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[IMG] FD970101.GIF            31-Dec-1996 00:00   18K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970102.GIF            01-Jan-1997 00:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970103.GIF            02-Jan-1997 00:00  132K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970104.GIF            02-Jan-1997 00:00  132K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970105.GIF            04-Jan-1997 00:00  193K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970106.GIF            05-Jan-1997 00:00   29K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970107.GIF            06-Jan-1997 00:00  251K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970108.GIF            07-Jan-1997 00:00   68K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970109.GIF            08-Jan-1997 00:00   43K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970110.GIF            09-Jan-1997 00:00  169K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970111.GIF            10-Jan-1997 00:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970112.GIF            10-Jan-1997 00:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970113.GIF            12-Jan-1997 00:00   50K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970114.GIF            13-Jan-1997 00:00   41K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970115.GIF            14-Jan-1997 00:00   33K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970116.GIF            15-Jan-1997 00:00  204K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970117.GIF            16-Jan-1997 00:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970118.GIF            17-Jan-1997 00:00   40K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970119.GIF            18-Jan-1997 00:00  258K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970120.GIF            19-Jan-1997 00:00  9.5K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970121.GIF            20-Jan-1997 00:00   81K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970122.GIF            21-Jan-1997 00:00   23K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970123.GIF            22-Jan-1997 00:00   58K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970124.GIF            23-Jan-1997 00:00  306K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970125.GIF            23-Jan-1997 00:00  306K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970126.GIF            25-Jan-1997 00:00  108K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970127.GIF            26-Jan-1997 00:00  339K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970128.GIF            27-Jan-1997 00:00   29K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970129.GIF            28-Jan-1997 00:00  341K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970130.GIF            28-Jan-1997 00:00  341K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970131.GIF            30-Jan-1997 00:00   26K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970201.GIF            31-Jan-1997 00:00  101K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970202.GIF            01-Feb-1997 00:00  207K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970203.GIF            02-Feb-1997 00:00  125K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970204.GIF            03-Feb-1997 00:00  321K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970205.GIF            04-Feb-1997 00:00   29K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970206.GIF            05-Feb-1997 00:00   90K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970207.GIF            06-Feb-1997 00:00   91K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970208.GIF            07-Feb-1997 00:00  367K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970209.GIF            08-Feb-1997 00:00   79K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970210.GIF            09-Feb-1997 00:00  204K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970211.GIF            10-Feb-1997 00:00  116K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970212.GIF            11-Feb-1997 00:00  154K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970213.GIF            12-Feb-1997 00:00  322K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970214.GIF            13-Feb-1997 00:00   31K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970215.GIF            14-Feb-1997 00:00   56K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970216.GIF            15-Feb-1997 00:00  130K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970217.GIF            16-Feb-1997 00:00   56K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970218.GIF            17-Feb-1997 00:00   20K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970219.GIF            18-Feb-1997 00:00  166K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970220.GIF            19-Feb-1997 00:00  313K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970221.GIF            20-Feb-1997 00:00   91K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970222.GIF            21-Feb-1997 00:00  131K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970223.GIF            22-Feb-1997 00:00   62K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970224.GIF            23-Feb-1997 00:00  328K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970225.GIF            24-Feb-1997 00:00   31K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970226.GIF            25-Feb-1997 00:00   60K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970227.GIF            26-Feb-1997 00:00   25K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970228.GIF            27-Feb-1997 00:00   20K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970301.GIF            28-Feb-1997 00:00  207K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970302.GIF            01-Mar-1997 00:00  198K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970303.GIF            02-Mar-1997 00:00   57K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970304.GIF            03-Mar-1997 00:00  125K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970305.GIF            04-Mar-1997 00:00   46K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970306.GIF            05-Mar-1997 00:00   47K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970307.GIF            06-Mar-1997 00:00  145K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970308.GIF            07-Mar-1997 00:00   56K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970309.GIF            08-Mar-1997 00:00  101K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970310.GIF            09-Mar-1997 00:00   10K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970311.GIF            10-Mar-1997 00:00   96K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970312.GIF            11-Mar-1997 00:00   51K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970313.GIF            12-Mar-1997 00:00   68K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970314.GIF            13-Mar-1997 00:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970315.GIF            14-Mar-1997 00:00   15K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970316.GIF            15-Mar-1997 00:00   89K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970317.GIF            16-Mar-1997 00:00  257K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970318.GIF            17-Mar-1997 00:00  136K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970319.GIF            18-Mar-1997 00:00   83K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970320.GIF            19-Mar-1997 00:00   87K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970321.GIF            20-Mar-1997 00:00  294K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970322.GIF            21-Mar-1997 00:00  134K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970323.GIF            22-Mar-1997 00:00  9.8K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970324.GIF            23-Mar-1997 00:00   54K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970325.GIF            24-Mar-1997 00:00   22K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970326.GIF            25-Mar-1997 00:00   18K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970327.GIF            26-Mar-1997 00:00   36K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970328.GIF            27-Mar-1997 00:00   99K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970329.GIF            28-Mar-1997 00:00  123K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970330.GIF            29-Mar-1997 00:00  114K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970331.GIF            30-Mar-1997 00:00  118K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970401.GIF            31-Mar-1997 00:00   26K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970402.GIF            01-Apr-1997 00:00   42K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970403.GIF            02-Apr-1997 00:00  242K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970404.GIF            02-Apr-1997 00:00  242K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970405.GIF            04-Apr-1997 00:00   23K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970406.GIF            05-Apr-1997 00:00   12K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970407.GIF            06-Apr-1997 00:00   22K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970408.GIF            07-Apr-1997 01:00   66K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970409.GIF            08-Apr-1997 01:00   15K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970410.GIF            09-Apr-1997 01:00  196K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970411.GIF            10-Apr-1997 01:00   58K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970412.GIF            11-Apr-1997 01:00  154K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970413.GIF            12-Apr-1997 01:00   70K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970414.GIF            13-Apr-1997 01:00   28K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970415.GIF            14-Apr-1997 01:00   26K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970416.GIF            15-Apr-1997 01:00   38K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970417.GIF            16-Apr-1997 01:00  369K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970418.GIF            17-Apr-1997 01:00  227K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970419.GIF            18-Apr-1997 01:00  334K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970420.GIF            19-Apr-1997 01:00   24K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970421.GIF            20-Apr-1997 01:00   59K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970422.GIF            21-Apr-1997 01:00  323K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970423.GIF            22-Apr-1997 01:00  276K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970424.GIF            23-Apr-1997 01:00  208K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970425.GIF            24-Apr-1997 01:00  153K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970426.GIF            25-Apr-1997 01:00   66K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970427.GIF            26-Apr-1997 01:00  148K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970428.GIF            27-Apr-1997 01:00   76K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970429.GIF            28-Apr-1997 01:00  297K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970430.GIF            29-Apr-1997 01:00   15K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970501.GIF            30-Apr-1997 01:00  145K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970502.GIF            01-May-1997 01:00   19K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970503.GIF            02-May-1997 01:00  112K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970504.GIF            03-May-1997 01:00  119K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970505.GIF            04-May-1997 01:00   27K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970506.GIF            05-May-1997 01:00   45K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970507.GIF            06-May-1997 01:00  106K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970508.GIF            07-May-1997 01:00   81K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970509.GIF            08-May-1997 01:00   47K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970510.GIF            09-May-1997 01:00   54K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970511.GIF            10-May-1997 01:00  187K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970512.GIF            11-May-1997 01:00  165K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970513.GIF            12-May-1997 01:00  158K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970514.GIF            13-May-1997 01:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970515.GIF            14-May-1997 01:00   71K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970516.GIF            15-May-1997 01:00  105K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970517.GIF            16-May-1997 01:00  100K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970518.GIF            17-May-1997 01:00  310K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970519.GIF            18-May-1997 01:00   52K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970520.GIF            19-May-1997 01:00   47K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970521.GIF            20-May-1997 01:00   32K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970522.GIF            21-May-1997 01:00  104K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970523.GIF            22-May-1997 01:00   48K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970524.GIF            23-May-1997 01:00  346K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970525.GIF            24-May-1997 01:00   95K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970526.GIF            25-May-1997 