematical artwork made from a single line

(06/13/15) Celebrities who studied science/math

(06/12/15) Clever design of book spine, for Decline of the Roman Empire

(06/11/15) Hamster wheel standing desk

(06/10/15) Girl shows mom a laptop computer with USB ports. Greek, 110 BC. Marble

(06/09/15) Intriguing photo. Longest distance in "straight line" without crossing any major water bodies

(06/08/15) Aliens among us. Shown here: chrysalis of the metallic Mechanitis butterfly from Costa Rica

(06/07/15) Short recommendation letter for 19-year-old John Nash. "He is a genius."

(06/06/15) The baffling and beautiful wormhole between branches of math

(06/05/15) The DNA of God: Astronomers one looked up at the heavens and discovered double helix 80-light-years in length

(06/04/15) First-known marriage proposal secretly sneaked into a serious technical journal

(06/03/15) Mobius Ship

(06/02/15) Aliens among us. A tiny brittle star crawls on arm of blue sea star. Solomon Islands

(06/01/15) LED Zeppelin

(05/31/15) Quantum physics app can help you make decisions?

(05/30/15) Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe? TV show.

(05/29/15) The screaming of baby herons reminds us of their fierce dinosaur ancestors

(05/28/15) Chocolate, publishing, science, insanity, statistics, math

(05/27/15) Amazing. Nobel Laureate John Nash's PhD thesis only had 2 references, 1 of which was his own paper

(05/26/15) 1-minute mysterious video. Based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing

(05/25/15) Aliens among us. Watch the birth of bees

(05/24/15) Bowed Lute. 19th C India

(05/23/15) Physicist Richard Feynman wrote his late wife a love letter and sealed it. We now know its contents

(05/22/15) 31 rolls of undeveloped film from a soldier in WWII discovered and processed

(05/21/15) 1967 article in Cosmopolitan magazine called "The Computer Girls"

(05/20/15) M1 Abrams firing a sabot round, traveling 5 times the speed of sound

(05/19/15) Strange life forms (or are they "neurons" of the mind?) evolving before your eyes

(05/18/15) Margaret Hamilton, lead Apollo flight software designer, next to her software code (and simulation results) that took us to the moon. 1969

(05/17/15) If you Google for "Devil's Toy Box", you'll find plans for constructing a strange device

(05/16/15) 20-sided die (icosahedron), faces with Greek letters. 2nd cent B.C.–4th cent A.D. From Egypt

(05/15/15) "The smallest creation of the human form in history," seen here standing on a human hair

(05/14/15) The Kingdom of Aurullia via Mandalay fractal formula, by Tom Beddard

(05/13/15) A discussion on the secret and hidden "e" in Pascal’s triangle

(05/12/15) World Religion Tree

(05/11/15) Amazon made "The Physics Devotional" available today, and lets us see lots of images inside!

(05/10/15) Things that amazed and shocked you as a kid

(05/09/15) Butterfly eggs don't look like they're from this world

(05/08/15) Police dogs waiting for dinner in China

(05/07/15) Mysterious multi-tentacular form emerges in a cactus garden terrarium

(05/06/15) PHOTO: A sign in Florida that hikers and bikers might be tempted to ignore

(05/05/15) Shiver in awe.Total Solar Eclipse Observed Over the Arctic

(05/04/15) From space, East/West Berlin look so different due to sodium-vapor vs fluorescent lamps

(05/03/15) Teach kids how to form large numbers, and what they mean

(05/02/15) Imagine the mind of Ramanujan. Here, he relates pi, a logarithm, & the golden ratio. Can you find the golden ratio?

(05/01/15) Student’s hilariously sneaky answers to a ‘true or false’ quiz doesn’t quite go as planned.

(04/30/15) This is what T. Rex having sex would have looked like

(04/29/15) Photo: When radiologists take a selfie

(04/28/15) When graphs can mislead....

(04/27/15) Wow. Ramanujan's equation. Goes forever. Equals 3. Click to magnify

(04/26/15) This is a math joke

(04/25/15) Photo of Marie Curie's experimental notebook. After ~100 years, it is still radioactive

(04/24/15) Excavated illegally in Germany, this is earliest-known portable astronomical instrument

(04/23/15) Don't you love this Periodic Table in pictures?

(04/22/15) Aliens among us. Goniurellia tridens is a "3-in-1" insect. Wings look like bugs. (thanks @ziyatong)

(04/21/15) Circular piano

(04/20/15) Demon seeking to destroy the fabric of geometry

(04/19/15) Photo: Moses Bridge, or Loopgraafbrug, Netherlands

(04/18/15) Shiver in ecstasy. This number is prime

(04/17/15) "It can't be true ... can it?" (a math formula)

(04/16/15) Sand Lungs

(04/15/15) What is it like to be pals with a genius (Richard Feynman)

(04/14/15) Lincoln Harrison leaves the shutter open, and finds the eye of God in the trails of stars

(04/13/15) Evolution of hard disk drives. We've come a long way...

(04/12/15) A woolly mammoth's tusk is unearthed from a Siberian riverbed

(04/11/15) The people in town that went beneath the sand, to live and love

(04/10/15) The sudden demise of Bigfoot and flying saucers

(04/09/15) "A young boy with autism came to my daughter's class and drew detailed world map from memory"

(04/08/15) The lines on this checkerboard pattern are straight

(04/08/15) How many water balloons can stop a bullet? The answer may surprise you

(04/07/15) I took a quick snapshot for you of the shortest-known paper in a serious math journal. Two sentences

(04/06/15) Mysterious discovery of Medieval "aliens." France, 15th C.

(04/05/15) Candy anatomy

(04/04/15) 1920 Soviet Mechs invading Eastern European countrysides. Series by Jakub Rozalski

(04/03/15) Traversing mathematics

(04/02/15) Sometimes, cats transcend the limits of their 3-D world and enter hyperspace

(04/01/15) "I asked for something 'out of this world,' and my barista handed me this."

(03/31/15) Map of the complex roots of ax^2 + bx + c

(03/30/15) Three voices in writing

(03/29/15) Radio hidden in a book, World War II. Note the vacuum tube

(03/28/15) X-Files version of the classic painting "Nighthawks" (by Patricia Demoraes)

(03/27/15) Mysterious and beautiful. How different fonts can affect behavior

(03/26/15) The sum of the reciprocals of the Fibonacci numbers is....

(03/25/15) The common character trait of geniuses

(03/24/15) Emmy Noether was a brilliant mathematician, yet universities wouldn't hire her

(03/23/15) Consciousness is a mathematical pattern: Max Tegmark

(03/22/15) Amazing fact. Tiny Bangladesh has more people than Russia

(03/21/15) Mysteries

(03/20/15) The Science of Near-Death Experiences

(03/19/15) Lessons from Stephen King and “Valley of the Dolls”: Reading 100 years of bestsellers

(03/18/15) Fascinating story published in 1914 began rumor that angels appeared at a WW I battle

(03/17/15) What fractals can teach us about cancer

(03/16/15) The costliest part of feeding farmed salmon is a pill that turns them pink

(03/15/15) Shiver in ecstasy. A shocking Ramanujan connection between infinite series, continued fraction, e, and pi

(03/14/15) What did the palindrome & math lover say when she was offered cake?

(03/13/15) Indian bride walks out of wedding when groom fails math test

(03/12/15) Sprawling paper nervous systems cut into repurposed books by Barbara Wildenboer

(03/11/15) Watch tiny humans draw huge Mandelbrot Set on beach. YouTube

(03/10/15) Geometry in the universe. Pyrite cubic crystals on marlstone

(03/09/15) Computers and algorithms are now breeding humans. Here's how

(03/08/15) If eggs had "Ingredients Labels" on their packages

(03/07/15) Terrifying Cybernetic Nautilus. (Actually, a German spiral turbine, 1930)

(03/06/15) Your Chinese fortune cookie

(03/05/15) Marriage and evolution shaped by our friendly computer overlords

(03/04/15) Strange PICTURE. Imagine if evolution shaped us for musical output

(03/03/15) Archeologists in Leicester discover a couple who've been holding hands for 700 years

(03/02/15) Aliens among us. These cats were marked as human by a face-detection algorithm

(03/01/15) Wood + electricity = fractal

(02/28/15) The Dress Equation (humorous visual)

(02/27/15) Mysterious. Does a tiny US creek REALLY connect the Atlantic and Pacific?

(02/26/15) The Physics Devotional: Celebrating the Wisdom and Beauty of Physics

(02/25/15) Make your very own fractal dot painting

(02/24/15) Photo of an odd ashtray

(02/23/15) The discovery of the sheep curve and its formula

(02/22/15) Shiver. Meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1930s (photo)

(02/21/15) Who could imagine a universe so awesome? Fall in love with Laniakea

(02/20/15) Unlike Sharknados, "Firenados" are real

(02/19/15) This is a paper analog computer from 1490. It is called a volvelle

(02/18/15) What is the most fascinating quote in this Playboy interview with Steve Jobs in 1985? (safe for work)

(02/17/15) We can now access all of Richard Feynman's Physics Lectures for free

(02/16/15) Fantastic anatomical art by Argentinian Juan Gatti

(02/15/15) Photo: A blue whale's heart is the size of a VW Beetle

(02/14/15) Ramanujan (1887-1920) presented this nested radical in The Indian Journal of Mathematics

(02/13/15) Creating cartoon drawings with pure math

(02/12/15) Astronomers discover smiling face of God using Hubble Telescope

(02/11/15) David Mumford: Does math have an eerie independent existence from humans? Essay

(02/10/15) Parts look like a mathematical object, but it's the Peacock Room in Castello di Sammezzano, Tuscany

(02/09/15) Dream with me. New York City at 7,500 feet

(02/08/15) Aliens among us. 50% of the DNA found in NYC subway system does not match ANY known organism

(02/07/15) Authentic Toy Spirograph Simulator. Try it

(02/06/15) The Singing Ringing Tree, a landmark musical sculpture in England

(02/05/15) Surreal fractal 3D printed chess set, by Johan Andersson

(02/04/15) American Scientist Article: "The Quest for Randomness"

(02/02/15) Edmund Thomas Clint, Indian prodigy, died at 6 years old, yet left behind 25,000 artworks

(02/01/15) All of us who are alive today vs Everybody who's every lived and died on earth

(01/31/15) Counting From Infinity – A film about Yitang Zhang and his amazing math discovery

(01/30/15) A waste of talent? Making space for autism in engineering

(01/29/15) Musings on bees, brains, and mathematics

(01/28/15) Imagine fractal violins within violins, down to the level of the quarks

(01/27/15) "If you could choose only one, indoor plumbing or the Internet, which would you choose?"

(01/26/15) Does astrobiology prove that God exists? New article by Lawrence Krauss

(01/25/15) How the gentlemen died out

(01/24/15) Earth, to scale, inside Saturn's rings

(01/22/15) Rare Photo: Einstein with a group of Hopi at the Grand Canyon, 1922

(01/21/15) I continually hunt for patents in the digits of Pi. Edison's light bulb patent occurs at digit position 3864672

(01/20/15) How mathematics and game theory solved a religious, Talmudic mystery

(01/19/15) Heroes of Science: action figures

(01/18/15) "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" admits he made it all up

(01/17/15) 2015 Edge Question on Machines that Think. ~200 answers

(01/16/15) Man searches for ISBN numbers in the digits of Pi to find books to read

(01/15/15) Left: all fresh & salt water in the world, gathered into ball. Right: all the atmosphere

(01/14/15) Photo: Imagine trying to type on a keyboard in which key height indicates letter frequency

(01/13/15) If you rotate the Twitter logo, it's Batman. (Josh Helfferich)

(01/12/15) Singing plates - Standing Waves on Chladni plates, by "Physics Girl"

(01/11/15) Half of all academic papers are read by no more than three people?

