Madison Scottish Country Dancers
22nd Annual Ball & Dinner

Saturday, April 17, 1999
Memorial Union, Great Hall
800 Langdon Street
Madison, Wisconsin
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Program of Dances

The Ferryboat32J-C
Butterscotch and Honey32S-4S
Trip to Gatlinburg32J-3C
The Silver Square32R-5SQ
The Highland Rambler40J-3C
The De'il Amang the Tailors32R-3C
The Flying Scotsman32J-4C
The Quaich32S-3C
St. Andrew's Fair32J-3C
The One O'Clock Canon64R-4C
The Silver Anniversary32S-3C
Machine Without Horses32J-3C
Hole in the Wa'32R-3C
Moment of Truth32S-3C
Salute to Miss Milligan32R-3C
The Gentleman32S-3C
Laird o' Milton's Daughter32J-3C
J.B. Milne32R-3C


The Ferryboat                        32J-CM
J. Annan Hamilton and S. Langdon Kass, Let's All Dance
Note:  Big circle of couples, all facing in
1-4         Men ADVANCE AND RETIRE
5-8         All CIRCLE L
9-12       Women ADVANCE AND RETIRE
13-16     All CIRCLE R
17-24     GRAND CHAIN, four changes, begin RH to partner
25-28     Take BH with 5th person (new partner) and SLIP to center and back out
29-32     TURN new partner RH

Butterscotch and Honey         32S-4S
Attwood, Leaflet
1-4         1C SET, TURN HALFWAY, end between 2C in promenade hold
5-8         1C PROMENADE HALF REEL OF THREE with 2M and 2W, 1C start
               by passing 2M by RS (2C end in 1st place on opposite sides)
9-12       1C PROMENADE HALF REEL OF THREE with 3W and 3M, 1C start by
               passing 3W by LS (3C end in 2nd place on opposite sides)
3-16       1C PROMENADE HALF REEL OF THREE with 4M and 4W, 1C start by
               passing 4M by RS (4C end in 3rd place on opposite sides, 1C end in 4th place
               on opposite sides, facing down)
17-24     1C followed by 4C, 3C and 2C CAST UP to top of set, CROSS at top of set
               and DANCE down inside lines to end 2C, 3C, 4C, 1C
25-28     All SET and TURN partner BH
29-32     2C & 3C, 4C & 1C dance FOUR HANDS AROUND

Trip to Gatlinburg                     32J-3C
Tang, Leaflet
1-8         1C & 2C RH ACROSS, LH BACK
9-16       Women CHASE around  men and back to own side, ending 2- 1-3 (1W dances
               behind 1M, in front of 2M, behind 3M; 2W  dances behind all the men to get ahead
               of 1W and lead chase; 3W dances same track as 1W)
17-24      Men CHASE around women and back to own side, ending 2-1- 3 (1M dances
                behind 2W, in front of 1W, behind 3W; 2M dances behind all the W to get ahead
                of 1M and lead chase; 3M dances same track as 1M)

The Silver Square                 32R-5SQ
Glasspool, Leicester Silver Jubilee Book
Note: Couples 1-4 in  normal square,  5C in center facing 1C
1-8          1C, 5C and 3C parallel RS REELS OF THREE
9-16        SHADOW LS REELS OF THREE:  2C and 4C face down, 5C face 4C and  give
                them LS to begin  (4W, 5M and 2M lead their partners)
17-24      1C and 5C dance RIGHTS AND LEFTS HALFWAY, and FOUR HANDS
                AROUND, ending with 1C in center
25-32      1C (in center) using elbow or kilt grip TURN R AND L to end facing 1st position,
                while others dance EIGHT HANDS HALFWAY AROUND, SET, and pulling
                back RS CHASE one place to end 2,3,4,5 with 1C in center facing 2C

The Highland Rambler                40J-3C
Goldring - Leeds Silver Jubilee:1
1-4         1C DANCE IN toward each other and CAST OFF one place (2C STEP UP on
               bars 3-4)
5-8         1C AND 3C RH ACROSS
9-12       1C AND 2C LH ACROSS
13-16     1W, followed by 1M, CAST UP around 2W and DANCE down the middle to end
               1W between 3C and 1M between 2C
17-24     All DANCE DOWN, TURN RIGHT ABOUT,  AND BACK  (1C end facing up)
25-28      1M followed by 1W CAST OFF around 2W, ending on own sides in 2nd place
                (1M turns right about on bar 28)
29-32      1C TURN RH

