Magicians cape from rear of room
   Rocket-powered tricycle
   Pogo stick
   Random walk
   Moving cloud
   Personal hovercraft
   Hospital gurney
   Hoisted up a flagpole
   Sliding down a wire above audience
   Riding on a ballistics car

   Classical Physics
   Modern Physics
   Chaos and Randomness
   Physics of the Weather
   Physics of the Body
   Physics of Energy
   Physics of Flying

Special Guests:
   Donna Shalala
   Robert O'Neil
   Kenneth Shaw
   Ken Hurr
   Elmer Childress
   Bob Lindmeier
   Terry Kelley
   Bassam Shakhashiri
   Jim Latimer
   John Cameron
   Isaac Newton
   Albert Einstein (and brother)
   Arnold Swartzenegger
   Power Ranger
   A Witch
   A Bumblebee
   Wright Brothers
   Krista and the Semitones