(01/10/15) Mathematician's anger over his unread 500-page proof

(01/09/15) The Infinity Box for people interested in math

(01/08/15) Of historical interest. "Everything I Know": 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)

(01/07/15) People from around the planet ponder the best way to solve Megan's circle problem

(01/06/15) Beautiful chart of our past, by Ray Troll

(01/05/15) For mystical listening when you have time: Sophie and Friends - Holocene

(01/04/15) Nightfall at the Edge of the Universe, art by Larry Carlson

(01/03/15) World Corruption Index 2014

(01/02/15) Top 10 Patents for 2014

(01/01/15) World's deadliest animals. People killed per year

(12/31/14) Iterative algorithmic plastic sculpture: Fimo fractals

(12/30/14) Secret green ninjas assist hair swing in shampoo commercials. Alien-like being

(12/29/14) This is an engineering joke

(12/28/14) Feast your eyes on this beautiful linguistic family tree

(12/27/14) Periodic Table with examples

(12/26/14) A fractal giraffe stares at you with its infinite eyes, haunting your dreams and creating chaos in the ecosystem

(12/25/14) The Bulge Illusion: how to trick your brain with M&Ms

(12/24/14) Hours spent reading per week by country

(12/23/14) Novel photo of L.E.D. Leppelin

(12/22/14) Life. Mortality. Eternity. A reminder

(12/21/14) If you fold a paper in half 103 times, it'll get as thick as the observable universe

(12/20/14) This list of palindromic primes was created by G. L. Honaker Jr. in 1999

(12/19/14) American Scientist Gift Guide 2014: Books on Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math

(12/18/14) Google is now worth more than the entire Russian stock market

(12/17/14) Shocking scholarly study: 1 out of every 200 mothers in the U.S. reports a "virgin" birth

(12/16/14) Two Futures can explain time's mysterious past

(12/15/14) A huge Wikipedia page on the Meaning of Life

(12/14/14) Man creates nuclear mushroom-cloud lamp. 3D printing

(12/13/14) Incredibly, the green and the blue spirals are the same color

(12/12/14) Celebrate the wisdom and beauty of mathematics

(12/11/14) Reunited: Women who helped crack Hitler’s secret codes by operating the Colossus computer

(12/10/14) Building a machine to glimpse infinity and commune with the Gods of Hyperspace

(12/09/14) 10 reasons our universe might actually be virtual reality

(12/08/14) Science vs Engineering

(12/07/14) Mitch Kapor has bet Ray Kurzweil $10,000 that no computer will pass for human before 2030

(12/06/14) Hour documentary about the nature of reality

(12/05/14) Dianna Cowern discovers travelling wormhole in pool. YouTube gets 1.5 M visits. Be amazed

(12/04/14) Described as the "scream of a thousand corpses" -- the Aztec death whistle

(12/03/14) From Vietnamese to Tagalog: the most popular non-English, non-Spanish language in the US

(12/02/14) If the Singularity is near, will it bring about global techno-Nirvana or civilizational ruin?

(12/01/14) Awesome pie chart. Makes you think, then smile

(11/30/14) These datasets all have the same mean, variance, correlation, and line fit. Lesson: Always visualize the data

(11/29/14) Rubik's Cube Fruit Salad

(11/28/14) Grothendieck died this month – the greatest mathematician of the 20th century

(11/27/14) This is a math joke

(11/26/14) Thoughts on mathematics and beauty

(11/25/14) How Designers Recreated Alan Turing’s Code-Breaking Computer for "Imitation Game"

(11/24/14) Less than 50% people surveyed can correctly locate the heart

(11/23/14) Amoebas: "puny, stupid blobs, but somehow contain 200 times more DNA than Einstein did."

(11/22/14) The flowers of ENIAC. An insanely complex computer tree

(11/21/14) Wireless signals resemble ectoplasmic spirits of yore

(11/20/14) Parakeets and 26 dimensions: string theory history

(11/19/14) Man renovating his home discovers a tunnel... to a huge parallel world

(11/18/14) Architecture, Beauty, Symmetry, Mathematics, Transcendence (click to magnify photo)

(11/17/14) For your Viral Holiday: 3D printed virus ornaments

(11/16/14) PHOTO: Magnificent cross-section of an undersea cable. $400/foot

(11/15/14) Stephen Colbert versus amazing math-genius Terence Tao

(11/14/14) Man records crickets, and discovers angels and humans, singing to God. Listen

(11/13/14) Mobius bacon

(11/12/14) Scientific American: Alien Abduction or "Accidental Awareness"?

(11/11/14) Neatorama features a fascinating set of math images from "The Math Devotional"

(11/10/14) One porcupine fights off 17 lions. YouTube

(11/09/14) Cartoon: This is statistics humor

(11/08/14) Maybe the highest IQ in the world

(11/07/14) Photo: Paying Pi for Pie

(11/06/14) I love 998999. Here's why

(11/05/14) The Great Pyramid in Egypt used to be so shiny, it glowed

(11/04/14) This graph relating to miracles has a touch of humor while attempting to be insightful

(11/03/14) One-panel cartoon. Those who study history....

(11/02/14) Shiver in awe. The surface color of A and B are identical. How insane is that?

(11/01/14) Breaking news. Man discovers bizarre adult human brain with no wrinkles

(10/31/14) Mystery equation called "Emptied Nest." Can you solve it?

(10/30/14) Is math discovered or invented? 5-minute YouTube

(10/29/14) Amplituhedron, object like a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions, holds key to reality

(10/28/14) Add 2 white lines. Get insane 3D effect. Take a look here

(10/27/14) Study: Americans are as likely to believe in Bigfoot as in the big bang theory

(10/26/14) The real reason your very body is powered by quantum tunneling, entanglement, and more

(10/25/14) I just published "The Mathematics Devotional: Celebrating the Wisdom and Beauty of Mathematics." I placed sample book images here for you to see

(10/24/14) Photo: Strange math secret discovered regarding Pi. The truth will set you free

(10/23/14) "The Man Who Didn’t Salute Hitler"

(10/22/14) Excuse me. The kitten color printer is running out of ink and toner

(10/21/14) Martin Gardner: Heat a metal ring (washer) so it expands. Does the hole get bigger or smaller?

(10/20/14) Bismuth geodes resemble cybernetic crystal dragon eggs

(10/19/14) Comparing the number of lines of code

(10/18/14) A walrus was discovered asleep atop a Russian submarine

(10/17/14) Do humans echo the universe in their bodies, reflecting the most available elements?

(10/16/14) This is mathematics. "Mandlebox"

(10/15/14) All the digits of pi, on one page

(10/14/14) A hyper-dimensional gelatinous blob begins to sing

(10/13/14) Man wakes up. Finds bikes on wall. (Altlandsberg, Germany)

(10/12/14) Shiver in ecstasy. Expression connects Pi, e, radicals, factorials, and infinite limits.

(10/11/14) Malware looks for mouse movement as a sign that human actively uses the computer

(10/10/14) He grew up in grinding poverty. How did Leonard Susskind become one of the greatest physicists?

(10/09/14) This is humor related to passwords (pie chart)

(10/08/14) Imagine looking up in the Russian sky and seeing the double-helix DNA of God

(10/07/14) Physicist Richard Feynman wonders if reality is like a multi-layered onion. YouTube

(10/06/14) Nice PHOTO. Glimpse History: Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with an Apple I, 1976

(10/05/14) A 1939 Map of Physics, representing physics as a river

(10/04/14) Picture of the day: one boat pulling 145 water-skiers

(10/02/14) Gaze up. If Andromeda galaxy were brighter, it would look this big

(10/01/14) View Gandhi's actual letter to Adolf Hitler, 1939

(09/30/14) This is a chemistry joke. "Your dad's been under a lot of pressure lately."

(09/29/14) The REAL cycle of scientific grants

(09/28/14) Behold: The very END of the Great Wall of China

(09/27/14) This is mathematics (YouTube)

(09/26/14) The year is 1931. One-wheel motorcycle (invented by Italian M. G. de Udine). Max. speed: 150 km/hour (93 mph)

(09/25/14) Man discovers toy city while flying helicopter. Real people. Real homes.

(09/24/14) What mathematics made people realize that "math is beautiful"

(09/23/14) Man discovers a mysterious and delightful hole in Mars

(09/22/14) In 7 seconds, see someone construct a Pringles Torus, without glue or tape

(09/21/14) Delicious fractal cookies. Here's how

(09/20/14) We may wonder why an ellipse always forms from chaos. Try it now

(09/19/14) Watch NOW: Route 66, balls and tracks. YouTube

(09/18/14) The puzzle driving the world crazy. Can the loop of string be freed from its wire?

(09/17/14) Apparent thigh bone of an ape found on Mars

(09/16/14) A map of every device in the world that's connected to the Internet

(09/15/14) Mysterious. Injecting life into old images. Watch short video

(09/13/14) Which of these triangles has the greater area?

(09/12/14) Apocalyptic battle between legions of hippos and crocs

(09/11/14) The Islamic roots of science fiction

(09/10/14) PHOTOS at Bo-hereing Boing today. "The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics"

(09/10/14) Imagine civilization has ended. How to calculate Pi with a pump-action shotgun

(09/09/14) John Conway's name appears on a math paper, showing "that it's possible to divide by three" (pdf)

(09/08/14) Max Tegmark: "Consciousness is a state of matter called perceptronium

(09/07/14) Look how fantastic Dunsany's Chess is

(09/06/14) Saturn tattoo with Titan, Iapetus, and Enceladus in orbit

(09/05/14) Map of colossal supercluster of galaxies called Laniakea. Home of Milky Way galaxy

(09/04/14) Mystery Tibetan skull found in antique shop in Vienna

(09/03/14) Punishment in the Afterlife: a mysterious Eastern Turki manuscript

(09/02/14) In 1899, Henry Tukeman detailed his killing of a mammoth in Alaska

(09/01/14) Physics Genius had midlife crisis when discovered wasn't as smart as young guys down hallway

(08/31/14) "The Tooth Worm as Hell’s Demon," southern France, 18th Century

(08/30/14) What is random? Fibonacci numbers modulo N? Using bad random number generators to make pretty pictures & illustrate simulation concepts

(08/29/14) The Blue Dragon. One of the world's rarest and most beautiful mollusks

(08/28/14) Divorce rate in Maine correlates with per-capita consumption of margarine

(08/27/14) Fibonacci pattern of dots creating a Phyllotactic Portrait of Fibonacci

(08/26/14) The utter mystery of Cicada 3301

(08/25/14) Fortress chess is a 4-player chess variant played in Russia in the 18th C

(08/24/14) Ridiculous Beliefs of the World's Most Acclaimed Thinkers

(08/23/14) Celebrating fractals and Benoit Mandelbrot with 3D Anaglyphs. Glasses included

(08/22/14) Share this now with every nerd friend. Computer ports on parade. (click to magnify)

(08/21/14) The second-largest religion in each US state

(08/20/14) Cute. How to draw a Paisley (YouTube) by Shoo Rayner

(08/19/14) Strawberry dipped in liquid nitrogen and then shot with gun

(08/18/14) Examples of unexpected mathematical images

(08/17/14) How can just 130 lines of code create huge landscapes and realities beyond our imagination?

(08/16/14) Solar System's Solid Surfaces, Stitched Together

(08/15/14) Wow, a huge magic hexagon, discovered in 2006. Each row, in all 3 directions, has same sum. Diagram

(08/14/14) Sometimes, the antennae of gloworm beetles (Phengodidae) are like dreams

(08/13/14) X-rays suddenly reveal that Christ statue has human teeth

(08/12/14) Cosmic Flower Unfolding by Ben Ridgway. Life, Math, Mysticism. Video

(08/11/14) Lawyers and Wikipedians wonder: Who owns the copyright to a selfie photo taken by a monkey!?

(08/10/14) 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings

(08/09/14) I took a quick snapshot of a graph for you: How much the universe makes sense vs. Physics Knowledge

(08/08/14) I took a quick snapshot for you of the shortest-known Abstract for a serious scientific paper: only 2 words

(08/07/14) Optimal fractal decision tree for player O in Loser's Tic-Tac-Toe (in which players win if the opponent gets 3 in a row)

(08/06/14) Fractal Bird (Photo). Giant starling formation over the setting sun spotted in Taunton, Somerset

(08/05/14) Fungal violin makes sounds that summon angels

(08/04/14) A visual history of human culture built from the birth and death places of notable people.

(08/03/14) Sesame Street episode from 1984; a teacher asks her kindergarteners: "What is a computer?

(08/02/14) In 20 seconds, see evolution of all life on Earth

(08/01/14) Gradually scroll down to see heaven transform into hell

(07/31/14) DMT and Extraterrestrial Communication

(07/30/14) Explore Carotid-Kundalini Functions forever. Wander the fractal gaps. y = cos(n*x*acos(x))

(07/29/14) Jonathan McCabe's Psychedelic art and life-form: created by a Turing algorithm

(07/28/14) Why is it so difficult to find the face in the beans?