01:00  261K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970527.GIF            26-May-1997 01:00  240K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970528.GIF            27-May-1997 01:00   98K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970529.GIF            28-May-1997 01:00  358K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970530.GIF            29-May-1997 01:00   23K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970531.GIF            30-May-1997 01:00  289K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970601.GIF            31-May-1997 01:00   27K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970602.GIF            01-Jun-1997 01:00   21K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970603.GIF            02-Jun-1997 01:00  275K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970604.GIF            03-Jun-1997 01:00   40K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970605.GIF            04-Jun-1997 01:00  349K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970606.GIF            05-Jun-1997 01:00   65K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970607.GIF            06-Jun-1997 01:00   49K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970608.GIF            07-Jun-1997 01:00  149K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970609.GIF            08-Jun-1997 01:00  195K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970610.GIF            09-Jun-1997 01:00   55K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970611.GIF            10-Jun-1997 01:00  153K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970612.GIF            11-Jun-1997 01:00   49K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970613.GIF            12-Jun-1997 01:00  130K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970614.GIF            13-Jun-1997 01:00  257K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970615.GIF            13-Jun-1997 01:00  257K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970616.GIF            13-Jun-1997 01:00  257K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970617.GIF            15-Jun-1997 01:00  358K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970618.GIF            15-Jun-1997 01:00  358K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970619.GIF            18-Jun-1997 01:00  217K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970620.GIF            18-Jun-1997 01:00  217K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970621.GIF            19-Jun-1997 01:00  229K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970622.GIF            20-Jun-1997 01:00   87K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970623.GIF            22-Jun-1997 01:00   58K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970624.GIF            22-Jun-1997 01:00   58K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970625.GIF            24-Jun-1997 01:00   31K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970626.GIF            25-Jun-1997 01:00   80K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970627.GIF            26-Jun-1997 01:00   59K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970628.GIF            27-Jun-1997 01:00  108K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970629.GIF            28-Jun-1997 01:00   56K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970630.GIF            29-Jun-1997 01:00  122K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970701.GIF            30-Jun-1997 01:00   38K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970702.GIF            01-Jul-1997 01:00   88K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970703.GIF            02-Jul-1997 01:00   30K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970704.GIF            03-Jul-1997 01:00  305K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970705.GIF            03-Jul-1997 01:00  305K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970706.GIF            05-Jul-1997 01:00   39K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970707.GIF            06-Jul-1997 01:00  125K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970708.GIF            07-Jul-1997 01:00   62K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970709.GIF            08-Jul-1997 01:00   43K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970710.GIF            09-Jul-1997 01:00   78K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970711.GIF            10-Jul-1997 01:00   44K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970712.GIF            11-Jul-1997 01:00  9.3K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970713.GIF            12-Jul-1997 01:00  262K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970714.GIF            13-Jul-1997 01:00   70K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970715.GIF            14-Jul-1997 01:00   16K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970716.GIF            15-Jul-1997 01:00   36K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970717.GIF            16-Jul-1997 01:00  9.4K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970718.GIF            17-Jul-1997 01:00  299K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970719.GIF            18-Jul-1997 01:00  116K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970720.GIF            19-Jul-1997 01:00   72K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970721.GIF            20-Jul-1997 01:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970722.GIF            21-Jul-1997 01:00  171K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970723.GIF            22-Jul-1997 01:00  240K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970724.GIF            23-Jul-1997 01:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970725.GIF            24-Jul-1997 01:00  220K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970726.GIF            25-Jul-1997 01:00  6.7K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970727.GIF            26-Jul-1997 01:00   53K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970728.GIF            27-Jul-1997 01:00  244K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970729.GIF            28-Jul-1997 01:00  115K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970730.GIF            29-Jul-1997 01:00  213K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970731.GIF            29-Jul-1997 01:00  213K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970801.GIF            31-Jul-1997 01:00   45K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970802.GIF            01-Aug-1997 01:00   54K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970803.GIF            02-Aug-1997 01:00   67K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970804.GIF            03-Aug-1997 01:00   71K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970805.GIF            04-Aug-1997 01:00   11K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970806.GIF            05-Aug-1997 01:00   39K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970807.GIF            