Madison Scottish Country Dancers
Almost Winter Dance Party Program & Instructions

Sunday December 13, 1998, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Memorial Union
Madison, Wisconsin
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Program of Dances

Margaret's Waltz32W-SC
The White Cockade32R-3C
Wind on Loch Fyne32S-3S
Fiddler of Crieff32J-3C
Ian Gaylor's Entrance to Matrimony 32R-Q
Dusty Miller32J-3C
The Silver Tassie 32S-3C
Haste to the Wedding32J-2C
Red House or Where Would Bonnie Annie Lie?40R-3C
Jack on the Green32S-3C
Miss Nancy Smiles32J-3C
Wedderburn's Reel32R-3C
Mary Hamilton32S-4S
Follow Me Home32J-3C

Margaret's Waltz32W-SC
Pat Shaw
Note: Sicilian Circle: couple facing couple in a circle around the room
1-8 All ADVANCE AND RETIRE and TURN opposite by RH
9-16All TURN partner by LH into LADIES CHAIN halfway, M turning opposite with LH and placing RH on her waist
17-20All CHASSEE two steps diagonally to R then diagonally to L to end back to back with the other couple
21-24All RH ACROSS to original place, pulling RS back to start
25-32All BACK TO BACK with opposite and DANCE around with partner in ballroom hold to meet next couple

The White Cockade32R-3C
Book 5 #11
1-8 1C 2C & 3C SET and CROSS giving RH, SET and CROSS back giving RH
9-161C LEAD down the middle and back up
17-201C CAST OFF to 2nd place
2C STEP UP on bars 19-20
21-241C & 3C FOUR HANDS ROUND to the left

Wind on Loch Fyne32S-3S
Dixon: Dunedin Dances
Note: The set for this dance is a triangle with 1C forming the base, 2C on their left, and 3C on their right.
1-8 1C CROSS DOWN and FIGURE OF EIGHT, 1W around 2C passing 2M RS and 1M around 3C passing 3W LS to begin
9-16REELS OF FOUR interlocking around the set, passing partner by RS to begin and turning partner by RH at the end to place M in the middle
17-18M LH ACROSS two places while W DANCE one place clockwise
19-20All TURN partner by RH
21-24REPEAT bars 17-20 to end progressed one place to R
25-26All SET, joining NH with partner
27-28SIX HANDS ROUND to L halfway
29-30All TURN partner BH
31-32SIX HANDS ROUND to L halfway

Fiddler of Crieff32J-3C
Evelyn Murray-Lenthall
1-8 1C & 2C SET. RH ACROSS halfway, SET, and LH ACROSS halfway.
9-121C SET and CAST OFF one place.
2C STEP UP on bars 11-12.
13-161W & 2C, 1M & 3C REELS OF THREE halfway, 1C give LS to 1st corners.
17-202C 1C & 3C SET one pas de basque and CIRCLE halfway to the left.
21-243C 1C & 2C TURN partners by RH into a promenade hold and face up.
25-323C 1C & 2C ALLEMANDE.

Ian Gaylor's Entrance to Matrimony 32R-Q
Todd McCall
1-2 1M SET advancing and TURN over RS to face partner
3-4 1C SET to each other
5-8 1C TURN with BH back to places (pas de basque)
9-16 All CIRCLE round and back, retain hands at end
17-20 All ADVANCE into the middle and RETIRE
21-24 1C DANCE across the set, followed by others to form 2 lines of four: 1st man followed in order by 2W, 2M, 3W; 1st woman by 4M, 4W, 3M.
25-28 In lines of 4, ADVANCE to opposite line and RETIRE
29-32 All TURN facing person halfway with BH using pas de basque. 1C and 3C will have changed places, as will 2C and 4C.

Repeat 3 more times, with new 1st couples (in order, original 2C, then original 3C, then original 4C). At end of 2nd and 4th repetitions, all are back in original places.

Dusty Miller32J-3C
Border Country Dance Book
1-4 1C SET and CAST OFF below 3C
5-8 1C LEAD UP to top, CROSS, CAST OFF on opposite side 2nd place.
2C STEP UP on bars 7-8.
9-162C 1C & 3C CIRCLE round and back. 1C ends facing first corners.
17-241C SET to and TURN first and then second corners.
25-302C 1C & 3C REELS OF THREE on the sides, 1C give LS to first corner.
31-321C CROSS over.