(07/27/14) Artwork. Hands Fixing Hands: transhumanist Escher remix

(07/26/14) Times Square, 1903, New York City

(07/25/14) If a camera were at the Resurrection of Jesus, what would it have recorded? Theologian answers

(07/24/14) Gravity Explained, in One Simple Video and a "Spacetime Stretcher"

(07/23/14) Hi-res scan of a 23-foot history chart from 1883!

(07/22/14) Man Stunned After Finding Picture of His Late Grandma on Google Street View

(07/21/14) Quick diagram: A map of the "Internet" in June, 1970. Wow, pretty simple

(07/20/14) Math and mystery. The 120-cell is a regular polychoron (4-D object) whose sides are 120 dodecahedra

(07/19/14) Quick cartoon: Evolution. The sea, mother of life

(07/18/14) Would you patronize an establishment that posted this amusing sign?

(07/17/14) Caroline Kennedy walks ahead while JFK [arguably the most powerful man in the world], carries her doll, 1963

(07/16/14) Woman sings digits of pi amidst flowers

(07/14/14) Imagine Einstein holding Einstein holding Einstein... down to the level of the quarks

(07/13/14) "The Calutron Girls," Oak Ridge, 1944

(07/12/14) Ever wonder about the little plastic thing at the end of data cables?

(07/11/14) I will be talking a little about math as I introduce the main speaker and sign books at this special NYC event in August if you’d like to drop by and say "hi"

(07/10/14) Venice by Moonlight, mysterious "photomechanical prints," 1890s

(07/09/14) 100s of fish found swimming in a public phone booth

(07/07/14) Craniopagus conjoined twins Krista and Tatiana can see through each other's eyes

(07/06/14) Fractal + Rodent = fractal rodent

(07/05/14) Apophenia

(07/04/14) Beautiful photo. The choices in our lives. By Janek Sedlar

(07/03/14) What a star looks like when it dies

(07/02/14) Pumpkin and math

(07/01/14) Bardo. Is this scene real? Is this your afterlife?

(06/30/14) Why So Many Icelanders Still Believe in Invisible Elves

(06/29/14) The strange history of the Ouija Board and how it can help with Alzheimer's

(06/28/14) How to Drill a Square Hole

(06/27/14) The beauty of the universe through the elegance of math

(06/26/14) What Each Country Leads The World In

(06/25/14) Strange forms

(06/24/14) There are 140 x 10^21 (140 followed by 21 zeroes) different configurations of the Magic Cube

(06/23/14) Imagine the pleasure of running your finger along the surface of a smooth catenoid (pdf)

(06/22/14) When Facebook Resurrected the Dead

(06/21/14) Map Mania: World War II Map Rapidly Evolves, as the World Changes Before Your Eyes

(06/20/14) Churches under water, far from the realm of Noah. God among the ruins?

(06/19/14) See the unseen. A drumstick hitting a cymbal at 1000 frames/sec. Note the flexibility

(06/18/14) Doyle Spiral + Inversion. Stony math

(06/17/14) Fascinating & Beguiling Toilet Paper Tube Tricks and Math, by Martin Gardner

(06/16/14) Impress your friends & lovers. Now you'll finally know what a "tensor" really is

(06/15/14) Hand-drawn psychedelic hyperliminal galactic art that goes on forever (or until artist dies)

(06/14/14) Superposition of one day of takeoffs from a US airport

(06/13/14) More intelligent people wake up late and stay up late?

(06/12/14) The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

(06/11/14) US map of the highest-paid public employees by state. Perhaps you're in the wrong profession

(06/10/14) Facebook scientists can predict when you are about to enter into a relationship

(06/09/14) Magnetic putty come alive, swallowing a metal cube

(06/08/14) EARTH Platinum – World’s Largest Atlas. Employed 100s of cartographers, geographers and photographers

(06/07/14) Genius Freeman Dyson: A "Rebel" Without a Ph.D

(06/06/14) A curve intersecting an asymptote infinitely many times and in many places

(06/05/14) Mysterious Garden of Eden: completely sealed for 53 years. Recycling air, nutrients, water

(06/04/14) Imagine transporting North America to Jupiter (size comparison). Source:

(06/03/14) Mathematics in action. Man patents bicycle with odd-sided wheels

(06/02/14) Scream in ecstasy. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide. Animation

(06/01/14) Gabriel's horn is mind-boggling because it has finite volume, but infinite surface area

(05/31/14) Pi is everywhere. River sinuosity = (Length of its winding path) / (Length as crow flies). The average river sinuosity = 3.14 = Pi. Wow!

(05/30/14) Atomic cake, featuring “radioactive mushroom cloud." 1946

(05/29/14) Scream in ecstasy! This formula yields the correct decimal digits of pi to an amazing 42 billion digits

(05/28/14) Yes, the planet got destroyed, but...

(05/27/14) Idea for your best-selling book title: "Do geese see God?" Here is why!

(05/26/14) This math humor reminds us of the properties of asymptotes. It makes us smile and shiver in fear. (click to enlarge image)

(05/25/14) Reincarnation Candle. This candle regenerates itself.... Metaphor for life after death

(05/24/14) The official divorce complaint of Richard Feynman's second wife, hater of calculus

(05/23/14) This is a chemistry joke involving coal and diamonds

(05/22/14) A strange puzzle involving 2+2, 3+3, and 7+7

(05/21/14) Taste infinity. Mandelbrot-set pancake

(05/20/14) I let my mind wander, Googled for Fractal Messiah, and found this image (by Mark Rehorst)

(05/19/14) In honor of Eiffel Tower opening 125 yrs ago (March 1889). Look up in the Tower. Seek geometry & transcendence

(05/18/14) Paradox face

(05/17/14) How many people on Earth could actually understand the meaning of this complex enigma?

(05/16/14) Sometimes, the exotic formulas of Indian mathematician Ramanujan (1887-1920) make me shiver a little. You?

(05/15/14) Sometimes, Persian symmetries are like a poem, a dream, or a prayer. Shiver

(05/14/14) The challenges of measuring success

(05/13/14) This is an example of a chemistry joke

(05/11/14) Hexagonal tiling on a water flea reminds us that Nature's great book is written in mathematics

(05/10/14) First-known modern example of an ANTI-acknowledgement in a serious technical paper

(05/09/14) The joy of logic. These 2 books, in theory, contain the sum total of all human knowledge

(05/08/14) Four technologists holding the guts of ENIAC, a 1940s computer

(05/07/14) Italian photographer Barbara Scerbo has an incredibly expressive and baffling imagination

(05/06/14) This is a geometry joke

(05/05/14) Aliens among us. A pangolin is drinking. Note the large keratin scale armor

(05/04/14) Physics humor illustrating relationships among volt, amp, and ohm

(05/03/14) Repeat the string 1808010808 1560 times, and tack on a 1 the end

(05/02/14) Psychological Priming. Australia will always look different to you after this

(05/01/14) Uniting the universes of 2 Rubik's Cubes via a ring

(04/30/14) About 50 years ago, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space

(04/29/14) Did Zeus Exist?

(04/28/14) Gazing out through space and time, from the Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt

(04/27/14) What kind of insane alien mind could dream of solving a 1000x1000x1000 Rubik's Cube?

(04/26/14) Beautiful. Egypt's Nile River delta night space-view. (I've circled Cairo and Tel Aviv.)

(04/25/14) Detailed miniature skulls, reproduced with 3D scanning, 3D printing

(04/24/14) Mystery math question, found on an old blackboard

(04/23/14) Publicity still for Ishiro Honda's SPACE AMOEBA (1970), featuring colossal cuttlefish Gezora on the rampage!

(04/22/14) Great panel from an old Eerie Comic book that just jumped out at me

(04/21/14) Mathematics, symmetry, paper cutting, and the divine

(04/20/14) Cyclist plays with gravitational laws along a wall to win race

(04/19/14) Anti-dyslexic font

(04/18/14) Taste the heavens. Eat Jupiter cake

(04/17/14) Resurrection burial tomb. US patent application with images

(04/16/14) 35 Scientific Concepts That Will Help You Understand The World

(04/15/14) The function Z = -cos(x*y)*t wakes up and prays to the mathematical gods of yore

(04/14/14) Guess who is the most prolific inventor in the world (based on patents)?

(04/13/14) "Sine Wave in Action." We don't know what this is, but it is cool to contemplate

(04/12/14) Magical experiments with high speed photography and viscous liquids

(04/11/14) 1) Put kids in a white room. 2) Give them thousands of stickers. 3) Wait

(04/10/14) Colonies of Growing Bacteria Make Psychedelic Art

(04/09/14) Melodie says, "Bouncing balls in a circle gives one of the simplest systems to exhibit chaos"

(04/08/14) I coined the phrase "Juggler Sequence" and love 24906114455136. Here's why

(04/07/14) Mathematics in action: Voronoi Nebula Mural Wall Drawing

(04/06/14) I coined the word "factorion" in the 1990s. Here's why.

(04/05/14) I'm sorry to inform you that Earth is about to be been eaten by a fire demon

(04/04/14) Long exposure reminds me of ghosts and spirits. Rush hour in Mumbai

(04/03/14) This is Paul Erdos. He published more math papers than any other mathematician in history

(04/02/14) Hunting for meaning and pattern. 100 billion steps of Pi visualized (pdf)

(04/01/14) This is Erwin Schrodinger. He contributed to the wave theory of matter. His cat is famous

(03/31/14) Mathematics and Beauty: A Sampling of Spirals and 'Strange' Spirals in Science, Nature and Art

(03/29/14) 167 Theremin players perform Beethoven's Ode to Joy

(03/28/14) How many squares can you count in this window?

(03/27/14) This is the scientist-priest Georges Lemaitre, famous for the Big Bang theory of the universe

(03/26/14) Here are the Top 10 Scottish scientists in history. But is there any human on Earth who can name them all? (NLS collection)

(03/25/14) This is Werner Heisenberg. His "uncertainty principle" in physics has profound ramifications (AIP archives)

(03/24/14) Photo Essay: 100 fascinating and mysterious topics related to black

(03/24/14) This is Dmitri Mendeleev. He created the first version of the periodic table of elements

(03/23/14) A note on chaos and Halley's method (pdf)

(03/22/14) This structure actually discovered in a mathematical entity

(03/21/14) Some dogs are quite versatile

(03/20/14) Fractal Octopi Garden (click to mag.)

(03/19/14) How would you react to this magical prank that drives people nearly insane?

(03/18/14) Imagine the joy of owning this fractal knife, and the pain of being cut with it

(03/17/14) 9-Yr-Old Prodigy Explains "God Particle"

(03/16/14) State-of-the-art random-access database, 1874.

(03/15/14) What the actual "Schindler's List" looked like

(03/14/14) Wink: daily reviews of remarkable books that belong on paper

(03/13/14) A passionate on-stage dual of Theremins

(03/12/14) Model for a "Creeping Baby Doll," which was patented in 1871

(03/11/14) Dream with me. Actual view of Sunset on Mars

(03/10/14) Blue bar. Best illusion you'll see today

(03/08/14) Sometimes, we fear the spirit within us. We fear the ghost in the machine

(03/07/14) Fun to look at. The Beatles in India. The Swinging Sixties

(03/06/14) What is Reality? Floating sphere from nowhere

(03/05/14) This mysterious precognitive shadow may be of interest

(03/04/14) One artist's vision of hell (slowly scroll down)

(03/03/14) Wavy: an illustration of collective phenomena

(03/02/14) You travel back in time to share one piece of scientific knowledge from today. Where do you go?

(03/01/14) Mysterious alien corpse turns out to be a female mummified baboon

(02/29/14) How to Sleep on the Moon (using mathematics, of course)

(02/28/14) Imagine the joy of traveling along the entire Route 66 in the U.S.

