Dance at the Gates

Summer night dance, candle light dance:  old ballroom for space;
Wooden floor dance, take hands four dance:  a time filled with grace.
Shall we dance this?  Shall we chance this?
will you understand?
Laughing face, take your place--
Let me give you my hand. 2
"Pairs line up there, band strike up there," the caller begins.
We set out there, cast out doubts where we join and we spin.
"Four abreast now, twos can rest now,
lines forward and back;"
Allemande. . . all is grand:
we're on the right track.

Give some weight here, hesitate here, my heart's all in motion;
Give your all here, heed the call here, well, love is our notion.
Waltz around next, progress down next,
right hand star and return,
Ladies' chain, life's refrain,
we link and we learn.

With a half turn, with a full turn,  you gypsy round me
With a shy look, with an eye look, harmoniously.
try a hey then, don't turn away then!
We bow and we bend;
patterns flow,  spirits glow--
Our music won't end.

Flaring skirts soon, sweaty shirts soon, the rhythm soon quickens
Arms surround soon, joy abounds soon, the intensity deepens.
Do a quick step, do a two step,
--jig's up!  It's so real--
Doh si doh, heel and toe,
this love we both feel.

Caroline Balderston Parry
135 Britannia Road
Ottawa K2B 5X1
(613) 726-1919