06-Aug-1997 01:00  133K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970808.GIF            07-Aug-1997 01:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970809.GIF            08-Aug-1997 01:00  133K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970810.GIF            09-Aug-1997 01:00   34K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970811.GIF            10-Aug-1997 01:00  139K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970812.GIF            11-Aug-1997 01:00  117K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970813.GIF            12-Aug-1997 01:00   69K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970814.GIF            13-Aug-1997 01:00  124K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970815.GIF            14-Aug-1997 01:00  356K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970816.GIF            15-Aug-1997 01:00   36K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970817.GIF            16-Aug-1997 01:00   82K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970818.GIF            17-Aug-1997 01:00   16K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970819.GIF            18-Aug-1997 01:00  182K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970820.GIF            19-Aug-1997 01:00  207K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970821.GIF            20-Aug-1997 01:00   49K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970822.GIF            21-Aug-1997 01:00   91K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970823.GIF            22-Aug-1997 01:00   20K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970824.GIF            23-Aug-1997 01:00  195K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970825.GIF            24-Aug-1997 01:00   36K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970826.GIF            25-Aug-1997 01:00  316K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970827.GIF            26-Aug-1997 01:00  349K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970828.GIF            27-Aug-1997 01:00  188K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970829.GIF            28-Aug-1997 01:00  190K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970830.GIF            29-Aug-1997 01:00   63K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970831.GIF            30-Aug-1997 01:00  217K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970901.GIF            31-Aug-1997 01:00  276K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970902.GIF            01-Sep-1997 01:00  111K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970903.GIF            02-Sep-1997 01:00   40K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970904.GIF            03-Sep-1997 01:00   43K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970905.GIF            04-Sep-1997 01:00  167K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970906.GIF            05-Sep-1997 01:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970907.GIF            06-Sep-1997 01:00   29K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970908.GIF            07-Sep-1997 01:00  152K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970909.GIF            08-Sep-1997 01:00  357K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970910.GIF            09-Sep-1997 01:00  391K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970911.GIF            10-Sep-1997 01:00  168K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970912.GIF            10-Sep-1997 01:00  168K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970913.GIF            12-Sep-1997 01:00  271K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970914.GIF            13-Sep-1997 01:00  121K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970915.GIF            14-Sep-1997 01:00   18K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970916.GIF            15-Sep-1997 01:00  294K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970917.GIF            16-Sep-1997 01:00  206K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970918.GIF            17-Sep-1997 01:00   49K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970919.GIF            18-Sep-1997 01:00  106K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970920.GIF            19-Sep-1997 01:00  260K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970921.GIF            20-Sep-1997 01:00  196K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970922.GIF            21-Sep-1997 01:00   51K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970923.GIF            22-Sep-1997 01:00  109K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970924.GIF            23-Sep-1997 01:00  124K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970925.GIF            24-Sep-1997 01:00   51K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970926.GIF            25-Sep-1997 01:00   65K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970927.GIF            26-Sep-1997 01:00  214K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970928.GIF            27-Sep-1997 01:00   70K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970929.GIF            28-Sep-1997 01:00  319K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD970930.GIF            29-Sep-1997 01:00  185K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971001.GIF            30-Sep-1997 01:00   81K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971002.GIF            01-Oct-1997 01:00   59K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971003.GIF            02-Oct-1997 01:00  303K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971004.GIF            03-Oct-1997 01:00   41K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971005.GIF            03-Oct-1997 01:00   41K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971006.GIF            05-Oct-1997 01:00   84K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971007.GIF            06-Oct-1997 01:00   60K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971008.GIF            07-Oct-1997 01:00   99K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971009.GIF            08-Oct-1997 01:00  153K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971010.GIF            09-Oct-1997 01:00   60K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971012.GIF            10-Oct-1997 01:00  315K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971013.GIF            11-Oct-1997 01:00  234K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971014.GIF            12-Oct-1997 01:00   67K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971015.GIF            13-Oct-1997 01:00   26K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971016.GIF            14-Oct-1997 01:00   10K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971017.GIF            15-Oct-1997 01:00  199K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971018.GIF            16-Oct-1997 01:00  265K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971019.GIF            17-Oct-1997 01:00  131K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971020.GIF            