Quantum Fruit Predictor

We're almost done. You already picked a country. Choose an animal name that begins with the last letter of the country. Choose from the list below:

aardvark, baboon, chicken, dog, elephant, fish,
goat, halibut, ibis, jackass, kangaroo, lamb,
mouse, octopus, platypus, quail, rooster, snake,
trout, walrus, yak, zebu

ant, bee, chick, crow, clam, duck,
elk, fish, geese, hare, hen, leopard
lion, monkey, ox, seal, sheep, swan, whale

Abalone, Albatross, Badger, Barnacle,
Camel, Canary, Dingo Dolphin, Eagle,
Earthworm, Falcon, Finch, Flamingo,
Gannet, Gerbil, Gorilla, Haddock,
Hedgehog, Hyena, Ibex Inchworm,
Jackal, Jackdaw, Jaguar, Wallaby, Wasp, Zebra

Remember your animal.

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