The De'il Amang the Tailors         32R-3C
Book 14 #7
1-4          1C & 2C SET and RH ACROSS HALFWAY
5-8          1C & 2C SET and LH ACROSS HALFWAY
17-24      1C & 2C ALLEMANDE

The Flying Scotsman                         32J-4C
Thurston, 16 SCD, as modified by the folk process
1-8          1W, 2W, 3W CHASE IN AND OUT THE WINDOWS (behind 1M, in front of
                2M, behind 3M, across and up to own places)
9-16        1M, 2M, 3M CHASE IN AND OUT THE WINDOWS (behind 1W, in front
                of 2W, behind 3W, across and up to own places)
17-24      1C, holding BH, SLIP DOWN, AND BACK to 4th place (2C, 3C, 4C STEP UP
                on 17-18)
25-32       2C, 3C, 4C AND 1C,  holding BH, SLIP DOWN AND BACK.
                Note:  The dance can be done with two sets toe to toe, with bottom set crossed
                over.  If so done, on bars 17-32 the couple(s) slipping up the room part(s) to let
                the couple(s) slipping down the room pass through

The Quaich                                        32S-3C
Drewry, Bon Accord Book:22
1-8         All SET on the sides,  PETRONELLA TURN  to form a line in the middle (women
               facing down, men facing up), SET to partners, and PETRONELLA TURN to
               opposite sides
9-12       All SET on the sides and CROSS RH with partner (1C end facing down, 2C end
               facing up)
13-16     1C & 2C SET facing up and down, then 1M & 2M TURN RH while 1W & 2W
               TURN LH
17-24      INVERAN REELS (2C and 3C dance normal mirror reels, while 1C cross down
               to dance half-reels on opposite sides then cross up to dance half-reels on own
25-32     1C & 2C RONDEL

St. Andrew's Fair                                32J-3C
Five for 1982 #2
1-8         1C CROSS  RH, CAST OFF two places, CROSS LH and CAST UP to 2nd
               place  (2C STEP UP on bars 3-4)
9-12       All TURN  partner RH HALFWAY and BALANCE, women facing up and men
13-16     All CHASE to own sides to finish 3-1-2
25-28     All TURN partner LH HALFWAY and BALANCE, women facing down and men
29-32     All CHASE to own sides to finish 2-1-3

The One O'Clock Canon                      64R-4C
Dunedin Book IV
1-8         1C CROSS RH, CAST OFF two places, CROSS RH, and CAST UP to 2nd
               place (2C STEP UP on bars 3-4)
9-16       1C dance RH ACROSS with couple above, then LH ACROSS with couple below
17-18     All dance REELS OF FOUR on own sides
25-26     1C TURN RH with person above
27-30     1C dance LH ACROSS with couple below
31-32     1C CAST OFF one place (to 3d place)
               Now, 2C start the dance from the top as new 1C, while original 1C continue as
33-40     1C dance RIGHTS AND LEFTS with 4C (new 1C will be crossing through on
               bars 5 -6 of this phrase)
41-48     1C dance RH ACROSS with couple below, then LH ACROSS with couple above
49-56     All dance REELS OF FOUR on own sides
57-58     1C TURN RH with person below
59-62     1C dance LEFT HANDS ACROSS with couple above (new 1C)
63-64     1C CAST OFF one place (to 4th place)

The Silver Anniversary                           32S-3C
Kent Smith, Leaflet
1-4         1M & 2W TURN RH HALFWAY and CAST to own places, 1M around 2M,
               2W around 1W
5-8         1W & 2M TURN LH HALFWAY and CAST to own places, 1W around 2W,
               2M around 1M
9-16       1C & 2C dance THE BIRL, as follows:
               9-12     1M & 2W SET ADVANCING, TURN BH, and (on bar 12)  release
                            hands and turn right about to end back-to-back, 1M facing down, 2W
                            facing up;  meanwhile, 1W & 2M DANCE CCW around the others to end
                            facing their  partners up and down
               13-16   1C & 2C SET TO AND TURN PARTNERS RH to end on own sides
17-24      REELS OF THREE on the sides, begin 1M & 2M, 1W & 3W passing RS.  On
                bars 23-24, 1C DANCE toward each other and TURN RH to end side-by-side
                facing 1st corners

