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[IMG] 0009a.jpg               27-Jun-1999 01:00  106K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 0037a.jpg               27-Jun-1999 01:00  179K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 01- Profezia.jpg        14-Mar-1999 00:00  143K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 03- Nebbia - porte d..> 14-Feb-1999 00:00   98K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 2att6a.jpg              16-May-1999 01:00  231K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 11_6frommandee.jpg      07-Nov-1999 00:00   83K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 11_8thwarni.jpg         14-Nov-1999 00:00  188K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 11_27noiz01.jpg         31-Oct-1999 01:00  279K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 12_1mandee.jpg          31-Oct-1999 01:00  183K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] 99031501.jpg            14-Mar-1999 00:00   65K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] AlienCandy.jpg          20-Jun-1999 01:00  113K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Alien Nursery2.jpg      07-Feb-1999 00:00   93K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] American Beauty.jpg     24-Oct-1999 01:00  277K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki03.jpg        01-Aug-1999 01:00   83K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki04.jpg        06-Sep-1999 01:00   92K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki05.jpg        23-Aug-1999 01:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki06.jpg        29-Aug-1999 01:00   77K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki07.jpg        29-Aug-1999 01:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki09.jpg        06-Sep-1999 01:00  152K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki11.jpg        29-Aug-1999 01:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ann_nabuki12.jpg        06-Sep-1999 01:00  117K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] arith 1 tz b.jpg        26-Apr-1999 01:00  119K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] arrimo.jpg              06-Sep-1999 01:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] atomic.jpg              25-Jul-1999 01:00   74K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] aura.gif                21-Mar-1999 00:00   73K  Image/gif
[IMG] Autumn Dance.jpg        28-Mar-1999 00:00   28K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] az7_.jpg                25-Jul-1999 01:00  217K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] B3D02-13-99-1.jpg       14-Feb-1999 00:00  164K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] BackAndForth.jpg        21-Mar-1999 00:00  191K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] BackLight.jpg           21-Mar-1999 00:00  163K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] baroque pleasure no ..> 24-Oct-1999 01:00  305K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] bbody.jpg               03-Jan-1999 00:00  274K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Bed_of_Thorns.jpg       26-Apr-1999 01:00  209K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Beloved.jpg             19-Sep-1999 01:00  186K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] big bang.jpg            18-Jul-1999 01:00  207K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] bigmandel.jpg           26-Apr-1999 01:00   82K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] blorb.jpg               31-Oct-1999 01:00   78K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] bluemirror.jpg          03-May-1999 01:00  187K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Blue Mountains.jpg      31-Jan-1999 00:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Blue Spike.jpg          14-Mar-1999 00:00  189K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Bromelia tz.jpg         07-Feb-1999 00:00  160K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] BRONZE.JPG              26-Apr-1999 01:00   99K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Bryce3D013199-6.jpeg    31-Jan-1999 00:00  102K  
[IMG] Bryce3D013199-7.jpeg    31-Jan-1999 00:00   94K  
[IMG] bubbly-s.jpg            09-May-1999 01:00  182K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] bumper03.jpg            26-Apr-1999 01:00   76K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ButterflyTrap.jpg       25-Jul-1999 01:00  190K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] calrion_fv.jpg          10-Oct-1999 01:00  152K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Caramel Dragon sm.jpg   31-Jan-1999 00:00   90K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] CATERPILLARS_02_800x..> 05-Dec-1999 00:00  155K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] cathy2.jpg              26-Sep-1999 01:00   93K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] cave.jpg                23-May-1999 01:00  163K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Center of life.jpg      07-Nov-1999 00:00  125K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Centre-Piece.jpg        09-May-1999 01:00  248K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] cerberum_fv.jpg         26-Sep-1999 01:00  141K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] CFantasy.JPG            31-Jan-1999 00:00  139K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] chains.jpg              24-Oct-1999 01:00  192K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] childs_smile_fv.jpg     26-Dec-1999 00:00  144K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] China Plate2.jpg        11-Apr-1999 01:00  166K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Chuppa.jpg              20-Jun-1999 01:00  329K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Circus.jpg              14-Mar-1999 00:00  291K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ColorWavelets.jpg       07-Feb-1999 00:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] COLUMNS_800x600.JPG     12-Dec-1999 00:00  254K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] complexity.jpg          23-Aug-1999 01:00  303K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Conflict.jpg            21-Mar-1999 00:00  203K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Corrosion.jpg           07-Feb-1999 00:00  211K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] corruptus.jpg           03-Oct-1999 01:00  106K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] creepy.jpg              08-Aug-1999 01:00  150K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Cypress Knee.jpg        28-Mar-1999 00:00  264K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Delights.jpg            18-Jul-1999 01:00  192K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Delphinium.jpg          09-May-1999 01:00  189K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Dendrites5.jpg          03-May-1999 01:00  142K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] des006991031(a).jpg     31-Oct-1999 01:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] des014991103.jpg        07-Nov-1999 00:00  257K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] des017991105.gif        07-Nov-1999 00:00  429K  Image/gif