(02/27/14) Crossing the entire U.S., coast to coast, by car in 29 hours

(02/26/14) Man walks every Manhattan street in two years. Colors in map

(02/25/14) Imagine your "joy" of waking up one morning, with one of these in your bed with you

(02/24/14) My Mathematical, Angelic Triangle of the Gods

(02/23/14) Wow, ammonites can be large

(02/22/14) We can only speculate on the meaning of these equations, drawn by Richard Feynman in 1985

(02/20/14) Future of Web content. Cat. Dressed like shark. Riding roomba. Chasing baby duck

(02/19/14) Your home, family, and lover of the future

(02/18/14) Check out my Twitter stream right now. I think you'll like it

(02/17/14) So far, not a single friend of mine can identify this famous geographical body. Can you?

(02/16/14) Math-genius John Conway's recipe for success: "Always be thinking of 6 things at once." (p. 574)

(02/15/14) Woman becomes one with her plant-like surroundings (John Emanuel Shannon)

(02/14/14) Unusual. Penises of minke whales on display at the Icelandic Phallological Museum (Wikimedia)

(02/13/14) A small thing makes people think an NYC statue might be a real person

(02/12/14) Imagine the joy of a candlelit dinner with someone who knew about the Frobenioid of a monoid

(02/11/14) BIG BANG BIG BOOM: time-lapse graffiti animation of history of the universe

(02/10/14) The baby cage, for hanging babies out of the window for families without a garden, 1937

(02/09/14) Interview with John Conway, pioneer in surreal numbers, Game of Life, etc. (pdf)

(02/08/14) Imagine a beauty contest in which women pose next to x-rays of their skeletons

(02/07/14) Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888

(02/06/14) This is mathematics. A swimming area, in the fractal of your dreams (by Vince/Vidom)

(02/05/14) Imagine the joy of studying parasites from the Crusaders' feces

(02/04/14) Flight of the fractal butterfly

(02/03/14) Imagine the joy of a candlelit dinner with someone who knew "Inter-universal Teichmüller theory"

(02/02/14) I typed Mermaid Parade into Google and found this image

(02/01/14) Mathematics. Within the hive mind of a higher-dimensional Lord (Image by Eric Ton)

(01/31/14) Avatars help schizophrenics Gain Control of Voices in Their Heads

(01/30/14) Some have referred to this as "DMT art" -- wheels within wheels

(01/29/14) Sometimes fractal mathematics is like a psychedelic prayer for hyper-dimensional gods (Image by Eric Ton)

(01/28/14) Imagine the joy of meeting someone who actually knew what this means: "thagomizer"

(01/27/14) Famous SF-author Philip K. Dick speaks about his penetration into other realities

(01/26/14) "The artist is a bit an odd-duck who has written books on mathematics & drug culture." (Omni magazine image)

(01/25/14) The utter mystery of "terminal lucidity"

(01/24/14) Be happy we are alive. The Last Photo of Steve Jobs before death

(01/23/14) Imagine the joy of running your fingers along the Halvorsen Attractor

(01/22/14) All of your life, captured in one photo

(01/21/14) Imagine placing all of humanity within this fractal building

(01/20/14) What Would Happen if Oxygen Disappeared from Earth for Five Seconds?

(01/19/14) Sometimes, a mixture of colors can excite the mind.

(01/18/14) Nice. Young Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane

(01/17/14) Sometimes, a Russian diamond mine reminds us of a black hole

(01/16/14) Sometimes, the spiral tail of a cat is like a poem

(01/15/14) You are always within three feet of a spider: Fact or Fiction?

(01/14/14) Now live: My answer to John Brockman's 2014 Edge Annual Question: "What Scientific Idea Is Ready For Retirement?"

(01/13/14) Interesting visualization showing earth size (small blue balls) inside larger ball (sun size)

(01/12/14) Child discusses with mom his feelings about eating animals

(01/11/14) 2 Skeletons Engaged in Sex. From the Kama Sutra series by Jean-Marc Laroche

(01/10/14) Quasicrystal interference pattern

(01/09/14) "Immaculate Conception" in Catholicism is not about Jesus. It's about sperm/egg union in St. Anne's uterus

(01/08/14) An image from a strange parallel universe

(01/07/14) Sometimes, even fractals can light up and sing (click to mag)

(01/06/14) In a parallel universe. Ice cream and children

(01/05/14) Find the 666 hiding in the 1594 digits of 666 factorial.

(01/04/14) I typed Mermaid Parade into Google and found this image (Rachel Meyerowitz)

(01/03/14) Lightning Crashes. Simple chord structures, but powerful. (YouTube)

(01/02/14) Sometimes, Zincite reminds me of candy of the gods

(01/01/14) Nice bookcase, but you'll probably need a ladder

(12/31/13) CNN reporter to tornado victim: "You gotta thank the lord". Victim: "I'm an atheist"

(12/30/13) It is now time to park the cattle

(12/29/13) Mystical video of horses, with voice-over expressing horse thoughts

(12/28/13) In the illuminated icy esophagus of God

(12/27/13) Oh, the horror. Giant centipede vs tarantula

(12/26/13) Acoustic Kitty was a CIA project in the 1960s, attempting to use cats in spy missions

(12/23/13) Photo: Robot Monster (1953)

(12/22/13) Sometimes, tree tunnels make me shiver and dream. You too?

(12/21/13) Sometimes, even Goethite pseudomorphs remind me of mathematics

(12/20/13) Cool. 10 Fantastical Holiday Gift Ideas for Color Fans

(12/19/13) Ectoplasmic Light Paintings by Dennis Calvert

(12/18/13) Prying off the surfaces of our minds, to peer beneath the skin of reality

(12/17/13) Cubed root (math)

(12/16/13) What would it feel like to walk in the largest cemetery in the world?

(12/15/13) How would it feel to look up in the sky and see this?

(12/12/13) Sometimes, fractal mathematics can be amazing

(12/11/13) Lovely visualization of where we've been in space

(12/10/13) Ever wonder why some YouTubes, like this, "go viral," getting 7 million visits?

(12/09/13) Mathematician leaves a tip

(12/08/13) Unusual. This Clever Bug Spray Billboard is Actually a Horrifying Giant Insect Trap

(12/07/13) Sometimes, fractals excite the imagination, making us wonder about reality and transcendence

(12/06/13) Imagine the joy of finding this periodic function that may, or may not, intersect finitely many times

(12/05/13) Man steps on the edge of a ledge named infinity

(12/04/13) Most math posters only show approximations of these important numbers. Here are "exact" values

(12/03/13) Two fractal beings, moaning for their mathematical gods

(12/02/13) Sometimes, the lizard's tail reminds me of mathematics

(12/01/13) Locust swarm of biblical proportions envelopes Paul McCartney in an orgy of horror

(11/30/13) The Birds is one of my favorite movies

(11/28/13) Draw the impossible. Interactive Generative Art

(11/27/13) A Star Trek leader takes his seat in a startling way that no one has noticed until now

(11/26/13) Odd sign to convince men to wash hands after using bathroom

(11/25/13) He wanted to write down his equations before he died

(11/24/13) Carbon dating techniques. Worth a look

(11/23/13) Fruit becomes conscious, generating a spontaneous current before embarking on world domination

(11/22/13) Sometimes, Hilbert Curves can be rather fascinating

(11/21/13) Chemistry: warped Periodic Table based on relative abundance

(11/20/13) "Tomatoes and the Pythagorean theorem."

(11/19/13) The Math of Star Trek: The Original Series

(11/18/13) H.P. Lovecraft died in 1937. Why does his popularity persist?

(11/17/13) Is it humanly possible to cram all of calculus onto an 11-page "cheat sheet"?

(11/16/13) Wonderful photos of old New York City. Take a look.

(11/15/13) Students of all ages: Memorize these 10 dates as a framework for understanding deep time! (poster)

(11/14/13) Harlan Ellison, Isaac Asimov, Studs Terkel, + Gene Wolfe together in rare 1982 video

(11/13/13) Technical paper. Why and how are pearls so round?

(11/12/13) Everything you needed to know about the particles in our universe, in one free poster

(11/11/13) How would it feel to be a person with an IQ of 1000?

(11/10/13) Teachers, give this free math poster to students. Encourage them to understand 50% of the math gems

(11/09/13) Reincarnation was part of Christian doctrine, until an emperor purged it in the 6th century

(11/08/13) New mini-book, "Timothy Leary's Trip Through Time"

(11/07/13) Don't you love this Periodic Table in pictures?

(11/06/13) Amazing mathematical poster of Mathematical Gems

(11/05/13) Worlds strangest YouTube (5 million visits). "What am I?"

(11/04/13) "Miss Cellania," Neatorama: darkness, extremity, and the unknown

(11/03/13) "Someone told me lately: Everyone deserves the chance to fly! And if I fly solo, at least I'm flying free."

(11/02/13) Mystic transport. The Oldest Known Melody c.1400BC. Listen. Dream

(11/01/13) German Shepherd puppy grows up (animated gif)

(10/31/13) 3D printed guitars

(10/30/13) Sometimes, the mammal within is like a prayer

(10/29/13) Classic novels visualized according to their color content

(10/28/13) Sometimes, chalcopyrite is like a poem

(10/27/13) Ever wonder what the volume of a 4-dimensional sphere is?

(10/26/13) Mysterious stairwell causes users to enter the fourth dimension

(10/25/13) Scream in awe. On Twitter, nearly all users are less popular than both their friends and followers

(10/23/13) Impress your friends with this factoid. 3003 is the only number known to appear 8 times in Pascal's triangle

(10/22/13) Ray Kurzweil, inventor and futurist, drinks 10 cups of green tea every day

(10/21/13) Prime number magic squares created by prison inmates

(10/19/13) In the Wizard of Oz, Toto made more money than the Munchkins

(10/18/13) Tendrils of native silver reach heavenward

(10/17/13) Life-sized brain sculptures made of food

(10/16/13) The Phenakistocope was invented by Joseph Plateau in 1841

(10/15/13) Even spines can dream

(10/14/13) The beauty of Pick's Theorem

(10/13/13) Oh, the horror. Hominid: predation among the human-skeleton'ed prehistoric creatures

(10/12/13) How many of these High IQ people have we heard of?

(10/11/13) Pre-Halloween treat. Slovenian woman takes her strange little camera on a journey inches above the mystery images in The Book of Black

(10/09/13) Toothy ladies' shoes. Oh, the horror

(10/08/13) This is mathematics and mystery. This is fractal

(10/07/13) Grotesque creature housewares and jewelry

(10/06/13) This is fractal. This is mathematics and beauty

(10/05/13) Kalashnikov made of bones

(10/04/13) Mystery cat. (Click to mag)

(10/03/13) A woman holding a huge organ,1932

(10/02/13) Amazing. Instead of reading James Joyce's Ulysses, watch it for free on Youtube

(10/01/13) Black: the color without color. In science, art, history, and culture. Let the journey begin. Finally available at Amazon!

(09/30/13) Ancient Greek gods: the new believers

(09/29/13) Flamingos become sentient, and form 1 composite flamingo

(09/28/13) Revenge of the disembodied snake heads

(09/27/13) Alien timeline since 1947. Watch our perceptions evolve

(09/26/13) A rare Russian mineral spar tower

(09/25/13) Wow. An atlas that marks place names using their English meanings

(09/24/13) Strange. Vegetables in your guts

(09/23/13) Sometimes, a time-lapse video of the Milky Way is like a prayer

(09/22/13) Can there be such a thing as "negative zero"?

(09/21/13) Tylenol helps with "existential dread"

(09/20/13) Mathematical Attractors on Parade. Beautiful Aizawa chaotic attractor

(09/19/13) Sometimes, the interior of a museum is like a poem

(09/18/13) Imagine the joy of titling your next novel: "Horopter." Such an exotic word

(09/17/13) Mysterious emotionally. FBI artist dives into the depths of your soul via face drawing

(09/16/13) In the illuminated icy esophagus of God

(09/15/13) Meditating man forms portal in stomach to explore parallel worlds

(09/14/13) The USA divided into 50 states of EQUAL population

(09/13/13) Alleged aliens were actually American dancers from the Dean Martin Christmas Special of 1970

(09/12/13) This is fractal. This is mathematics and beauty

(09/11/13) This insane object is a fractal

(09/10/13) Let's get lost in some surreal photography

(09/09/13) "The King of One String." 1.8 million visits for a guy who entertains only with a one-string guitar

(09/08/13) This is fractal. This is mathematics and beauty

(09/07/13) Sometimes, playing with water glasses can create a kind of beauty

(09/06/13) Unusual book from past. "Foreigners & How to Spot Them"

(09/05/13) These two books contain the sum total of all human knowledge

(09/04/13) Pencil drawing, depicting Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gate to Hades

(09/03/13) Mystery solved. "Why can't you buy turkey eggs in stores?"

