July 8th through July 16th, 1999

9 days, 4500 miles by train, 2000 miles by car

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July 9th

From Chicago to Denver by train, we arrive at 10:30 am and head out across the Divide.

Christina models our red Neon.

July 10th

From Colorado Nat. Monument, we drive to Capital Reef Nat. Park for some trail running, then head on to Bryce Canyon National Park and the pre-wedding reception.

July 11th

Jan and Ryan's wedding.

Christina and I are all gussied' up.
The Family B.
Dad and Mom watch the vows.
Janette and Ryan Mortensen.

July 12th

Zion Nat. Park and the Grand Canyon

Christina, and Eduardo and Jane Fernandez on Angel's Landing, Zion
Jane and Christina hold on
The view from Angel's Landing of Zion NP
Me and a tree.

Christina at Grand Canyon's North Rim

July 13th

Driving across AZ, through Monument Valley to Arches Nat. Park

Glenn Canyon Dam
Lake Powell
Christina at Monument Valley
The "Dark Angel" in Devil's Garden, Arches NP

July 14th

More Arches and some mountain biking in Moab, UT

Christina hiking along "slick rock."
Delicate Arch and Christina

The Moab Slick Rock Trailhead
the trail
an overview of the river from the trail

July 15th

Snowmass, CO to Denver

Ted Biewer (biewer@loki.physics.wisc.edu)