[IMG] desAug99.gif            01-Aug-1999 01:00  241K  Image/gif
[IMG] digitalcorsett.jpg      18-Jul-1999 01:00  197K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] dome3D-gzv01.jpg        03-Jan-1999 00:00  160K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] dr021199_tz2-1.jpg      14-Feb-1999 00:00   33K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] dr022099_tz10-1.jpg     21-Feb-1999 00:00   35K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] dragon eye.jpg          24-Oct-1999 01:00  231K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Dragon Moon B.jpg       11-Apr-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] droop.jpg               07-Feb-1999 00:00  136K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] early.jpg               14-Mar-1999 00:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] easter.jpg              28-Mar-1999 00:00  108K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Eden.jpg                31-Jan-1999 00:00  215K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] eden62.jpg              05-Dec-1999 00:00  123K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Egg gift basket.jpg     04-Apr-1999 00:00  125K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] eggmont_fv.jpg          26-Sep-1999 01:00  131K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] elkie_s14.jpg           29-Aug-1999 01:00  180K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] embryo.jpg              16-May-1999 01:00  167K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Empire22.gif            03-May-1999 01:00  491K  Image/gif
[IMG] Empire75.gif            08-Aug-1999 01:00  428K  Image/gif
[IMG] Empire76.gif            08-Aug-1999 01:00  464K  Image/gif
[IMG] Empire83.gif            23-Aug-1999 01:00  467K  Image/gif
[IMG] Enter me 2.jpg          13-Jun-1999 01:00  189K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] entity.jpg              09-May-1999 01:00  144K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] epicycle.gif            07-Feb-1999 00:00  253K  Image/gif
[IMG] evamp13.jpg             11-Apr-1999 01:00  274K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Experim1.JPG            23-May-1999 01:00  226K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fabrege Egg2.jpg        04-Apr-1999 00:00  172K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Feathered Headdress.jpg 14-Mar-1999 00:00  274K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] feather light.jpg       18-Jul-1999 01:00   62K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FF990927-01.jpg         03-Oct-1999 01:00  109K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FF990928-03.jpg         03-Oct-1999 01:00  172K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fireflower.jpg          31-Jan-1999 00:00  179K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] first_experiments_in..> 23-Aug-1999 01:00  189K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fish.jpg                21-Nov-1999 00:00  121K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fissure.jpg             21-Mar-1999 00:00  221K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FloraSpikes2.jpg        07-Feb-1999 00:00  111K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] floura_7_26.jpg         31-Oct-1999 01:00  223K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Flower Pod.jpg          18-Jul-1999 01:00   63K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] flowers.JPG             11-Apr-1999 01:00   90K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FOLLY.JPG               26-Apr-1999 01:00   85K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fract014.jpg            26-Sep-1999 01:00   90K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FRACT052(a).jpg         06-Sep-1999 01:00  159K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fract057a.jpg           27-Jun-1999 01:00  192K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fract063a.jpg           23-May-1999 01:00   72K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FRACT4.JPG              21-Mar-1999 00:00  187K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FRACT5.JPG              21-Mar-1999 00:00  219K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fract6.jpg              19-Dec-1999 00:00  140K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal.6_20.jpg        20-Jun-1999 01:00   66K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal.6_27.jpg        27-Jun-1999 01:00   44K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal_032899.jpg      28-Mar-1999 00:00   89K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal_040499_a.jpg    04-Apr-1999 00:00   77K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal_050799_a.jpg    09-May-1999 01:00   83K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal_050899_a.jpg    09-May-1999 01:00   38K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fractal_060599_a.jpg    06-Jun-1999 01:00  115K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FraxFlame1.jpg          07-Feb-1999 00:00  176K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Fraxtree.JPG            04-Apr-1999 00:00   66K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fruits.JPG              28-Mar-1999 00:00  134K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FRX990626-01.jpg        27-Jun-1999 01:00  131K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FRX990905-01.jpg        06-Sep-1999 01:00  134K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] fuzz11_3.jpg            07-Nov-1999 00:00  200K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FX990626-01.jpg         27-Jun-1999 01:00  228K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gammas scarf.jpg        31-May-1999 01:00   57K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] garden2.jpg             11-Apr-1999 01:00  183K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gentle mantas.jpg       10-Oct-1999 01:00  189K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gh-SatinGalaxy.jpg      12-Dec-1999 00:00  140K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Gilda 8.jpg             11-Apr-1999 01:00  137K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Gilded martian plant..