(09/02/13) The buttered cat paradox and its implications

(09/01/13) If you jumped into a pool of liquid oxygen, would your body instantly crystallize? Enjoy

(08/31/13) The Decorative Fabric Filled Potholes of Paris

(08/30/13) The True Science of Parallel Universes (video)

(08/29/13) Spider's silk spigots, under electron microscope

(08/27/13) Flea under electron microscope

(08/26/13) What percentage of adults could determine which of the yellow areas is larger, with their hands tied?

(08/25/13) The utter mystery of adding past infinity

(08/24/13) My publisher gives a quick sneak peek into my next book, The Book of Black, published in about 1 month. If it looks interesting, could you tell your friends? (pdf)

(08/23/13) Imagine insane magnetic silly putty engulfing all of us (YouTube)

(08/22/13) Do You Have The Stomach For A Geometry Puzzle?

(08/21/13) 7 seconds of a screaming sheep has warranted 8,705,140 visits at YouTube

(08/20/13) Amazing how much you can capture in a second of video

(08/19/13) Surreal rainbow over the Bay Bridge

(08/18/13) Mysterious yellow gears confound intellectuals

(08/17/13) In this illusion, the balls seem to defy gravity

(08/16/13) "The American tradition of mixing economic populism with cephalopods." With pictures

(08/15/13) What would you get if you combined one atom each from all the elements in the periodic table?

(08/14/13) Albert Einstein and the Tea Leaf Paradox

(08/13/13) James Joyce's huge/historic "Ulysses" has been efficiently reduced to just 18 cartoon frames

(08/12/13) Celebrate. There are 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in your body

(08/11/13) Get rich quick. Our bodies contain about 0.2 milligrams of gold, in the blood

(08/10/13) Plato's Cave Allegory Brought to Life with Claymation. Watch

(08/09/13) Who would imagine that a journey within the mitochondria would provide a sense of awe and transcendence?

(08/08/13) Math cake, for students of all ages

(08/07/13) What Would Happen if Oxygen Disappeared from Earth for Five Seconds?

(08/06/13) 9-year-old discusses the meaning of life and the universe (video)

(08/05/13) Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking: wedding photo

(08/04/13) The Mobula, a genus of ray in the family Myliobatidae (eagle rays), seeks salvation in the stars

(08/03/13) What do trig functions look like if you replace unit circle with a square or hexagon?

(08/02/13) Woman teaches her pet rats, to test limits of intelligence and affection

(08/01/13) Many of the child actors who played the "Little Rascals" seemed cursed and died young in mysterious ways

(07/31/13) Watermelon Tourmaline. Gemstone. Tasty.

(07/30/13) Clever visualization of Fourier series using wheels on wheels

(07/29/13) YouTube titled "Swedish Fire Torch" has nearly 8 million visits?

(07/28/13) Bill Bryson on "science writing"

(07/27/13) Brace for "war." Famous dictionaries now add second definition of 'literally': figuratively

(07/26/13) The divorce complaint of Richard Feynman's second wife, hater of calculus

(07/25/13) What We Still Don't Know: "Are We Real?" (Sir Martin Rees)

(07/24/13) The ultimate math roller coaster: the people come back dead.

(07/23/13) A moss-covered forest floor constructed from pure mathematics

(07/22/13) What Will Human Cultures Be Like in 100 Years?

(07/21/13) Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop

(07/20/13) The famous Isaac Asimov talks about religion and reasoning

(07/19/13) Behind Every Stack Of Books, There Is A Flood Of Knowledge (Awesome painting)

(07/18/13) Tonight, as you drift off to sleep, imagine strolling with someone you love on the romantic Islands of Calleja

(07/17/13) Can cats experience visual movement illusions on paper, just like humans can?

(07/16/13) Coal miners ascend from the bowels of the earth. Hell on Earth. 1900

(07/15/13) "Batwing Slugs" -- almost like aliens from another world

(07/14/13) The famous Marvin Minsky - immortal minds are just a matter of time

(07/13/13) Strange Venn Diagram, Numerology, Past-Life Regression

(07/12/13) Shiver in ecstasy. The maximum number lacking the digit 1 with persistence 11 is 77777733332222222222222222222

(07/11/13) How Much Would Wikipedia Weigh?

(07/10/13) Even the octopi can love the humanoids

(07/09/13) Nature is beauty. Stone "aquarium." Sky-blue single crystal of aquamarine with bits of white matrix. (Pakistan)

(07/08/13) Even peacocks can fly. And dream

(07/06/13) I typed "Kalliope Amorphous" into Google and found this semi-angel rendering

(07/05/13) Sumerians, Space-time light-cones, da Vinci, Feynman Diagrams

(07/04/13) Sometimes, tendrilous silver is like a prayer

(07/03/13) Sometimes, nature reminds us of mathematics

(07/02/13) An angel with wings and gun

(07/01/13) The left arm of your antediluvian lover

(06/30/13) Be happy. The vuvuzela is a plastic horn, 2 ft long, which produces a B-flat note

(06/29/13) I typed Fractal Satan into Google and found this image

(06/28/13) Math dreams. Karma: A Tower of Blinded Men Rising into the Sky

(06/27/13) Gazing toward the sky, within the fractal skyscraper of your dreams

(06/26/13) Spiral mammal

(06/25/13) Sometimes, a cluster of starlings can remind us of a vast hive mind

(06/24/13) Cute girl, pretending to be a doctor, with a large canine

(06/23/13) Finding Satan in popcorn

(06/22/13) "Oh God, I Just Hit A Unicorn"

(06/21/13) Math Joke

(06/20/13) Interesting photo from 1923, involving a gun

(06/19/13) This is fractal. This is mathematics. This is beauty and complexity

(06/18/13) Imagine reading a book, with someone you love, on a Sofa Cloud, made with magnets

(06/17/13) Visual Treat: Mysterious and Vibrant Liquid Drop Art

(06/16/13) Tattoo with fractal branching pattern

(06/15/13) Oh, the horror. Parasitic fungus turns cicadas into flying salt shakers of death

(06/14/13) The whips of creation: Image of sperm tails tangled up in a seminiferous tubule (in man's testes)

(06/13/13) The Story of our Entire Planet and History in 2 Minutes

(06/12/13) Somewhat strange and amusing. Free gong button

(06/11/13) Illusion: Vanishing train defies space and time

(06/10/13) Unusual. Moss Graffiti: how-to guide

(06/09/13) The colorful beetles with whom we share this planet

(06/08/13) Is it possible to watch a conversation between Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke?

(06/07/13) TIMOTHY LEARY: You aren't like them. Find the others

(06/06/13) Can we identify more than 15 people in this painting? (click to mag.)

(06/05/13) "Monster Papertoy font"

(06/04/13) Fascinating. The rise of computing machines to lead humanity to new realms of "mathematical transcendence"

(06/03/13) Before looking, how many countries can you think of that border only one other country?

(06/02/13) Sometimes, even Stibnite (Antimony Sulfur) is a kind of prayer

(06/01/13) Ever wonder how much space the U.S. Great Lakes would take up if they were in Europe?

(05/31/13) Aerial "Human" Helix at Genentech

(05/30/13) Imagine waking up one morning, and finding this perched on your shoulder

(05/29/13) The Rivers of Our Mind, Do Snake and Intertwine

(05/28/13) Empathy. For some reason, this YouTube brings a tear to my eye. How about you?

(05/26/13) Skiing in a parallel universe (photo)

(05/25/13) The way computers used to be. Harvard Mark-1, built by IBM. Had 50-foot long camshaft

(05/24/13) Wow. Snowy Range "Star Trails"

(05/23/13) Amazing. Bottle garden that was first planted 53 years ago and has not been watered since 1972

(05/22/13) Fall in love, with bismuth crystals

(05/21/13) The red cage fungi remind us of geometry and the quest to understand the universe

(05/20/13) For some reason, the personalized "form letter replies" of Steve Martin make me smile. You too?

(05/19/13) Magical Fukang meteorite: olivine crystals in a honeycomb of nickel-iron

(05/18/13) Living in a fractal home

(05/17/13) Woman merges with calciform life. Seeks salvation in the stars

(05/16/13) Imagine the joy of escaping, with someone you love, to the enigmatic towns of Beatosu or Goblu

(05/15/13) "Pierre Brassau paints with powerful strokes, but also with clear determination"

(05/14/13) Nice trip. Become visually immersed in Basilica of St. Peter. Visually stunning

(05/13/13) Imagine that this is hell, and you are there. Right now

(05/12/13) Kind of cool. High-res museum tour

(05/11/13) Wow, mysterious "moonbows" -- Lunar Rainbows beyond imagination

(05/10/13) Go back in your past and recreate a moment in time

(05/09/13) Nice harmonies. I was born the day I met you

(05/08/13) Monster found in New Jersey River

(05/07/13) Couples have 20% greater chance of long, happy marriage if wives are 27% smarter than their husbands

(05/06/13) If a tiger and lion were placed together for some great battle, the tiger would defeat the lion

(05/05/13) Popcorn in the act of popping. Curious animated gif

(05/04/13) If you want to get tenure, don't write a book, don't be a good teacher, and don't inspire the public

(05/03/13) The Purpose of Harvard is Not to Educate People

(05/02/13) Impress your friends with this factoid. 3003 is the only number known to appear 8 times in Pascal's triangle

(05/01/13) What it's like to spend your day as a real mathematician

(04/30/13) Mystical. Can a soap bubble freeze before your very eyes?

(04/29/13) Bizarre and wondrous surface of a mosquito egg

(04/28/13) Bizarre alien birds nests, on telephone polls

(04/27/13) Do We Live Inside a Mathematical Equation? Read the great comments

(04/26/13) I love 1/998001. Try it. You get all 3-digit numbers from 000 to 999 in order. Except for 998

(04/25/13) Grapes can explode in a microwave oven, producing a fireball reminiscent of a thermonuclear explosion

(04/24/13) The universe's most wondrous number: Repeat the string 1808010808 1560 times. Append "1"

(04/23/13) Scary. "The Hands Resist Him" painting by Bill Stoneham was sold on eBay as cursed

(04/22/13) Unusual. Radiologist exhumes patient's body, encases it in wax and sleeps with it for 7 years

(04/21/13) Three fractal beings, and their kin, inhabiting the realm of pure geometry

(04/20/13) Cockpit wonderland. Rare photos within Space Shuttle Endeavour

(04/19/13) Attractively intricate paper wedding bouquet

(04/18/13) This is fractal. This is mathematics and beauty

(04/17/13) Dear Lord! Scientists discover disembodied living penis-like entities patrolling the planet

(04/16/13) Beauty and mystery -- from paper

(04/15/13) Insane Glittering Metallic Ink Clouds

(04/14/13) Fractal stained glass window -- to help you worship the fractal gods and leave your eartlhy body

(04/13/13) Mary Ellis's grave is in the parking lot of the Loew's Movie Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey

(04/12/13) What the British say, and what they mean. Marvelous

(04/11/13) Psychedelic blue fractal being, with two eyes, emerges from mathematics

(04/10/13) Guess how many people alive today were actually born in the 1800s

(04/09/13) Who would believe that structures such as this exist in the realm of pure mathematics...

(04/08/13) Strangest Monopoly Game ever contemplated: once every 253,899,891,671,040 games

(04/07/13) Sometimes, the electric bass guitar can be a vehicle for complexity and transport

(04/06/13) Psychedelic Drug Research by David Jay Brown

(04/05/13) Ice-laden trees slowly reach out to the water beneath them, their liquor of life

(04/04/13) Imagine strolling with someone you love, hand-in-hand, in Mill Ends Park, the smallest park in the world

(04/03/13) Mysterious. All around our planet, people are texting in their sleep, like ghost-spirits emerging from another world

(04/02/13) "The Exorcist." Knitted version, obviously

(04/01/13) "If someone gave you the entirety of Wikipedia from 100 years in the future for 10 minutes, what would you read?"

(03/31/13) The broken walls of fractaloid Carthage, in the math-encrusted city beyond your dreams. Click to mag.