Machine Without Horses                     32J-3C
Book 12 #12
1-4          1C SET and CAST OFF one place, 2C step up
5-8          1C & 3C  RH ACROSS
9-12        1C SET and CAST UP one place, 2C step down
13-16      1C & 2C LH ACROSS
17-24      1C, followed by 2C, LEAD DOWN below 3C, CAST UP around 3C and LEAD
                UP to top; 1C CAST OFF, 2C DANCES to top place
25-32       2C & 1C RIGHTS AND LEFTS

Hole in the Wa'                                       32R-3C
Dickson (Dunedin Bk III)
1-4          1C CAST to 2nd place and CROSS giving RH (2C STEP UP on bars 1-2)
5-8          1C CAST around 1st corners, approach each other and pull RS back to end back
                to back in the center, 1W facing up
9-12        1W & 2C, 1M & 3C SET and PETRONELLA TURN one place to the R , leaving
                a space for an imaginary fourth person  (the hole in the wa')
13-16      REPEAT bars 9-12;  end, 1C facing up and down the dance, 2C & 3C on the
               opposite sides
17-18     All SET to partner
19-20      1W & 2C, 1M & 3C RH ACROSS HALFWAY
25-30      REELS OF THREE on the sides, 1C pass 2nd corners RS to start
31-32      1C CROSS RH to own sides
               Note: On 31-32 second time through, 1C cross down to 4th place as 4C cast up
               to 3rd place

Moment of Truth                       32S-3C
Book 37 #2
1-8         1C TURN BH, CAST OFF to 2nd place, DANCE down between 3C, CAST UP
               one place, and PASS each other LS to end facing 1st corners  (2C STEP UP on
17-22     REELS OF THREE across, beginning 1C passing 1st corners LS
23-24     All TURN partners BH

Salute to Miss Milligan                32R-3C
Drewry: Canadian Book #35
1-8         1C & 2C TURN by RH, LEAD DOWN and CAST UP round 3C
9-12       2C & 1W, 1M & 3C RH ACROSS
13-16     1C TURN  LH ONCE AND A HALF, end between corners facing out
17-24     REELS OF THREE on the side, 1C give LS to 2nd corner (1C ends in 2nd place
               on own side. 2C faces down and 3C faces up  with nearer hands joined)
25-28     2C 1C & 3C SET and RH ACROSS
29-32     2C 1C & 3C CHASE around to own sides

The Gentleman                                 32S-3C
Book 35 #5 (Roz Scott Huxley)
1-2         1C TURN with BH to face each other in the middle while 2C STEP UP
3-4         1C & 2C SET, 1C advance on bar 4 and pass LS to end back-to- back
5-8         1C & 2C REEL OF FOUR HALFWAY; 1C give LH as they pass and end facing
               down on own sides between 2C
9-10       1C DANCE DOWN to end facing each other between 3C
11-16     1C & 3C REPEAT bars 3-8, 1C end facing up
17-20     1C LEAD UP to the top with LH joined, CROSS OVER and CAST OFF to 2nd
21-24     REELS OF THREE HALFWAY across the dance, beginning  1W RS to 2M, 1M
               RS to 3W
25-32     2C & 1C POUSSETTE

Laird of Milton's Daughter                  32J-3C
Book 22 #10
1-8         1C SET, CROSS  RH, CAST OFF one place and TURN LH to finish facing 1st
               corners (2C STEP UP on  5-6)
9-16       1st CORNERS CHAIN: 1st corners TURN 1C RH HALFWAY into corner
               places, TURN each other LH, TURN 1C RH HALFWAY back into the middle;
               1C TURN  LH to face 2nd corners
17-24     2nd CORNERS CHAIN; 1C TURN LH into 2nd place at end
25-32     SIX HANDS AROUND and back

J.B. Milne
Foss: Angus Fitchet Album #36
1-4         1M & 2W SET advancing and TURN RH
5-8         1W & 2M REPEAT
9-12       1C SET advancing and TURN BH
13-16     1C CAST OFF and PETRONELLA TURN to end 1W facing down, 1M facing up
               (2C STEP UP on 13-14)
17-20     1C SET and TURN RH THREE QUARTERS, while 2M & 3M, 2W & 3W
               CHANGE PLACES RH on the sides and SET
21-24     1C SET and TURN THREE QUARTERS RH, while 2C & 3C CROSS RH and
25-28     1C SET and CHANGE PLACES RH, while 3M & 2M, 3W & 2W CHANGE
               PLACES RH and SET
29-30     1C CAST into 2nd place on own sides, while 2C & 3C CROSS RH
31-32     All SET

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