Programs and figures from th book "Elegant Fractals" by J. C. Sprott

Programs and figures from the book "Elegant Fractals" by J. C. Sprott

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[   ] elegfrac.bas            10-May-2018 00:05   72K  Text/BASIC source code
[   ] elegfrac.EXE            10-May-2018 00:05  145K  Application/octet-Stream
[IMG] fig01-01.png            01-May-2018 23:27  140K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-02.png            01-May-2018 23:27   11K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-03.png            01-May-2018 23:27  6.5K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-04.png            01-May-2018 23:27  200K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-05.png            01-May-2018 23:27  794K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-06.png            01-May-2018 23:27   20K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-07.png            01-May-2018 23:27  1.2K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-08.png            01-May-2018 23:27   26K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-09.png            01-May-2018 23:27  3.5K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-10.png            01-May-2018 23:27   74K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-11.png            25-May-2018 00:55   84K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-12.png            01-May-2018 23:27   37K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-13.png            01-May-2018 23:27  127K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-14.png            01-May-2018 23:27  138K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-15.png            01-May-2018 23:27  159K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-16.png            01-May-2018 23:27  227K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-17.png            01-May-2018 23:27  366K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-18.png            01-May-2018 23:27  2.6M  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-19.png            01-May-2018 23:27  716K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-20.png            01-May-2018 23:27  852K  Image/png
[IMG] fig01-21.png            01-May-2018 23:27  6.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-01.png            01-May-2018 23:27  694K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-02.png            01-May-2018 23:27  302K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-03.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-04.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-05.png            01-May-2018 23:28  924K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-06.png            01-May-2018 23:28  648K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-07.png            01-May-2018 23:28  295K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-08.png            01-May-2018 23:28  2.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-09.png            01-May-2018 23:28   24K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-10.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-11.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-12.png            01-May-2018 23:28   25K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-13.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-14.png            01-May-2018 23:28  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-15.png            01-May-2018 23:28  331K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-16.png            01-May-2018 23:28  820K  Image/png
[IMG] fig02-17.png            01-May-2018 23:29   12M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-01.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-02.png            01-May-2018 23:29  840K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-03.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-04.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.8M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-05.png            01-May-2018 23:29  894K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-06.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-07.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-08.png            01-May-2018 23:29  501K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-09.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-10.png            01-May-2018 23:29  676K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-11.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-12.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-13.png            01-May-2018 23:29  882K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-14.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-15.png            01-May-2018 23:29  2.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-16.png            01-May-2018 23:29  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-17.png            01-May-2018 23:30  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-18.png            01-May-2018 23:30  762K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-19.png            01-May-2018 23:30  370K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-20.png            01-May-2018 23:30  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-21.png            01-May-2018 23:30  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-22.png            01-May-2018 23:30  690K  Image/png
[IMG] fig03-23.png            01-May-2018 23:30   17M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-01.png            01-May-2018 23:30  653K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-02.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-03.png            01-May-2018 23:31  764K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-04.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-05.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-06.png            01-May-2018 23:31  686K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-07.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-08.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-09.png            01-May-2018 23:31  648K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-10.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.6M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-11.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-12.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.6M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-13.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-14.png            01-May-2018 23:31  607K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-15.png            01-May-2018 23:31  912K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-16.png            01-May-2018 23:31  2.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-17.png            01-May-2018 23:31  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-18.png            01-May-2018 23:31  659K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-19.png            01-May-2018 23:31  779K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-20.png            01-May-2018 23:32  2.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-21.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.8M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-22.png            01-May-2018 23:32  2.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-23.png            01-May-2018 23:32  707K  Image/png
[IMG] fig04-24.png            01-May-2018 23:32   10M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-01.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-02.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-03.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-04.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-05.png            01-May-2018 23:32  1.6M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-06.png            01-May-2018 23:33  2.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-07.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-08.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-09.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-10.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-11.png            01-May-2018 23:33  529K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-12.png            01-May-2018 23:33  728K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-13.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.6M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-14.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-15.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-16.png            01-May-2018 23:33  606K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-17.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-18.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-19.png            01-May-2018 23:33  513K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-20.png            01-May-2018 23:33  443K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-21.png            01-May-2018 23:33  116K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-22.png            01-May-2018 23:33  111K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-23.png            01-May-2018 23:33  103K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-24.png            01-May-2018 23:33  150K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-25.png            01-May-2018 23:33   76K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-26.png            01-May-2018 23:33   97K  Image/png