(03/30/13) Imagine the joy of weaving Jupiter out of yarn

(03/29/13) I was elected a Fellow for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry for "significant contributions to the general public's understanding of science, reason, and critical inquiry through scholarship, writing, and work in the media." (Scroll down.) Other Fellows have included Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov

(03/28/13) Recent interview at a math/science blog

(03/27/13) Squids sprout wings, fly, ascending the evolutionary "chain of being" to become one with their humanoid brethren.

(03/26/13) The fractal legs of your antediluvian arthropod gods. Click to magnify

(03/25/13) A graphical timeline of all world religions

(03/24/13) Octopus teapot?

(03/23/13) Mystery clock embedded deep in NYC sidewalk

(03/22/13) What would happen if you tried to fly a normal Earth airplane above different Solar System bodies?

(03/21/13) The creator of Pringles was buried in a Pringles can

(03/20/13) Photo: One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating on air

(03/19/13) Just how big is Antarctica REALLY?

(03/18/13) This amazing moonrise is unedited and shown in real time -- it is not a time lapse

(03/17/13) Proof of divine being discovered. Countries of world fit precisely into a chicken form

(03/16/13) Bon Iver - Holocene (mystic music). 6 million views. Boy following "shepherd" bird, which guides him through life

(03/15/13) Wow. "Mathematician" = best job in the U.S.

(03/14/13) A famous former leader of the IBM Research division, talking about basic research, galaxies, and chickens

(03/13/13) Man makes warm burger materialize from the quantum foam of space-time

(03/12/13) Pure math. Your fractal home of the future. (click to mag.)

(03/11/13) Fractal wall. Pure mathematics to hold back the hyper-dimensional waters. (click to mag.)

(03/10/13) Spiral clouds in the Himalayas stretch the imagination and spirit; digital creation

(03/09/13) Just how big is the United Kingdom, really?

(03/08/13) Vasili Arkhipov prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo, thereby saving the world. AND you never heard of him

(03/07/13) Abe Lincoln + Fractals = Amazing!

(03/06/13) Dung beetles dream of galaxies in their ephemeral quest for transcendence and salvation

(03/05/13) Dream Mathematics. Origami beyond imagination

(03/04/13) Art made from bottle bottoms. Worth a look

(03/03/13) Dad spends 7 years on incredibly detailed maze

(03/01/13) Mysterious, skewed, anamorphic sculptures, & illusions by Jonty Hurwitz

(02/28/13) 1 TB now on a USB stick. Is that a Terabyte in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

(02/27/13) Philosopher fans. You can hear the actual voice of Bertrand Russell talking about Christianity

(02/26/13) Israel has world's highest number of scientists per capita at 135 scientists for every 100,000 workers.

(02/25/13) Math people: Enjoy the incredibly insane infinite power tower, x^x^x^x^x^x^x....

(02/24/13) Mysterious Hand-Drawn 3D Gifs by Dain Fagerholm

(02/23/13) Adonna Khare and her Pencil

(02/22/13) The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of it everyday

(02/21/13) Golden Fractal. (Click to magnify)

(02/20/13) 3D Mandelbulb fractal mathematics can be strange -- beautiful and terrifying to look at

(02/19/13) Scientist J.B.S. Haldane was once asked what his study of biology had taught him about God. His answer is here

(02/17/13) Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful, mysterious, untouched station resides, forgotten

(02/16/13) Animated gifs come to life

(02/15/13) Lego man ripping apart his flesh and spilling his Lego innards

(02/14/13) How would you like to take a stroll through Favela? (photo)

(02/13/13) The most wonderful equation ever seen. The equation to rule them all

(02/12/13) Can 4 chords be used to magically generate a majority of great music?

(02/11/13) A map of every person in US and Canada -- with each person represented by a single dot!

(02/10/13) Did you know there's an all-female tribute band, "Lez Zeppelin." Listen

(02/08/13) Mathematical monomaniacal obsession destroys families, and, still, no one can understand the math

(02/07/13) Wow! 250,000,000 particles - animated fractal Mandelbulb, by Juanjo González

(02/06/13) Human face discovered trapped in man's testicle

(02/05/13) Geometrically Attractive Water Storage Well in Chand Baori - Abhaneri, India. Take a look

(02/04/13) Dog + Caterpillar = Dogerpillar

(02/03/13) Epic Conway's game of life -- such complexity as to make you weep for mathematical machine civilizations

(02/02/13) When better punctuation is needed. Take a look

(02/01/13) Wikipedia's most common word mapped to a country's boundary. Click to magnify.

(01/31/13) Carl Sagan denied tenure at Harvard University because his role as a 'popularizer' was considered unimportant (discussion)

(01/30/13) Spaghetti tree hoax from 1957

(01/29/13) Wikipedia: Cat organ is a musical instrument that consists of a line of cats fixed in place

(01/28/13) This is mathematics

(01/27/13) Elven Sky. Fractal. Click to magnify

(01/26/13) Imagine the algorithms running in this spider's brain as it seeks to leave reality

(01/25/13) New world of book publishing. "Dan Brown would never get published now, because his 1st 3 books sold nothing."

(01/24/13) "Math from the HOOD." Calculus

(01/23/13) Imagine spending an hour on this couch, with your mathematical lover

(01/22/13) 18-year-olds choose 100 words that represent crucial factors and concepts influencing trends in science today

(01/21/13) That '50 Shades of Grey' book is not as raunchy as you may have heard. Take a look at this image: safe for work

(01/20/13) Steps 1 to 6: Our universe: guaranteed to blow your mind

(01/19/13) Chomsky: "If you're teaching today what you were teaching five years ago, either the field is dead or you are."

(01/18/13) Imagine the joy of sucking on Saturn

(01/17/13) How to spot tourists

(01/16/13) My favorite 1-minute video on the mystery of Ultrafinitism and Israeli mathematician Doron Zeilberger

(01/15/13) My answer to Edge question: "What Should We Be Worried About?" Limits of Understanding

(01/14/13) Supposedly, this simple-looking math problem will crush your brain

(01/13/13) He finally did it! (Photo. Take a look)

(01/12/13) I'm really enjoying the book "How an Average Man Lived an Adventurous Life"

(01/11/13) Mystery Bed of Moss: Perhaps an abandoned Hotel somewhere in Europe

(01/10/13) How can you tell if you're dreaming? Here's the best answer

(01/09/13) Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful, mysterious, untouched station resides, forgotten

(01/08/13) The world's largest Amethyst Geode – The "Empress of Uruguay"

(01/07/13) Pure mathematics. This tree. This sunset. Transcendence

(01/06/13) Fractal Math + Canine = Scent of Blood. (Click to magnify.)

(01/05/13) Experts chat about misconceptions that people have about science

(01/04/13) Philip K. Dick is gone, but Get 11 Free Stories. And HERE is the Philip K. Dick documentary.

(01/03/13) Explore Everest today, in the safety of your room. Drag mouse and use mouse dial

(01/02/13) Peter Rowlett's favorite popular mathematics books

(01/01/13) Common Physics Misconceptions

(12/30/12) Strange illusion of flying people over New York City

(12/29/12) You should follow me on twitter HERE

(12/28/12) Man Walks All Day to Create Spectacular Math Snow Patterns

(12/27/12) 8 math talks to blow your mind

(12/26/12) Ikea job interview

(12/25/12) Man discovers plant leaf that looks strangely reminiscent of the fractal Mandelbrot set

(12/24/12) Visual depiction of the true meaning of a Ph.D. degree

(12/23/12) World of Cliff Pickover: "Images that Make us Dream"

(12/22/12) This is mathematics. This is fractal. This is transcendence

(12/21/12) Maria Popova's "10 Best History Books of 2012"

(12/20/12) Why mathematicians know that 2012 is indeed the end of the world

(12/19/12) LEGO model kit makes particle physics simple for school kids

(12/18/12) Mathematics. Intersecting circles more beautiful and complex than you imagined. Observe

(12/17/12) This is nature, more beautiful than dreams

(12/16/12) I made a Word Cloud for recent Tweets for @NYTObits (NY Times Obituaries Twitter stream). Like it?

(12/15/12) Tsundoku - useful Japanese word for the practice of buying books and then not reading them

(12/14/12) Ear earrings?

(12/13/12) Updated Edition of "SPIDER LEGS" ebook, by Piers Anthony and Cliff Pickover. Monsters lurk in the deep!

(12/12/12) Sugar and sulfuric acid combine for ultimate insanity

(12/11/12) Lego repair job

(12/10/12) Did the U.S. once have super-secret plans to nuke the moon?

(12/09/12) Nice! Ranked Number 1 Today. "The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection." See "Sneak Peek" to look inside

(12/08/12) Experience other realities: Cinematic Upside-Down Street Reflections

(12/07/12) New Scientist: holiday gift books recommendations. Fourth from top looks nice

(12/06/12) Amazing. Photographs captured with the shutter left open for TEN years

(12/05/12) What the heck does a math grad student do all day?

(12/04/12) Christmas in Fractal-Land. (Gorgeous graphic. Click to mag.)

(12/03/12) The most accurate pie chart I've ever seen

(12/02/12) This is how far human radio broadcasts have reached into the galaxy (click to magnify)

(12/01/12) Electron Microscope Zooms In: Finds Life on Life on Life

(11/30/12) Anatomy + Pastries = Anatomy Pastries (

(11/29/12) I love this song "1957" by Milo Greene. Do you like it?

(11/28/12) Dr. Oliver Sacks: What I Learned from Hallucinogens

(11/27/12) Klein Bottle Opener, for higher-dimensional drinking needs

(11/26/12) I love 1/998001. Try it. You get all 3-digit numbers from 000 to 999 in order. Except for 998

(11/25/12) Mondrian Apple: taste mathematics (by Louis Davidson)

(11/24/12) 25 mind-blowing places that look insanely fake, but are actually real

(11/23/12) The Zombies rock group and the "Outer Limits" TV show, together. Nice

(11/22/12) Wonderful math paper title. "Love Affairs and Differential Equations"

(11/21/12) Best gravestone ever

(11/20/12) 20 most influential scientists recently alive. How many do we know?

(11/19/12) Fractal bee, entering higher dimensions

(11/18/12) Beautiful myterious time capsule: Parisian apartment untouched for over 70 years discovered

(11/17/12) Shiver in awe. Strange math birthday paradox

(11/16/12) New unusual interview today: "Cliff Pickover Brings Medical Science to Life with The Medical Book." Nice images

(11/15/12) My browser default is set to "". Every time I open my browser, I have a random glimpse at reality

(11/14/12) Star Trek Ambient Engine Noise (24-hours worth). I play this sound forever in my office. Let's see if anyone says something when they visit me

(11/13/12) Great interview: Oliver Sacks on Star Trek, Bach, schmaltz herring, and more

(11/12/12) Woman goes deliciously insane, constructing frightening fractals from colorful candies

(11/11/12) Mysterious clockwork monk from the 1560s haunts our dreams

(11/10/12) Semi-robotic hands poised in a bizarre futuristic Escher motif. Who are the makers of tomorrow?

(11/09/12) Boy with Asperger's interviews mom: "Did I turn out to be the son you wanted when I was born?"

(11/08/12) Wind map. Intriguing

(11/07/12) Human body has changed more in past 100 years than in previous 50,000. Adults are 50% heavier and 4 inches taller

(11/06/12) Bizarre Fibonacci cabinet enthralls geometric people of all ages

(11/05/12) 3 guitars, to get you in the mood

(11/04/12) The cover of Benoit Mandelbrot's new memoir depicts fractal Mandelbrot sets emerging from his hair

(11/03/12) Dreamscape. Eye organ of fruit fly larvae, by Michael John Bridge

(11/02/12) See, hear, and speak no evil. Spooky photos of real bat embryos, by Dorit Hockman

(11/01/12) Mysterious old images: Stories of a Hollow Earth

(10/31/12) Imagine the gasps of emotion of Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin if they could have glimpsed this eye-catching American scene

(10/30/12) Cool fractal art installation: beyond infinity

(10/28/12) How many of these oddly named mathematical objects from "The Math Book" have you heard of?