18-Oct-1997 01:00   63K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971021.GIF            19-Oct-1997 01:00   80K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971022.GIF            20-Oct-1997 01:00   69K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971023.GIF            21-Oct-1997 01:00  100K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971024.GIF            22-Oct-1997 01:00  178K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971025.GIF            23-Oct-1997 01:00   33K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971026.GIF            24-Oct-1997 01:00   74K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971027.GIF            25-Oct-1997 01:00   74K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971028.GIF            27-Oct-1997 00:00  314K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971029.GIF            28-Oct-1997 00:00  113K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971030.GIF            29-Oct-1997 00:00   88K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971031.GIF            30-Oct-1997 00:00   27K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971101.GIF            31-Oct-1997 00:00  254K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971102.GIF            01-Nov-1997 00:00   63K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971103.GIF            02-Nov-1997 00:00  362K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971104.GIF            03-Nov-1997 00:00  289K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971105.GIF            04-Nov-1997 00:00   77K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971106.GIF            05-Nov-1997 00:00   60K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971107.GIF            06-Nov-1997 00:00  381K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971108.GIF            07-Nov-1997 00:00  213K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971109.GIF            08-Nov-1997 00:00  245K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971110.GIF            09-Nov-1997 00:00   77K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971111.GIF            10-Nov-1997 00:00   56K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971112.GIF            11-Nov-1997 00:00  256K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971113.GIF            12-Nov-1997 00:00  183K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971114.GIF            13-Nov-1997 00:00  126K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971115.GIF            14-Nov-1997 00:00  105K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971116.GIF            15-Nov-1997 00:00   50K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971117.GIF            16-Nov-1997 00:00   55K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971118.GIF            17-Nov-1997 00:00  102K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971119.GIF            18-Nov-1997 00:00   15K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971120.GIF            19-Nov-1997 00:00  108K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971121.GIF            20-Nov-1997 00:00   39K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971122.GIF            21-Nov-1997 00:00  202K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971123.GIF            22-Nov-1997 00:00  116K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971124.GIF            23-Nov-1997 00:00   18K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971125.GIF            24-Nov-1997 00:00   22K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971126.GIF            25-Nov-1997 00:00   99K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971127.GIF            26-Nov-1997 00:00   59K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971128.GIF            27-Nov-1997 00:00   62K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971129.GIF            28-Nov-1997 00:00  114K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971130.GIF            29-Nov-1997 00:00  323K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971201.GIF            30-Nov-1997 00:00   71K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971202.GIF            01-Dec-1997 00:00  166K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971203.GIF            02-Dec-1997 00:00   45K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971204.GIF            03-Dec-1997 00:00  134K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971205.GIF            04-Dec-1997 00:00  177K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971206.GIF            05-Dec-1997 00:00  135K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971207.GIF            06-Dec-1997 00:00   45K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971208.GIF            07-Dec-1997 00:00  143K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971209.GIF            08-Dec-1997 00:00  238K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971210.GIF            09-Dec-1997 00:00  189K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971211.GIF            10-Dec-1997 00:00   20K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971212.GIF            11-Dec-1997 00:00  216K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971213.GIF            12-Dec-1997 00:00  243K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971214.GIF            13-Dec-1997 00:00  207K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971215.GIF            14-Dec-1997 00:00   64K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971216.GIF            15-Dec-1997 00:00   36K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971217.GIF            16-Dec-1997 00:00  253K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971218.GIF            17-Dec-1997 00:00  134K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971219.GIF            18-Dec-1997 00:00  249K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971220.GIF            19-Dec-1997 00:00  142K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971221.GIF            20-Dec-1997 00:00   80K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971222.GIF            21-Dec-1997 00:00   38K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971223.GIF            22-Dec-1997 00:00  144K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971224.GIF            23-Dec-1997 00:00   66K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971225.GIF            24-Dec-1997 00:00   32K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971226.GIF            25-Dec-1997 00:00   68K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971227.GIF            26-Dec-1997 00:00   22K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971228.GIF            27-Dec-1997 00:00   68K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971229.GIF            28-Dec-1997 00:00  378K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971230.GIF            28-Dec-1997 00:00  378K  Image/gif
[IMG] FD971231.GIF            30-Dec-1997 00:00  211K  Image/gif
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