> 07-Feb-1999 00:00   99K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] GOOP_800x600.JPG        28-Nov-1999 00:00  130K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gorgeous curves.jpg     23-Aug-1999 01:00  215K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] GoWithTheFlow2.jpg      11-Apr-1999 01:00  168K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gramma's doily 02s.jpg  07-Nov-1999 00:00  122K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] GrievousAngel.jpg       18-Jul-1999 01:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gzv-08-16-02.jpg        23-Aug-1999 01:00  107K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gzv01-03-99-2.jpg       03-Jan-1999 00:00  103K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] gzv03-13-04.jpg         14-Mar-1999 00:00  198K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Heart.jpg               04-Apr-1999 00:00   81K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Herbs.JPG               21-Mar-1999 00:00  131K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] hexadeci.jpg            25-Jul-1999 01:00  148K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Hrings - UF990812-01..> 06-Sep-1999 01:00   94K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Hygienist's_Nightmar..> 04-Apr-1999 00:00   86K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] icing.jpg               12-Sep-1999 01:00  210K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] image2.JPG              23-May-1999 01:00  123K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] image31.jpg             13-Jun-1999 01:00  147K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] image42.jpg             27-Jun-1999 01:00  161K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Infini8x6.jpg           19-Sep-1999 01:00  291K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] inkblot163.jpg          29-Aug-1999 01:00  155K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Inner Sanctum B.jpg     11-Apr-1999 01:00  157K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] internet.gif            01-Sep-1999 01:00  533K  Image/gif
[IMG] jonah.jpg               16-May-1999 01:00  147K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Jonah in the Whale.jpg  06-Sep-1999 01:00  152K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] jpl104.gif              05-Dec-1999 00:00  252K  Image/gif
[IMG] Juncture tz28.jpg       18-Apr-1999 01:00  179K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] junglelar_tz28.jpg      14-Mar-1999 00:00  176K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Kardoramo8x6.jpg        20-Jun-1999 01:00  440K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Koala2.jpg              07-Feb-1999 00:00  179K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] k_scope.jpg             28-Mar-1999 00:00  128K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Lace Rose.jpg           31-Jan-1999 00:00  160K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ladiel_fv.jpg           07-Nov-1999 00:00  138K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] La La Land bump.jpg     11-Apr-1999 01:00  204K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] langosta_03fv.jpg       01-Aug-1999 01:00  114K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] large01.jpg             03-Jan-1999 00:00   92K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Laugh Riot2.jpg         21-Mar-1999 00:00  164K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] LEAFY_800x600.JPG       26-Dec-1999 00:00  371K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Leaves B.jpg            07-Mar-1999 00:00  181K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Leverrine.jpg           20-Jul-1999 01:00  122K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Lightning Point.jpg     21-Mar-1999 00:00   71K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] linda.jpg               26-Apr-1999 01:00   60K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] linores_tz28.jpg        08-Aug-1999 01:00  166K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] lsys0001.jpg            05-Dec-1999 00:00  109K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Lyra.jpg                04-Apr-1999 00:00   97K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] mandel's sun.jpg        23-Aug-1999 01:00  331K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Mandy Pin.jpg           21-Mar-1999 00:00  149K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Mantilla.jpg            26-Apr-1999 01:00  231K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Marine Dance.jpg        31-Jan-1999 00:00  164K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MarineRadiation.jpg     28-Mar-1999 00:00  119K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] marr_fv.jpg             12-Sep-1999 01:00  134K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] mokoyombi_fla.jpg       23-Aug-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Moleculier8x6.jpg       20-Jun-1999 01:00  351K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] molineaux_fla.jpg       12-Sep-1999 01:00  104K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Mollusco s12.jpg        18-Jul-1999 01:00  165K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Moon spiral4.jpg        20-Jun-1999 01:00   82K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] more_jewels.jpg         08-Aug-1999 01:00   53K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Mother.jpg              07-Feb-1999 00:00  172K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Moth invasion.jpg       06-Jun-1999 01:00  192K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0049.jpg             07-Mar-1999 00:00  