(10/27/12) Real photo of a Seagull Flying Straight Towards the Camera of photographer Brutus Östling

(10/25/12) News flash. German court rules on a claim that the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the Earth

(10/24/12) Math, love, togetherness

(10/23/12) The Hands Resist Him, also known as The eBay Haunted Painting, featured at Wikipedia. Shiver in fear

(10/22/12) "Strange Enough" Interview. "Clifford Pickover is probably the coolest scientist and science writer on the planet"

(10/21/12) Thoughts on the planet named Kolob

(10/20/12) The Official "Tangled Cable" Appreciation Page (updated)

(10/19/12) Imagine taking 330 pounds of lipstick and cramming it into one huge cube

(10/18/12) A fractal technicolor moss at 10x magnification

(10/17/12) Fractal slugs creep along a sphere, searching for meaning in a universe far from our own

(10/16/12) Six terrifying experiments parents did on their own kids

(10/15/12) Strange and amazing math-lifeforms result from a floating-point version of Game of Life

(10/14/12) This is mathematics. Shiver in awe

(10/13/12) Woman, penetrating dimensions of time and space (graphic)

(10/12/12) How many triangles are in this blue image? 92.6% of Americans get this question wrong

(10/11/12) Breaking news: ALL credit card pin codes in the world leaked

(10/10/12) Dine with the gods, using fractal forks, spoons, and knives

(10/09/12) Play as God, and write your name in a galactic font beyond imagination

(10/08/12) It would be interesting to explore this landscape (photo)

(10/07/12) Ghostly, tormented figures unable to pull themselves apart from their decaying bodies

(10/06/12) Is it true that the number of possible different games of chess is larger than the number of atoms in the universe?

(10/05/12) There are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first ten moves in a game of chess

(10/04/12) Synchronization of metronomes: metaphor for mysterious tie that binds us all in the dance of life

(10/03/12) Very cool. Look at what the FA-18 Super Hornet does at high speed, near these humans on a beach

(10/02/12) "Smart" people (IQ > 125) are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs than low-IQ people. Here's why

(10/01/12) 10 scientific and technological visionaries who experimented with drugs

(09/30/12) How they really made Stonehenge. (picture)

(09/29/12) Everything you thought you knew about "aesthetics" and the "golden ratio" is wrong. Here's why (PDF)

(09/28/12) The Singularity Summit: the World's Leading Conference on Emerging Technologies. Use discount code "REALITY" for $100 off registration

(09/27/12) Here is very famous number called Champernowne's number: 0.1234567891011121314... Do you see how it is created?

(09/26/12) Maria Popova, born in Bulgaria, reveals some fascinating and provacative images: From Witch Doctors to Cloning

(09/25/12) The 101 Most Useful Websites of 2012

(09/24/12) Learn about psychedelic fractal mathematics, and dream

(09/23/12) Beneath the mysterious waters of the Sea of Japan, strange symbolic artworks have been spontaneously appearing

(09/22/12) The Candy-Land Number: 39.1610869536765400409....

(09/21/12) An alien landscape, created by powerful beings who have lost their minds while dreaming of the Riemann Hypothesis

(09/20/12) Great Neatorama review: Witch Doctors, Biological Weapons, Microbiome Zoo, Maggot Therapy, Cancer Chemotherapy from Chemical Warfare, Self-surgery!

(09/19/12) Technological mandalas made from soldered computer and radio components

(09/18/12) Fractal cybernetic penis of a being living in a world happier than our own

(09/17/12) World's most-wonderful number problem, in principle solvable by a student before high school. It will drive you insane

(09/16/12) Bizarre video of seemingly disembodied vocal cords singing and praying to an unseen God

(09/15/12) Continue to look into the eyes of this 3D cat, until your soul and mind turn into subatomic transcendent mush

(09/14/12) Did you know that mammoths were alive until 1650 BC -- after the pyramids of Egypt....

(09/13/12) 6 Small Math Errors That Caused Huge Disasters

(09/12/12) Believe it or not, this is an image of salt and pepper (via

(09/11/12) The marvel of nature & humanity: water drop collision, under a soap bubble, in a glass of water. High-speed photography: Worlds within worlds

(09/10/12) A photographic gallery of fractals found with Google Earth

(09/09/12) If you've not heard about Benford's Law before, you're in for a real treat with this post

(09/08/12) Interesting concept. Write a letter to your future self

(09/07/12) Wondrous visualization of mysterious patterns in prime numbers

(09/06/12) Can we wind back the hands of time, using colored liquids, and find the beings who created the fabric of reality?

(09/05/12) The history of physics is the history of modern civilization. The Universe in a Nutshell

(09/04/12) Beautiful video by Jason Silva on the power of Awe

(09/03/12) Gorgeous circuit board table

(09/02/12) Review of my latest book by a supercentenarian-ologist L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D.

(09/01/12) I don't know what this photo shows, but it is curious looking

(08/31/12) Fractal mathematics gives rise to surface of immense complexity (by 0Encrypted0)

(08/30/12) Biology cell cake. Mmmm, delicious mitochondria.

(08/29/12) Wouldn't it be fun to go on a date with someone wearing an intestine necklace?

(08/28/12) "Not a single one of the cells that compose you knows who you are, or cares." ~Dan Dennett

(08/27/12) What really happen when you type Askew into Google search?

(08/26/12) Green T4 Bacteriophage Earrings -- for your viral lovers

(08/25/12) Fractals are extremely intricate, with lots of details to explore (by HalTenny)

(08/24/12) Tasty thought. If the moon were made of spareribs, it would have 7.34x10^26 calories. Here's how I found out

(08/23/12) Can space-time paths of 6-photon scattering form great art?

(08/22/12) Renfield's Syndrome: A Mysterious Case of Real-Life Vampirism

(08/21/12) A class of 4th graders was asked to write haikus. One child wrote this. Like it?

(08/20/12) Hooters waitress thinks her prize will be a Toyota, but is shocked to see it is a "toy Yoda." Lawsuit follows

(08/19/12) 3D-printed prosthetic arm for little girl. Brings a tear to the eyes. Technology and transcendence

(08/18/12) A fractal that looks archeological but is generated from pure math (by SuicideBySafetyPin)

(08/17/12) A fractal flower for your higher-dimensional lover

(08/16/12) Man tattoos Leviticus 18:22 that forbids homosexuality on his arm. But Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos. (thanks Matt Parker)

(08/15/12) Sunrise as no human has ever seen it -- on Mars

(08/14/12) "LSD absolutely helped mathematicians, artists, & scientists solve their complex, seemingly intractable problems"

(08/13/12) Teja Krasek, a Slovenian artist, created a video review of "The Medical Book," highlighting her favorite images: trepanation, heart transplants, neurotransmitters, cause of the bubonic plague, prosopagnosia, glass eyes, viruses...

(08/13/12) Extinct Cephalopod falls in love within mathematics and geometry

(08/12/12) Wow. Urine Escher

(08/11/12) Celebrate! Finally available, in living color. Near-death experiences, leech therapy, Carl Jung, face transplants, bio-weapons, test-tube babies, positrons! If you order this, please let me know what you think and which image is your favorite!

(08/10/12) More than 1,000 Earths could fit inside Jupiter. Cool visualization for kids of all ages

(08/09/12) Cool math teacher, and cool math

(08/08/12) How to draw a surprisingly lifelike horse, in 5 easy steps

(08/07/12) Keep watching until end. Looks almost like science fiction: mind-boggling movie made from the ISS (space station)

(08/06/12) Breathtaking view of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars

(08/05/12) The Curta Calculator was created by a prisoner in a German concentration camp. Take a look

(08/04/12) Vast fungal networks form hive mind for tree-to-tree communication: a behemoth botanical brain

(08/03/12) Aliens factor prime numbers in DMT-induced reality (PDF science paper)

(08/02/12) The tiger walks slowly, to the burning bush of an apocalypse

(08/01/12) "Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living"

(07/31/12) Oh Lord, But how do you eat it?

(07/30/12) Alien Lights: Illuminated Landscapes by Benoit Paille

(07/29/12) Translucent ants photographed eating colored liquids

(07/28/12) North Korea children playing the guitar

(07/27/12) What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

(07/26/12) This TV weather report is sure to appeal to those with apocalyptic interests

(07/25/12) Fascinating. The Charlie Rose Brain Series

(07/24/12) Somewhere Over the Brainbow

(07/23/12) Humans will never find a factorion number larger than 40,585 (pdf)

(07/22/12) A phantom period of 300 yrs has been inserted between 600AD-900AD?

(07/21/12) 69,696 is the largest undulating square humans will ever find (pdf)

(07/20/12) Scream in ecstasy. 727272727272727272727272727 272727272727272727272727272 727272727272727272727272727 272727272727272727 (one long number, with no spaces) is prime

(07/19/12) Anton's Brain Syndrome: when blind people deny they are blind, despite evidence

(07/18/12) Random people on the Brooklyn streets try to guess what the Higgs Boson is

(07/17/12) Exoplanets: all known planets arranged in a delicious circular candy

(07/16/12) Insane but true: It's actually possible to compress your JPEG files by 500% with no quality loss

(07/14/12) A boy leaves his bike near a tree in 1954, and finds it this way today

(07/13/12) Woman in miniskirt: Appealing to all H.P. Lovecraft fans

(07/12/12) H.P. Lovecraft answers your relationship questions

(07/11/12) "A thetan weighs about 1.5 ounces [45 grams]," says doctor who weighed people after their deaths

(07/10/12) Poll asked voters which US presidential candidate better at repelling space alien attack

(07/09/12) 5 people playing a single guitar, together

(07/08/12) More than a third of divorce filings last year contained the word "Facebook"

(07/07/12) Bizarre Israeli and American Vortex Beams transmit 2.5 terabits per second. The Vortex Age has begun

(07/06/12) Give a spiral Klein bottle to someone you love, in this dimension or the next

(07/05/12) Why make passwords hard to remember, when this approach is so simple & secure?

(07/03/12) Wow! If you put all earth's water in one place, it'd look like this

(07/02/12) "So damn attractive." The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection

(07/01/12) Why "Nigerian" email scammers actually say they're from Nigeria

(06/30/12) Net sales revenue from eBooks surpass hardcover books, pointing to a historical moment in publishing

(06/29/12) For some reason, this semi-erotic cover featuring a naked Tarzan really makes me laugh

(06/28/12) DMT fractal entity, gazing into the depths of your soul

(06/27/12) Imagine going pleasurably insane, playing on this fractal chess board

(06/26/12) Escher, Einstein, Atomic

(06/25/12) Theremin's device, called THE THING, was used by the Soviet Union to spy on the United States

(06/24/12) Listening intently for subterranean kittens

(06/23/12) Transit of Venus, modern-art wine glass arrangement

(06/22/12) Mystical portrait: Amazing beauty and diversity of New York City

(06/21/12) Sherwin Nuland on the development of electroshock therapy as a cure for severe depression -- including his own

(06/20/12) Necrofantasia: a piano song requiring a mutant 50-fingered pianist. Also see Hardest piano song ever

(06/19/12) Surreal photo makes Mexico City's densely populated hills look like an urban ocean

(06/18/12) Sam Harris - Death and the Present Moment

(06/17/12) Living in a strange universe filled with uprisings of sausages and hotdogs

(06/16/12) Don't you you just LOVE this fractal gear wallpaper?

(06/15/12) The fractal gears of the sentient universe turn endlessly. (Also see this one.)

(06/14/12) Birds fly from my eyes, into the ocean of reality

(06/13/12) Autism-God Study. Why autistic people don't believe in God

(06/12/12) Head of Benoit Mandelbrot, fractal pioneer, represented as a fractal

(06/11/12) Revealing the lost codex of Archimedes

(06/10/12) What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?

(06/09/12) Are you interested in "The Medical Book: From Witch Doctors to Robot Surgeons"? If you have a popular blog, maybe I can get you a review copy

(06/08/12) The 11 Best Science Books of 2011, by Maria Popova

(06/07/12) Shiver in awe. 1034482758620689655172413793 is the smallest 3-parastic number humans will ever find

(06/06/12) Einstein explains E=mc^2, in rare original audio

(06/05/12) Nibble on fractal pancakes for an eternity

(06/04/12) Poisoned, paratrooper mice descend upon humanity

(06/02/12) Wikipedia's list of misconceptions about illegal drugs

(06/01/12) THE MEDICAL BOOK: From Witch Doctors to Robot Surgeons! Pre-order today to lock-in a great price for a 528-page hardcover color book. Topics: near-death experiences, leech therapy, self-experimentation, test-tube babies, face transplants, biological weapons, circumcision, and more….

