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[SND] 3_anitra.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   33K  Audio/midi
[SND] 12th-street-rag.mid     04-Oct-2003 01:00   16K  Audio/midi
[SND] A-train.mid             19-Apr-1999 01:00   21K  Audio/midi
[SND] Albenez.mid             27-Mar-1997 00:00   30K  Audio/midi
[SND] AllMyLovezepplin[1].mid 04-Oct-2003 01:00   92K  Audio/midi
[SND] alouette.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   14K  Audio/midi
[SND] area88.mid              06-Jul-1997 01:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] aslong[1].mid           04-Oct-2003 01:00   31K  Audio/midi
[SND] Bebop.mid               19-Apr-1999 01:00   14K  Audio/midi
[SND] beer.mid                14-Sep-1999 01:00   23K  Audio/midi
[SND] be_min_g.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   12K  Audio/midi
[SND] BGMain.mid              15-Oct-1997 01:00   38K  Audio/midi
[SND] birthday.mid            20-May-1998 01:00   24K  Audio/midi
[SND] bjogpron.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   23K  Audio/midi
[SND] bjs-ming.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00  5.5K  Audio/midi
[SND] boogie-woogie-bugle-..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   11K  Audio/midi
[SND] Bowser Defeated.mid     04-Oct-2003 01:00  1.6K  Audio/midi
[SND] bumble.mid              22-Feb-1997 00:00   21K  Audio/midi
[SND] cakewalk.mid            07-Nov-1997 00:00  5.8K  Audio/midi
[SND] CANYON.MID              31-Oct-1993 01:00   33K  Audio/midi
[SND] Carlos6.mid             19-Apr-1999 01:00   22K  Audio/midi
[SND] carnival.mid            06-Jul-1997 01:00  102K  Audio/midi
[SND] CFMYTH_3.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00  3.0K  Audio/midi
[SND] chattanooga-choo-cho..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00  153K  Audio/midi
[SND] cheers.mid              22-Jun-1997 01:00   12K  Audio/midi
[SND] clardlun.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   12K  Audio/midi
[SND] clarinet.mid            23-Jul-2005 19:36   15K  Audio/midi
[SND] dansemac.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   92K  Audio/midi
[SND] Diddy Kong Racing.mid   04-Oct-2003 01:00   11K  Audio/midi
[SND] drwily.mid              06-Jul-1997 01:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] ECUADOR.MID             04-Oct-2003 01:00   50K  Audio/midi
[SND] Encore Une Fois.mid     04-Oct-2003 01:00   49K  Audio/midi
[SND] evfalls[1].mid          04-Oct-2003 01:00  6.7K  Audio/midi
[SND] exile[1].mid            04-Oct-2003 01:00  9.3K  Audio/midi
[SND] flash.mid               04-Oct-2003 01:00   40K  Audio/midi
[SND] FleetwoodMac_Sara[1]..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   48K  Audio/midi
[SND] Gangsta.mid             15-Oct-1997 01:00   24K  Audio/midi
[SND] GROOVE.MID              22-Feb-1997 00:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] Hand In Hand.mid        04-Oct-2003 01:00   59K  Audio/midi
[SND] Hard Times.mid          04-Oct-2003 01:00   92K  Audio/midi
[SND] haydnand.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   17K  Audio/midi
[SND] Herz an Herz.mid        04-Oct-2003 01:00   65K  Audio/midi
[SND] How Much Is The Fish..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   31K  Audio/midi
[SND] in-the-mood.mid         04-Oct-2003 01:00   91K  Audio/midi
[SND] ISLAND.MID              22-Feb-1997 00:00   11K  Audio/midi
[SND] Jazztrio.mid            19-Apr-1999 01:00   11K  Audio/midi
[SND] Jesu-joy.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   11K  Audio/midi
[SND] jetaim1[1].mid          04-Oct-2003 01:00   47K  Audio/midi
