Thank Yous from Participants
of the 25th Silver Anniversary Ball

Madison Scottish Country Dancers

Just one more round of thanks to you and all the people who helped make this Ball a very special event for me and for so many of us! Loved it!
Pat Blochowiak

What a great weekend! Thank you so much to you and all your co-workers. The celidh was great fun, the dinner delicious and the ball and after party and brunch were great! Thanks again for all your work -- and for making it seem so easy!
Daphne and Morgan Cooper

Dear Fellow Dancers,
A note of thanks for the great ball -- Nancy McClements and the Ball Committee did a great job! Dance program and music were wonderful! Thank you Norma and Mike. Decorations were spectacular -- thanks Laura! Chris, thanks for the successful and fun ceildh! Claudia, we really appreciate your organizing the food for the potluck, and for following up on the potential gaps. To the helpers of the After-Ball-Party, Thank You So Much! Janice and Carl for shopping and bringing over the beverages! Lois for coming over with reinforcements (Thanks Sue!) to do those time-consuming things that need to be done, on the day before. Jean and Dann, and Nancy H. for leaving the dance early to help do last minute preparations and graciously greeting guests and getting the food in the right places. Mary Ann, Janice, Martha, Clelia, Katie, Scott (up to the elbows in dishwater), and for clean-up help! It seemed to me like the whole group was hosting the party, and it made a huge difference to Chuck and me -- we had a chance to enjoy the guests. Mike and Norma, thanks for hosting the brunch. Your house and yard get better and better. I know there are lots of people who helped whom I haven't mentioned. Thank you all!
Ann Lindsey

It was a great event. Thanks for doing it so that us out of towners have an opportunity to appreciate the people who are so important to them.
Ron Niece

Congratulations on a beautiful ball -- well organized, fun, etc. You are to be commended.
Edna Paske Pruett

What a fine ball weekend you put on; no regrets about missing Kansas City.
Doug Schneider

It is really nice to know that something that we started 25 years ago (yee gad!), and which people said could not succeed because of the numerous other groups in Madison, has had such a success. I am really sorry that we could not make it, but you know.
Gregor Trinkaus-Randall

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