Dance Alive!
Volunteer Positions




Ambassadors have the responsibility of being a contact person between Dance Alive! and the different groups among the community including African American, Latino, Italian, Hmong, the disabled, students (MATC, UW, Edgewood, public schools), seniors, faith communities, neighborhoods, AA, Cornucopia, and Hospitals.  They work to bring the different groups together through the Dance Alive! events. 



Translators have the role of ensuring the promotional materials are available in a variety of languages.



The PR representative will meet with public officials and different interested organizations to publicize the Dance Alive! Organization.  Other duties include writing cohesive outreach messages, letters, and thank you notes.





    The accountantís main responsibility entails keeping track of the financial records along with maintaining the checking account, paying the bands, venue, and miscellaneous expenses, and counting and apportioning the donations collected.



    The fundraiserís goal is to identify a number of funding sources and write grant proposals in order to finance a Dance Alive!  Event.





The coordinator must search among the community to contact and secure the following for each of the Dance Alive! Dances:

-two bands

-dance instructors

-Master of Ceremonies

-Cultural performance or exhibit

-talent scout





    The webmasterís primary responsibility is to maintain the Dance  Alive!  Website by updating it regularly with new Dance Alive! information and photos.



          The historian collects promotional materials, photos, newspaper articles, etc. to archive.  The archived materials will be maintained in a Dance         Alive! scrapbook.


         Flyer Coordinator


          The flyer coordinator works to produce a flyer for each of the Dance Alive!  Dances.  They recruit and train volunteers in the process of flyer       distribution around the Madison area to ensure proper publicity.  They also arrange the delivery of the flyers to each of the distributing flyers around the community volunteers.


         Electronic Communications Coordinator


    The electronic communications coordinator prepares media releases and notices about upcoming Dance Alive! events, and distributes them via       email.



         Volunteer Coordinator


    The volunteer coordinator oversees all the volunteers participating in Dance Alive! events.  He or she is charge of recruiting and enlisting volunteers, ensuring that roles and tasks are fitted to each of the volunteers capabilities, training of volunteers, and supporting volunteers at events.


         Welcome table greeters


    The Welcome table greeters are responsible for ensuring the welcoming of all Dance Alive! participants at the dance.  They welcome guests, encourage donations and sign up to email and volunteer suggestion lists, and count attendance.




    The hostess or hostís main task entails encouraging participation of all attendees at the dance.  They interact, engage, mix and mingle, and          introduce attendees and volunteers with one another.  They also help in the assistance to the musicians.




    The set-up volunteer is in charge of ensuring the Dance Alive! dance has all the necessary components set-up to put on a dance.  This includes       organization of the room, the set-up of the welcome table, literature table, and refreshment stand.




    The refreshments volunteer ensures that the dance has all the appropriate refreshments readily available to attendees.  The refreshment volunteer         buys all the necessary supplies to prepare popcorn, and set out chips and beverages.




    The clean up volunteerís responsibility is to make sure the room looks better than when Dance Alive! volunteers showed up to set-up.  Tasks       include: returning room to original arrangement, packing up literature, picking up garbage, and sweeping the floor.