Physics Demonstrations

by Julien C. Sprott, University of Wisconsin

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Physics Demonstrations is a collection of ten computer simulations of the physics of motion and sound. Intended for use in high school through introductory college physics courses, the simulations can be used on their own or along with real demonstrations. They can be run as part of a laboratory or homework assignment, or can run unattended in museum-display mode. Demonstrations include Reaction time; Ballistics car; The monkey and the coconut; Bowling-ball pendulum; Wilberforce pendulum; Wave speed on a rope; Flame pipe; Oscilloscope waveforms; Breaking a beaker with sound; Doppler effect.

"Good ideas; response from other faculty was very positive." Joseph Harrison, University of Alabama

Includes: User's Manual with student-guide sheets, instructions for performing real demonstrations, and advice for classroom activities, modifiable on-screen quiz, 62 pp.; 5 1/4" or 3 1/2" diskette (please specify)

Requires: PC

The program was previously distributed by Physics Academic Software for US$50, but it is no longer available.

Additional Information

* To see a list of the demonstrations included with the program, have a look at the menu screen.
* If you have an old version of the program, you might want to look at the revision history.
* You may be interested also in the companion program, Chaos Demonstrations.
* You can download a limited demo version (1.21) of Physics Demonstrations.
J. C. Sprott