136K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0089.jpg             09-May-1999 01:00  196K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0099.jpg             23-May-1999 01:00  185K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0118.jpg             20-Jun-1999 01:00  187K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0137.jpg             20-Jul-1999 01:00   89K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0142.jpg             01-Aug-1999 01:00  106K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0146.jpg             23-Aug-1999 01:00  260K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0150.jpg             29-Aug-1999 01:00  246K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0159.jpg             12-Sep-1999 01:00  216K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0160.jpg             12-Sep-1999 01:00  194K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0162.jpg             12-Sep-1999 01:00  274K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0163.jpg             19-Sep-1999 01:00  187K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0164.jpg             19-Sep-1999 01:00  197K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0169.jpg             26-Sep-1999 01:00  119K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0170.jpg             26-Sep-1999 01:00  103K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0174.jpg             03-Oct-1999 01:00  118K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0175.jpg             03-Oct-1999 01:00   72K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0181.jpg             10-Oct-1999 01:00  130K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0186.jpg             24-Oct-1999 01:00  320K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0187.jpg             24-Oct-1999 01:00  304K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0193.jpg             31-Oct-1999 01:00  245K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] msm0206.jpg             21-Nov-1999 00:00  198K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] mygarden.jpg            19-Sep-1999 01:00  203K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MyWhiteOpal.jpg         28-Mar-1999 00:00  220K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] NaturePattern4.jpg      14-Feb-1999 00:00  242K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] nstart.jpg              27-Jun-1999 01:00  265K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] oldsmoky.jpg            13-Jun-1999 01:00  259K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] OldTime_ss.jpg          18-Apr-1999 01:00   75K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] pallbear.jpg            16-May-1999 01:00  254K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Peachy3.jpg             21-Mar-1999 00:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Pheonix.jpg             31-Jan-1999 00:00  140K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] PHNXSPIR.JPG            28-Mar-1999 00:00  175K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Plasticina.jpg          03-Jan-1999 00:00   79K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] plastic_cosmos.jpg      20-Jul-1999 01:00   55K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] portrait of a glowin..> 31-Jan-1999 00:00  151K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] power center.jpg        29-Aug-1999 01:00  128K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] PP71699-2.jpg           18-Jul-1999 01:00   84K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] PP71699-3.jpg           18-Jul-1999 01:00   86K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ppol.jpg                07-Nov-1999 00:00  119K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] PrettyConfused3.jpg     03-Jan-1999 00:00  196K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] printinen_fv.jpg        25-Jul-1999 01:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Procession.jpg          21-Mar-1999 00:00  157K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Puffarama2.jpg          27-Jun-1999 01:00  104K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Puffarama3.jpg          27-Jun-1999 01:00   93K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Purple.jpg              03-Jan-1999 00:00  236K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] quelotz_infi.jpg        14-Mar-1999 00:00  178K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990205-04.jpg          21-Feb-1999 00:00  137K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990207-02.jpg          07-Feb-1999 00:00  299K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990209-03.jpg          16-May-1999 01:00  154K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990209-04.jpg          16-May-1999 01:00  130K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990225-03.jpg          11-Apr-1999 01:00  102K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990226-02.jpg          11-Apr-1999 01:00   78K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990226-07.jpg          18-Apr-1999 01:00   98K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990301-01.jpg          06-Jun-1999 01:00   70K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990303-02.jpg          18-Apr-1999 01:00  110K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990309-01-c.jpg        18-Apr-1999 01:00  135K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990317-01.jpg          18-Apr-1999 01:00  197K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990320-01.jpg          21-Mar-1999 00:00  164K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990427-002.jpg         16-May-1999 01:00  116K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] R990502-01.jpg          16-May-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Red Claws.jpg           14-Mar-1999 00:00  151K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] red thing.jpg           17-Oct-1999 01:00  211K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] reflections.jpg         03-Jan-1999 00:00  168K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] remanso_fv.jpg          24-Oct-1999 01:00  172K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Rooter6.jpg             18-Apr-1999 01:00  141K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Royo.jpg                11-Apr-1999 01:00  163K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] rubber-bands.jpg        07-Feb-1999 00:00  235K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Rubberman tz28.jpg      21-Mar-1999 00:00  117K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] RUBIES.JPG              28-Mar-1999 00:00  144K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sachet_fv.jpg           26-Sep-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SAH_121699D_800x600.JPG 26-Dec-1999 00:00  121K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sami.jpg                23-Aug-1999 01:00  269K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] satin sheet.jpg         23-Aug-1999 01:00  186K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Satin_Gown.jpg          06-Jun-1999 01:00  162K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Say you're Peter inf..