[SND] jinglebells[1].mid      04-Oct-2003 01:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] jopenter.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00  9.6K  Audio/midi
[SND] KOOLTHIN.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00   28K  Audio/midi
[SND] londonderry-air-dann..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00  5.6K  Audio/midi
[SND] Macarena.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   98K  Audio/midi
[SND] mama.mid                04-Oct-2003 01:00   42K  Audio/midi
[SND] maple-leaf-rag.mid      04-Oct-2003 01:00   18K  Audio/midi
[SND] merrywid.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00  4.4K  Audio/midi
[SND] mief[1].mid             04-Oct-2003 01:00   40K  Audio/midi
[SND] minwltz.mid             22-Feb-1997 00:00   10K  Audio/midi
[SND] mlrag(1).mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] moon.mid                31-Oct-1997 00:00  8.3K  Audio/midi
[SND] new-york-new-york.mid   04-Oct-2003 01:00   29K  Audio/midi
[SND] NEWPC1.MID              22-Feb-1997 00:00   42K  Audio/midi
[SND] No Good.mid             04-Oct-2003 01:00   60K  Audio/midi
[SND] nut3trep.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00  6.6K  Audio/midi
[SND] Oxygene.mid             04-Oct-2003 01:00   43K  Audio/midi
[SND] parisien[1].mid         04-Oct-2003 01:00   43K  Audio/midi
[SND] pathetiq.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00  8.9K  Audio/midi
[SND] pbsound.mid             20-Jun-1997 01:00   49K  Audio/midi
[SND] pcanon.mid              22-Feb-1997 00:00   18K  Audio/midi
[SND] pennsylvania-six-fiv..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] petrgunn.mid            15-Oct-1997 01:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] quiet[1].mid            04-Oct-2003 01:00  8.8K  Audio/midi
[SND] ros-barb.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   30K  Audio/midi
[SND] Rumores.mid             27-Mar-1997 00:00   33K  Audio/midi
[SND] rwvalkyr.mid            22-Feb-1997 00:00   25K  Audio/midi
[SND] saber.mid               22-Feb-1997 00:00   12K  Audio/midi
[SND] saint.mid               22-Feb-1997 00:00  4.6K  Audio/midi
[SND] SERENITY.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] SimCity.mid             15-Oct-1997 01:00  9.2K  Audio/midi
[SND] Sing It Back.mid        04-Oct-2003 01:00   56K  Audio/midi
[SND] Sonic Empire.mid        04-Oct-2003 01:00   29K  Audio/midi
[SND] SONTINA3.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] Spellbound.mid          04-Oct-2003 01:00   64K  Audio/midi
[SND] Stomp.mid               19-Apr-1999 01:00   33K  Audio/midi
[SND] sweet-georgia-brown.mid 04-Oct-2003 01:00   26K  Audio/midi
[SND] sweet.mid               14-Sep-1999 01:00   47K  Audio/midi
[SND] takeme.mid              04-Oct-2003 01:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] teenspr.mid             15-Oct-1997 01:00   58K  Audio/midi
[SND] the-beer-barrel-polk..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] the-entertainer.mid     04-Oct-2003 01:00   18K  Audio/midi
[SND] thehop.mid              03-Sep-1999 01:00   47K  Audio/midi
[SND] too-fat-polka.mid       04-Oct-2003 01:00   40K  Audio/midi
[SND] TURKISH.MID             22-Feb-1997 00:00   10K  Audio/midi
[SND] verve_bittersweetsym..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   55K  Audio/midi
[SND] WALTZFLR.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00   13K  Audio/midi
[SND] Warcraft.mid            04-Oct-2003 01:00   26K  Audio/midi
[SND] when-johnny-comes-ma..> 04-Oct-2003 01:00   19K  Audio/midi
[SND] WILLTELL.MID            22-Feb-1997 00:00   21K  Audio/midi
[SND] yankee-doodle-dandy.mid 04-Oct-2003 01:00   22K  Audio/midi
[SND] yest.mid                12-Sep-1997 01:00   22K  Audio/midi
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