(05/31/12) The delta of the Lena River in northern Siberia (left) and a cast of a human lung (right)

(05/30/12) Strange title of the week: "Zookeeper reportedly licks baby monkey's anus for over an hour"

(05/29/12) Unbelievable physics of domino fallings. Can you really knock over the Empire State building with 1-inch domino?

(05/27/12) Head blood vessels, floating forlornly in a sea of eternity

(05/26/12) 100 billion times more viscous than water

(05/25/12) Hartverdrahtet: an audio-visual trip into a procedural fractalverse, compressed into a minuscule software fragment

(05/24/12) Meth king spends drug empire's money on 18,753 comic books

(05/23/12) A kind of strange competition between spherical magnetic people

(05/22/12) A simulation of Conway’s Game of Life inside a bigger version of the Game of Life

(05/21/12) Fear the Claw of Archimedes

(05/20/12) Why humans go insane thinking about 998,001

(05/19/12) Unusual compendium. Last 10 Seconds of Every Episode of 1st Season of "Star Trek: Next Gen"

(05/18/12) Mysterious Himalayan Honey Hunters, risking their lives to harvest Earth's largest honeybees

(05/17/12) Where do Muslims exist on Earth today? (cartogram)

(05/16/12) For some reason, I just love photos of complex, Moog synthesizers. Do you?

(05/15/12) Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind

(05/14/12) A list of members of the cursed "27 Club"

(05/13/12) Which books were on the NYT bestseller list the day you were born?

(05/12/12) Updated. Disappearing Pencil puzzle drives the world crazy. Try it on your friends

(05/11/12) A number so large it will cause your head to collapse into a black hole

(05/10/12) Round peg fits better into square hole than square peg into round hole, up to the 9th dimension

(05/09/12) Does this path have an infinite length? [animated gif]

(05/08/12) Mobius Cake, Mobius Bacon, Mobius Ship

(05/07/12) Wonderful math theorems that sound like kids should know about them

(05/06/12) When Einstein Met Rabindranath Tagore -- truth and beauty and science and spirituality

(05/05/12) Study determines that this is the most relaxing song, ever

(05/04/12) Teja Krasek is a Slovenian artist interested in mathematics, art, music, surrealism, and more. Here is her colorful YouTube channel

(05/03/12) Wow, ancient Sumerian proverbs (pdf)

(05/02/12) Intriguing. US Patent. Flame-throwing musical trumpet

(05/01/12) The Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets, Napof wasn’t short, and other historical myths debunked

(04/30/12) "With matter, as with people, we see only the skin of things; we can't see into the 'engine room.'"

(04/29/12) Most Highlighted Passages of All Time on Amazon Kindle!

(04/28/12) Let's get together, and enjoy the Pizza Theorem

(04/27/12) A conversation with physicists/authors Brian Greene & Lawrence Krauss. (Like the Jewish doctor joke.)

(04/26/12) Bizarre "cyborg clams" power motor, setting stage for mythopoeic molluscan marvels beyond imagination

(04/25/12) Insane brain Rubik's Cube shocks and delights

(04/24/12) A strange book on fish nearly killed Isaac Newton's career

(04/23/12) Provocative. Dietary saturated fat not associated with increased risk of heart disease?

(04/21/12) In-depth discussion of the most famous guitar cord in rock history

(04/20/12) Just-published issue of "IBM Journal of Research & Development" on Watson/Jeopardy and futuristic artificial intelligence (AI)

(04/19/12) Martin Gardner, The Beauty and Mystery of Mathematics, free iPad app

(04/18/12) Glimpse of the Future. Shanghai 1990 vs 2010. Nice photo comparison?

(04/17/12) Intriguing. 51% of people diagnosed with cancer die of cancer. 49% die of something else

(04/16/12) Inflate thin balloon. Change your size. Repeat. Insane fractal

(04/15/12) "Forgive me Father, For I Have Sinned." Artwork by Cliff Pickover

(04/14/12) Wow. Rubik's Cube set of drawers

(04/13/12) New at Pinterest. "World of Cliff Pickover." Science, science fiction, technology, strange reality, futurism, innovation, mathematics. Follow me, or visit each day for transcendence.

(04/12/12) Anatomical heart teapot makes us scream

(04/11/12) Nassim Taleb's 10 tips for changing your life. Agree with any?

(04/10/12) "Fractals and The Cat in the Hat"

(04/09/12) Take 3 pinches of DMT, stir in pencil lead of Escher, add mathematics and a fractal portion of science-fiction vibe, and mix well

(04/08/12) After the death of Nobel-Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, these words were found on his blackboard

(04/07/12) Bizarre beyond belief. Salvador Dali illustrates "Alice in Wonderland"

(04/05/12) Man walks all day to create spectacular fractal snow patterns

(04/04/12) Wow. Proof that the Earth is smoother than a billiard ball

(04/03/12) Are we living in a mathematical object? And what might that have to do with religion?

(04/02/12) Strange headline of the week: "Ants' Dying Queen Mated With As Crab Spider Eats Her Head-First (VIDEO)

(04/01/12) Impossible Ledge

(03/31/12) The Feynman point is a sequence of six 9s that begins at the 762nd decimal place of pi

(03/29/12) World’s Largest Sushi Roll

(03/28/12) 3-D method for depicting monsters on your 2-D browser

(03/27/12) Worshiping in the fractal cathedral, and finally sensing the presence of God (graphics). (Click to magnify)

(03/26/12) Richard Feynman: The Last Journey Of A Genius

(03/25/12) Imagine taking DMT, looking into a mirror, and seeing this as your reflection

(03/24/12) Life-like glass heart, with ventricles for flower stems. (Click to magnify)

(03/23/12) This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids

(03/22/12) Rainbows, physics, God

(03/21/12) A 1-minute film on fractal cosmic strings bends our minds and souls

(03/20/12) If Satan plays miniature golf, this is his favorite hole

(03/19/12) I had this "Human Body" book as a kid, which kick-started my interest in science

(03/18/12) Wow. Math Book and Physics Book ranked #1 and #2 today at Scientific American (look before they run out of copies)

(03/17/12) All of human achievement -- all our hopes, dreams, and fears -- in one graph

(03/16/12) I like this mysterious photo of a Moonrise by Beth Hoeckel

(03/15/12) Unusual temporary neuronal condition causes reporter to suddenly speak in tongues

(03/14/12) Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel

(03/13/12) Man attempts to illustrate strange history of fashion and war

(03/12/12) Fractal mathematics that looks like caramel drizzle

(03/10/12) Why the mathematicians know that 2012 is indeed the end of the world

(03/09/12) Intriguing and Wild Visualizations of Prime Numbers

(03/08/12) What really happens at the center of a mathematical singularity. Mysterious

(03/07/12) Imagine exploring this futuristic city tonight, with someone you love

(03/06/12) Girl, alien, flower, psychedelic, tendril eyes, pretty

(03/05/12) The crying of alien fish

(03/04/12) Why math is better than drugs and can be a spiritual experience

(03/03/12) Anatomical Cross-Sections Made with Quilled Paper by Lisa Nilsson

(03/02/12) Insane Fractal Spirograph (Fractal Roulette)

(03/01/12) Amazing discovery involving photos, Klein bottles, randomness, math, and beyond

(02/29/12) Gaze in awe at Belphegor's Prime: 1000000000000066600000000000001 is a palindromic prime number, with 666 hiding among the zeros.

(02/28/12) Micrograph of the surface of a kidney stone showing tetragonal crystals of Weddellite. Ouch! Ouch!

(02/27/12) Solve the peacock puzzle in less than 9 minutes, and you're a genius

(02/26/12) 35 Inspiring Color Palettes from Master Painters for to use and become a genius yourself

(02/25/12) Please learn about fractals and mathematics. They will set you free

(02/24/12) Deepest Mandelbrot Zoom ever: 2.1x10^275 (or 2^915). What will humanity find in their deepest explorations?

(02/23/12) Intriguing "pictures of math" blog

(02/22/12) Fascinating and educational. The physics of dropping a Slinky

(02/21/12) Strange, strange world, for us to inhabit...

(02/20/12) Brain made out of hands

(02/19/12) Super-super-genius Ed Witten sits in an armchair and explains string theory to you and me. Time magazine calls Witten "the greatest theoretical physicist in the world."

(02/18/12) The Lego Hadron Collider

(02/17/12) Bizarre fractal fractions that crush the cerebellum into submission

(02/16/12) 10 reasons why you might want to drink coffee

(02/15/12) Creeping mysterious manure foam causes pig farms to explode. Pig Big Bang

(02/14/12) 7 billion people walk on dot on the left. 12 of them have walked on the dot on the right

(02/13/12) Man proposes to the love of his life in Binary Code. It worked

(02/12/12) Mystical time-lapse video of the Milky Way traversing the sky above South Dakota. Dream with me

(02/10/12) 1,344-page graphic-novel condensation of all great Western literature!

(02/09/12) For the math curious: a coffee cup that is NOT topologically the same as a donut

(02/08/12) Women In Science: Why So Few? (video)

(02/07/12) "Math is sexy! The 5IVE Best Popular Books on the Subject That Prove It

(02/06/12) Pretty Mandelbrot Set. (Click to mag.)

(02/05/12) Mavericks of the Mind: Thought Provoking Interviews on Consciousness by David Jay Brown

(02/04/12) Toto's Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile. Worth listening to

(02/03/12) If you are exposed to the color red when you take IQ test, your IQ is lower

(02/02/12) The Greatest Books of All Time, as Voted by 125 Famous Authors

(02/01/12) Circumcising men is one of the most effective "vaccines" against AIDS, reducing chances of infection by 60% or more

(01/31/12) Fractals, science fiction, alien brains

(01/30/12) The Top 10 Women Who Impacted Technology in 2011

(01/29/12) Pig's dissection anatomy origami

(01/28/12) US Patent. Giant Gummy Bear

(01/27/12) "Physical books are tokens of our identity, a kind of continuity over a lifetime, a bearer of memory."

(01/26/12) Enjoy this relaxing gif of a Holstein enjoying a nice brushing:

(01/25/12) Insane puzzles for kids of all ages!

(01/24/12) Impress your friends at your next party with this awesome and bizarre phrase: "Weakly hyper-Woodin cardinals." Enjoy

(01/23/12) The Mathematical Papers of the deadly "Unabomber"

(01/22/12) 16 of the smartest children in history

(01/21/12) Woman, geometry, hands, pattern

(01/20/12) New monkey species discovered, and promptly eaten

(01/19/12) Why is the Sky Dark at Night?

(01/18/12) Huge subcontrabass saxophone: "the mother of all saxophones"

(01/17/12) Your insane fractal apartment building of the far future. Imagine living in this city. Click to magnify

(01/16/12) Lovecraft meets 3-D fractals

(01/15/12) How would you like to climb the highest mountain in the entire Solar System?

(01/14/12) Stephen Hawking will now take your questions (YouTube)

(01/13/12) Photo. Before you drift to sleep tonight, meditate on the beauty of the universe

(01/12/12) Cows, intelligent tongues, and the quest for transcendence

(01/11/12) Mystery cat, high above the trees, transcends space and time

(01/10/12) Very nice harmonies as the unusual song progresses: "Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man"

(01/09/12) For you mathematical nerds. A mysterious and wonderful proof that pi=4. At which step does it go wrong?

(01/08/12) Controversial retired bishop John Spong discusses the deepest mysteries of Christianity (YouTube)

(01/07/12) Two artificial intelligences, with facial expressions, are unexpectedly placed face to face. Conversation ensues. Here is Another Example of what happens when you let two artificial intelligences have a conversation

(01/06/12) Beautiful math: Why Your Friends Have More Friends Than You Do (And why your girlfriend is a whore)

(01/05/12) Alan Moore, reality, sock-puppet snake god, Terence McKenna, science

(01/04/12) I thought that, perhaps, you could find this page of my book covers in different languages to be exciting. How many languages do we recognize?

(01/03/12) Robert Heinlein’s predictions for the Year 2000 (from 1952)

(01/02/12) Imagine relaxing for a few minutes here, slowly breathing, and happy, as if swimming in a sea of mystery

(01/01/12) 3-dimensional fractals and the search for the 'true' 3D Mandelbrot

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