> 14-Mar-1999 00:00  168K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sc012999.jpg            31-Jan-1999 00:00  109K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sc02.jpg                07-Feb-1999 00:00  202K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sc06.jpg                07-Feb-1999 00:00  168K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sc07.jpg                07-Feb-1999 00:00  143K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sc08.jpg                07-Feb-1999 00:00  173K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sea-star.jpg            06-Sep-1999 01:00  220K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Seance.jpg              14-Mar-1999 00:00  134K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sinfi 150299-0155a.jpg  16-May-1999 01:00  179K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Slate Wave2.jpg         06-Jun-1999 01:00  133K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sling it5.jpg           13-Jun-1999 01:00   94K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] smaller.jpg             05-Dec-1999 00:00  175K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Snippet.jpg             25-Jul-1999 01:00  129K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] softest.jpg             06-Jun-1999 01:00  117K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Solitude.jpg            21-Mar-1999 00:00  156K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Solitude2.jpg           21-Mar-1999 00:00  143K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] space flake.jpg         10-Oct-1999 01:00   95K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Spiked shark2cmb.jpg    07-Feb-1999 00:00  219K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Spinner.jpg             28-Mar-1999 00:00  181K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] spiraly yours.jpg       06-Sep-1999 01:00  163K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SPLASH.JPG              13-Jun-1999 01:00  275K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] spores2.jpg             11-Apr-1999 01:00   88K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SPRANG.JPG              26-Apr-1999 01:00  182K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Spring_Breeze.jpg       21-Mar-1999 00:00  271K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sprue.jpg               16-May-1999 01:00  158K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] star mandala2.JPG       11-Apr-1999 01:00   53K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] star mandala4.JPG       11-Apr-1999 01:00  115K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] star_skim.jpg           09-May-1999 01:00   90K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Stelinian.jpg           04-Apr-1999 00:00  213K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Stellar fossil.jpg      21-Mar-1999 00:00  149K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Stellar recliner4.jpg   21-Mar-1999 00:00  150K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sterli675.jpg           06-Jun-1999 01:00  104K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sterling0088.jpg        04-Apr-1999 00:00  119K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] sterling0113.jpg        03-Oct-1999 01:00  215K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Straw.jpg               14-Mar-1999 00:00  194K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] study1.JPG              01-Aug-1999 01:00  173K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] stv16-09-19-01.jpg      19-Sep-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Suggestive.jpg          10-Oct-1999 01:00  249K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sundial.jpg             10-Oct-1999 01:00  155K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SUNFLOWER_800x600.JPG   26-Dec-1999 00:00  261K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Suspension_Bridge.jpg   20-Jun-1999 01:00  177K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Sw71899-2.jpg           18-Jul-1999 01:00   90K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Swan-Peacock-Angel.jpg  28-Mar-1999 00:00  130K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] swarm02.jpg             24-Oct-1999 01:00  129K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] swarm03.jpg             24-Oct-1999 01:00  128K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Synapse Sizzle10.jpg    18-Apr-1999 01:00  105K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Tiera1528.jpg           14-Feb-1999 00:00  183K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera2792.jpg           11-Apr-1999 01:00  208K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera2808.jpg           11-Apr-1999 01:00  232K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3006.jpg           03-May-1999 01:00  156K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3077.jpg           03-May-1999 01:00  258K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3097.jpg           03-May-1999 01:00  279K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3277.jpg           23-Aug-1999 01:00  214K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3286.jpg           25-Jul-1999 01:00  231K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3451.jpg           29-Aug-1999 01:00  211K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3453.jpg           29-Aug-1999 01:00  128K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3565.jpg           03-Oct-1999 01:00  245K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3641.jpg           03-Oct-1999 01:00  116K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3740.jpg           10-Oct-1999 01:00  126K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tiera3831.jpg           31-Oct-1999 01:00  206K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Tieran Limit 001 tz2..