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[IMG] 1020.GIF                19-Dec-1994 00:00   69K  Image/gif
[IMG] 1035.GIF                26-Dec-1994 00:00   46K  Image/gif
[IMG] 1039.GIF                24-Dec-1994 00:00  110K  Image/gif
[IMG] 1042.GIF                25-Dec-1994 00:00   73K  Image/gif
[IMG] 1044.GIF                27-Dec-1994 00:00  119K  Image/gif
[IMG] 1046.GIF                26-Dec-1994 00:00   81K  Image/gif
[IMG] BAYOU.JPG               11-Dec-1994 00:00  112K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] CGA.GIF                 27-Dec-1994 00:00  370K  Image/gif
[IMG] COOLNEWT.GIF            19-Dec-1994 00:00  135K  Image/gif
[IMG] D2AB3A.GIF              27-Dec-1994 00:00  275K  Image/gif
[IMG] D4A2B3A.GIF             27-Dec-1994 00:00  243K  Image/gif
[IMG] D4A2BA.GIF              27-Dec-1994 00:00  338K  Image/gif
[IMG] D5A.GIF                 28-Dec-1994 00:00  454K  Image/gif
[IMG] DF2A.GIF                27-Dec-1994 00:00  110K  Image/gif
[IMG] EGGS.JPG                11-Dec-1994 00:00   21K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] EYE.GIF                 19-Dec-1994 00:00   37K  Image/gif
[IMG] FIRE.JPG                15-Dec-1994 00:00  138K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] FIREONYX.GIF            14-Dec-1994 00:00   84K  Image/gif
[IMG] HOP0006.GIF             13-Dec-1994 00:00   93K  Image/gif
[IMG] ICYVORTX.GIF            30-Dec-1994 00:00  189K  Image/gif
[IMG] JLIABROT.GIF            11-Dec-1994 00:00   33K  Image/gif
[IMG] JULIAMAN.JPG            19-Dec-1994 00:00  353K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] KITCHEN1.JPG            17-Dec-1994 00:00   85K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MANDEL1.JPG             11-Dec-1994 00:00   25K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MANDEL3.JPG             15-Dec-1994 00:00   58K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MANDEL6.JPG             24-Dec-1994 00:00  101K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MANDEL6A.JPG            29-Dec-1994 00:00   54K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MANSPIKE.JPG            15-Dec-1994 00:00   81K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] MERRYCHR.GIF            16-Dec-1994 00:00  146K  Image/gif
[IMG] MINTER.GIF              29-Dec-1994 00:00   72K  Image/gif
[IMG] NEURON.JPG              19-Dec-1994 00:00   72K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] NEURONET.JPG            30-Dec-1994 00:00  157K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SHELF1.JPG              29-Dec-1994 00:00  101K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SINK1.JPG               17-Dec-1994 00:00   48K  Image/jpeg
[IMG] SLUG.GIF                11-Dec-1994 00:00   88K  Image/gif
[IMG] SOUP4.GIF               17-Dec-1994 00:00   17K  Image/gif
[IMG] SPIRALLN.GIF            20-Dec-1994 00:00  109K  Image/gif
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