[IMG] fig05-27.png            01-May-2018 23:33  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-01.png            01-May-2018 23:33  565K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-02.png            01-May-2018 23:33  294K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-03.png            01-May-2018 23:33  321K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-04.png            01-May-2018 23:33  229K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-05.png            01-May-2018 23:33  430K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-06.png            01-May-2018 23:33  886K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-07.png            01-May-2018 23:33  575K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-08.png            01-May-2018 23:34  610K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-09.png            01-May-2018 23:34  283K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-10.png            01-May-2018 23:34  212K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-11.png            01-May-2018 23:34  670K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-12.png            01-May-2018 23:34  112K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-13.png            01-May-2018 23:34  154K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-14.png            01-May-2018 23:34  148K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-15.png            01-May-2018 23:34  672K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-16.png            01-May-2018 23:34   57K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-17.png            01-May-2018 23:34  591K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-18.png            01-May-2018 23:34  254K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-19.png            01-May-2018 23:34  111K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-20.png            01-May-2018 23:34  304K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-21.png            01-May-2018 23:34  818K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-22.png            01-May-2018 23:34  471K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-23.png            01-May-2018 23:34  589K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-24.png            01-May-2018 23:34  184K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-25.png            01-May-2018 23:34  306K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-26.png            01-May-2018 23:34  458K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-27.png            01-May-2018 23:34  231K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-28.png            01-May-2018 23:34  530K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-29.png            01-May-2018 23:34  302K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-30.png            01-May-2018 23:34   69K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-31.png            01-May-2018 23:34  110K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-32.png            01-May-2018 23:34  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-33.png            01-May-2018 23:34  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-34.png            01-May-2018 23:34  686K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-35.png            01-May-2018 23:34  861K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-36.png            01-May-2018 23:34  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-37.png            01-May-2018 23:34  823K  Image/png
[IMG] fig06-38.png            01-May-2018 23:34  6.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-01.png            01-May-2018 23:34  582K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-02.png            01-May-2018 23:34  127K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-03.png            01-May-2018 23:34  307K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-04.png            01-May-2018 23:35  429K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-05.png            01-May-2018 23:35   68K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-06.png            01-May-2018 23:35  281K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-07.png            01-May-2018 23:35  432K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-08.png            01-May-2018 23:35  451K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-09.png            01-May-2018 23:35  367K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-10.png            01-May-2018 23:35  533K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-11.png            01-May-2018 23:35   38K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-12.png            01-May-2018 23:35  426K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-13.png            01-May-2018 23:35  261K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-14.png            01-May-2018 23:35  688K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-15.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.4M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-16.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.5M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-17.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-18.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-19.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.8M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-20.png            01-May-2018 23:35  469K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-21.png            01-May-2018 23:35  399K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-22.png            01-May-2018 23:35  299K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-23.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-24.png            01-May-2018 23:35  1.0M  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-25.png            01-May-2018 23:35  562K  Image/png
[IMG] fig07-26.png            01-May-2018 23:36   11M  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-01.png            01-May-2018 23:36  1.3M  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-02.png            01-May-2018 23:36  1.2M  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-03.png            01-May-2018 23:36  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-04.png            01-May-2018 23:36  1.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-05.png            01-May-2018 23:36   90K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-06.png            01-May-2018 23:36   89K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-07.png            01-May-2018 23:36  109K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-08.png            01-May-2018 23:36  104K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-09.png            01-May-2018 23:36  368K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-10.png            01-May-2018 23:36  553K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-11.png            01-May-2018 23:36  551K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-12.png            01-May-2018 23:36  330K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-13.png            01-May-2018 23:36   92K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-14.png            01-May-2018 23:36   66K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-15.png            01-May-2018 23:36  315K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-16.png            01-May-2018 23:36  442K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-17.png            01-May-2018 23:36  518K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-18.png            01-May-2018 23:36  610K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-19.png            01-May-2018 23:36  293K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-20.png            01-May-2018 23:36  864K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-21.png            01-May-2018 23:36  355K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-22.png            01-May-2018 23:36  366K  Image/png
[IMG] fig08-23.png            01-May-2018 23:36  3.1M  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-01.png            01-May-2018 23:36   14K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-02.png            01-May-2018 23:36   30K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-03.png            01-May-2018 23:36   19K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-04.png            01-May-2018 23:36  103K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-05.png            01-May-2018 23:36   98K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-06.png            01-May-2018 23:36  149K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-07.png            01-May-2018 23:36  157K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-08.png            01-May-2018 23:36  176K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-09.png            01-May-2018 23:36  144K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-10.png            01-May-2018 23:36   85K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-11.png            01-May-2018 23:36   88K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-12.png            01-May-2018 23:36   43K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-13.png            01-May-2018 23:36   51K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-14.png            01-May-2018 23:36   58K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-15.png            01-May-2018 23:36  129K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-16.png            01-May-2018 23:36  111K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-17.png            01-May-2018 23:36  120K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-18.png            01-May-2018 23:36  105K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-19.png            01-May-2018 23:36  155K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-20.png            01-May-2018 23:37  145K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-21.png            01-May-2018 23:37  150K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-22.png            01-May-2018 23:37  152K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-23.png            01-May-2018 23:37  159K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-24.png            01-May-2018 23:37  159K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-25.png            01-May-2018 23:37   95K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-26.png            01-May-2018 23:37  167K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-27.png            01-May-2018 23:37  166K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-28.png            01-May-2018 23:37  185K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-29.png            01-May-2018 23:37   99K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-30.png            01-May-2018 23:37  147K  Image/png
[IMG] fig09-31.png            01-May-2018 23:37  709K  Image/png
[IMG] fig10-01.png            01-May-2018 23:37   21K  Image/png
[IMG] fig10-02.png            10-May-2018 00:06   28K  Image/png
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