The Silver Tassie 32S-3C
Drewry: Bon Accord #11
1-4 1C 2C & 3C CROSS giving RH and SET
9-16 1C CROSS DOWN and 3C CAST UP to dance double FIGURES OF EIGHT around 2C
17-24 1C followed by 2C & 3C DOWN THE MIDDLE and back, 2C & 3C divide and follow 1C back
25-32 1C & 2C RONDEL

Haste to the Wedding32J-2C
Book 25 #6
1-8 1C TURN by RH halfway, LEAD DOWN, TURN by RH halfway and LEAD UP
9-162C REPEAT bars 1-8
17-241C & 2C SET, RH ACROSS halfway, SET and LH ACROSS halfway
25-321C & 2C POUSSETTE

Red House or Where Would Bonnie Annie Lie?40R-3C
Book 7 #2
1-8 1C SET and CAST OFF to 2nd place, SET and CAST UP to original place.
9-161M CASTS OFF below 2M and DANCES between 2C, above 2W, round behind 2W and CROSSES to own side below 2M.
1W FOLLOWS 1M to finish below 2W.
17-241W CASTS UP above 2W and DANCES between 2C, below 2M, round behind 2M and CROSSES to own side in original place.
1M FOLLOWS 1W to finish in original place.
25-321C & 2M REEL OF THREE on the M side, 1M & 2M finish in others place. M begin passing LS.
32-401C & 2W REEL OF THREE on the W side, 1W & 2W finish in others place. W begin passing RS.

Jack on the Green32S-3C
SCD of the 18th Century #11
1-4 1C CAST OFF one place, 2C STEP UP
5-8 1C CAST OFF one place and LEAD UP to face 2C
9-121C & 2C SET to opposite, turn to face partner and SET to partner, 1C turning inwards to face 3C
13-161C & 3C REPEAT, 1C end passing LS to face 1st corner
17-241C TURN 1st corner, partner, 2nd corner and partner to end in 2nd place on own side
25-322C 1C & 3C SIX HANDS ROUND and back

Miss Nancy Smiles32J-3C
Chuck Snowdon
1-2 1C & 2C SET.
3-4 1C & 2C RH ACROSS halfway.
5-8 2C & 1C TURN partner by RH once and a half to own side in progressed positions.
9-121C pass LS to CAST around first corners, 1W up through men's side and 1M down through women's side, and turn away from each other so that 1W faces up to 2C and 1M faces down to 3C.
13-162C & 1W, 1M & 3C THREE HANDS ROUND to the left, 1C pulling back RS at end to face each other in middle of set.
17-221C pass LS to dance REELS OF THREE on the side, giving RS to 2nd corner.
23-241C CROSS giving RH and face down holding hands while
3C CAST OUT away from each other and back into third place ready for
25-281C & 3C RH ACROSS.
29-322C & 1C LH ACROSS.

Wedderburn's Reel32R-3C
Graded Book
1-8 1C CAST OFF and DANCE down the outside and back.
9-161C LEAD down for 3, up for 3, CAST OFF through 2nd place to face first corners.
2C STEP UP on bars 15-16.
17-241C TURN corner-partner-corner-partner.
25-28All ADVANCE to partner and RETIRE.
29-321C TURN by RH once and a half.

Mary Hamilton32S-4S
Drewry: Canadian Book #21
Note: Two chords, 3C & 4C change sides on the second chord.
1-8 GRAND-CHAIN, 1C face 2C and 3C face 4C to begin
At end, 1M & 4M turn to face same direction as partners and join hands in promenade hold to give LS to 2W & 3W respectively
9-161C & 2C, 3C & 4C REELS OF THREE across the set
1C end between 2C facing down and 4C between 3C facing up
17-18All SET in lines of four across the set
19-221C & 4C RH ACROSS, M turn towards partners to end 1C in 2nd place facing up and 4C in 3rd place facing down
23-241C DANCE UP to place and turn in to face down while
2C DANCE DOWN to place singly and turn in to face up,
3C DANCE UP to place singly and turn in to face down and
4C DANCE DOWN to place and turn in to face up then
25-26All SET to R and L with NH joined, couples changing places
27-282C & 3C TURN with BH to face in while
1C & 4C SET changing places
29-322C & 4C, 1C & 3C FOUR HANDS ROUND to the L

Follow Me Home32J-3C
Book 38 #3
1-8 1C SET and CROSS giving RH, CAST OFF one place, and TURN by LH into a diagonal line, giving RH to 1st corners.
2C STEP UP on bars 5-6.
9-101C & 1st corners BALANCE IN LINE.
11-161C TURN corners by RH halfway and 1C followed by corners DANCE clockwise around the set halfway behind 2W and 3M. Corners end in opposite place while 1C join RH and take LH with 2nd corners in a diagonal line.
17-181C & 2nd corners BALANCE IN LINE.
19-241C TURN corners by LH halfway and 1C followed by corners DANCE anticlockwise around the set halfway behind 3W and 2M. At end 1C pass LS into 2nd place on opposite side facing out.
25-283C 1C & 2C REELS OF THREE halfway on opposite sides, 3M & 1M, 1W & 2W pass LS to begin.
29-322C 1C & 3C SET and CROSS giving RH.

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