> 04-Mar-1999 00:00  132K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] TIMEWARP_800x600.JPG    28-Nov-1999 00:00  129K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Trabajarla.jpg          21-Mar-1999 00:00  161K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Trauma 3 tz2.jpg        07-Feb-1999 00:00  180K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] TRIPOD_800x600.JPG      05-Dec-1999 00:00  285K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] tuft.jpg                23-Aug-1999 01:00  249K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] turning around.jpg      29-Aug-1999 01:00  170K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990317d1.JPG           21-Mar-1999 00:00  128K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990317j.JPG            21-Mar-1999 00:00  172K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990317o.JPG            21-Mar-1999 00:00  162K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990317r.JPG            21-Mar-1999 00:00  146K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990317u.JPG            21-Mar-1999 00:00  233K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321a2.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  162K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321c.JPG            28-Mar-1999 00:00  199K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321c1.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  197K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321c5.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  188K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321d.JPG            28-Mar-1999 00:00  233K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321d7.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  236K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321f.JPG            28-Mar-1999 00:00  185K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321f3.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  250K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321f5.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  253K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990321f6.JPG           28-Mar-1999 00:00  171K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990327a3.JPG           04-Apr-1999 00:00  222K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990327b1.JPG           04-Apr-1999 00:00  181K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990413d5.JPG           18-Apr-1999 01:00  144K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] u990413x13.JPG          18-Apr-1999 01:00  253K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF031499-5.jpg          14-Mar-1999 00:00  206K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF032099-1.jpg          21-Mar-1999 00:00  206K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF040299-4.jpg          04-Apr-1999 00:00  227K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] uf120999c2.jpg          12-Dec-1999 00:00  284K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] uf121999a.jpg           19-Dec-1999 00:00  214K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] uf122199d.jpg           26-Dec-1999 00:00  291K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF990811-01.jpg         23-Aug-1999 01:00  191K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF990817-03.jpg         23-Aug-1999 01:00  124K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF990823-01.jpg         29-Aug-1999 01:00  165K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] UF990924-01.jpg         03-Oct-1999 01:00  192K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufFirefly.jpg           10-Oct-1999 01:00  229K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr043_a.jpg            12-Sep-1999 01:00   99K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr074_a.jpg            12-Sep-1999 01:00  156K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr110a_a.jpg           03-Oct-1999 01:00  164K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr127_a.jpg            17-Oct-1999 01:00  168K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr170b_a.jpg           12-Dec-1999 00:00  131K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] ufr173_a.jpg            12-Dec-1999 00:00  237K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] un-named.jpg            23-Aug-1999 01:00  146K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Valentine.jpg           31-Jan-1999 00:00  129K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Victorian Necklace.jpg  14-Mar-1999 00:00  199K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Walking Toward The L..> 12-Dec-1999 00:00  173K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Warm Fuzzies.jpg        07-Feb-1999 00:00   58K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] watch for spiders.jpg   01-Aug-1999 01:00  155K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] watering.jpg            28-Nov-1999 00:00   98K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Wenzel2.jpg             03-May-1999 01:00  157K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Whatever2.jpg           12-Sep-1999 01:00  202K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Whatever4.jpg           19-Sep-1999 01:00  200K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Whatever7.jpg           19-Sep-1999 01:00   95K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] White Weave.jpg         11-Apr-1999 01:00  133K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] who cut my limbs.jpg    25-Jul-1999 01:00  116K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] whrligig.jpg            16-May-1999 01:00  146K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Wild Flower.jpg         24-Oct-1999 01:00  115K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] Windy.jpg               18-Jul-1999 01:00   58K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] worms.jpg               26-Sep-1999 01:00  254K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] www.jpg                 12-Sep-1999 01:00  268K  Image/jpeg
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