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"It's not my goddamn planet! Understand, monkey boy?!"--John Bigboote'

In Real Life

This monkeyboy is Ted Biewer, extra-ordinary graduate student in plasma physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Goals 2000

I'm a simple guy, but I'd like:


May June July
August September October

January 2000

Sat, Jan 29th Sun, Jan 30th
CronoMetro Bike Swap open

February 2000

Sat, Feb 5th Sun, Feb 6th
open Ride the Rockies route available
Sat, Feb 12th Sun, Feb 13th
UW Running Club Valentine's 5k open
Sat, Feb 26th Sun, Feb 27th Mon, Feb 28th Tue, Feb 29th Wed, Mar 1st
Chicago Bike Expo Chicago Bike Expo RFP Workshop RFP Workshop RFP Workshop

March 2000

Sat, March 11th Sun, March 12th
Budget Bike o' Rama Budget Bike o' Rama
Sat, March 25th Sun, March 26th
Pyramid Run open

April 2000

Sat, April 8th Sun, April 9th
UW Cycling Club Road Race open
Sat, April 22nd Sun, April 23rd
Evansville, Alex Party, Dance Show Easter at Aunt Ruth's
Sat, April 29th Sun, April 30th
Whitewater Race Photos and Results open

May 2000

Sat, May 6th Sun, May 7th
open open
Sat, May 13th Sun, May 14h
open TOSRV
Sat, May 20th Sun, May 21st
Beloit Duathlon and Chetan's Grad. Photos and Results open
Sat, May 27th Sun, May 28th
rest (CB Blue Mounds Classic) Madison 1/2 Marathon Photos and Results

June 2000

Sat, June 3rd Sun, June 4th Mon. June 5th Tue, June 6th Wed. June 7th Thu. June 8th Fri. June 9th
leave for PRNL Pictured Rocks NL Pictured Rocks NL Photos Pictured Rocks NL Christina's Birthday at Pictured Rocks NL return from PRNL leave for TOMRV
Sat,June 10th Sun, June 11th
Sat, June 17th Sun, June 18th
open UW Health Sports Triathlon
Fri, June 23rd Sat, June 24th Sun, June 25th
BSG Road Race open Blue Mounds Virtual Hill Climb

July 2000

Sat, July 1st Sun, July 2nd
Mad City Crit. (wenger@cs.wisc.edu) and Tour de France and GRABAAWR begin Biewer Family Reunion
Sat, July 8th Sun, July 9th
Vika Hika Bika Biathlon jnelson@gibraltar.k12.wi.us Madison Classic Triathlon
Sat, July 15th Sun, July 16th Mon, July 17th Tue, July 18th Wed, July 19th Thu, July 20th Fri, July 21st
Janesville Tri. (ymca@ticon.net) or Troutman Du. (value@itol.com) or Stevens Point Tri. Manitowoc Crit. BTOC Bicycle Tour of Colorado BTOC Bicycle Tour of Colorado BTOC
Sat, July 22nd Sun, July 23rd
Wakeshau Crit. or Castle Rock Tri. Tour de France ends and RAGBRAI begins
Sat, July 29th Sun, July 30th
RAGBRAI ends open

August 2000

Sat, August 5th Sun, August 6th
open NATS Madison Triathlon
Sat, August 12th Sun, August 13th
JKAS Century open
Sat, August 19th Sun, August 20th
Downers Grove Grand Prix open
Sat, August 26th Sun, August 27th
open Waunakee Hill Country Biathlon cborkows@wisc.org

September 2000

Sat, September 2nd Sun, September 3rd
open Wright Stuff Century
Sat, September 9th Sun, September 10th
Lake Geneva Triathlon or Team Time Trial Fox River Duathlon or Devil's Challenge Triathlon
Sat, September 16th Sun, September 17th
Fat Tire Fest Fat Tire Fest
Sat, September 23rd Sun, September 24th
open Canterbury Run
Sat, September 30th Sun, October 1st
open Whitewater Biathlon (klattg@uww.edu)

October 2000

Sat, October 7th Sun, October 8th
Mt. Horeb Biathlon 608-437-3400 open
Sat, October 14th Sun, October 15th
Hilly Hundred Hilly Hundred
Sat, October 21st Sun, October 22nd Mon, October 23rd Tue, October 24th Wed, October 25th Thu, October 26th Fri, October 27th
open APS or Chicago Marathon APS APS APS APS APS


1999 Totals

Wisconsin Multisport Triathlon Series Results

Name City Year Event All Sex Div Divis 1Time 1Rank 1Pace TranTime 2Time 2Rank 2Pace TranTime 3Time 3Rank 3Pace Time
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 2000 NATS-Madison Long 78 66 13 M2529 26:22 142 62.2 2:53 1:03:22 34 23.5 0:47 45:09 127 7:16 2:18:32
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 2000 Madison Classic Long 39 35 9 M2529 11:05 116 52.9 39:58 28 24.0 26:46 68 6:42 1:20:26
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1999 Devils Challenge 44 41 10 M2529 9:16 139 47.6 41:18 23 21.8 23:39 79 7:24 1:16:44
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1999 USTS Madison - Long 145 125 26 M2529 29:44 202 55.2 1:02:51 63 22.5 48:19 208 7:47 2:24:29
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1999 Madison Classic Long 73 63 17 M2529 17:50 152 32.9 40:02 28 24.0 29:18 100 7:20 1:30:26
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1998 Devils Challenge 94 87 23 M2529 8:42 137 50.7 44:21 45 20.3 26:55 158 7:55 1:19:57

Other Race Results

Name City Year Event All Sex Div Divis 1Time 1Rank 1Pace TranTime 2Time 2Rank 2Pace TranTime 3Time 3Rank 3Pace Time
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 2000 Whitewater Biathlon 6 6 1 M2529 20:39 6:27 0:32 34:36 23.8 55:39
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 2000 Waunakee Du 7 7 2 M2529 12:49 6:06 0:45 40:50 21.3 0:18 13:18 6:37 1:08:01
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 2000 Beloit Du. 15 15 3 M2529 10:25 5:13 27:38 23.9 9:48 4:56 0:49:10
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1999 Mt Horeb Du. 11 11 1 M2529 12:47 6:23 45:38 18.0 14:14 7:07 1:12:40
Biewer, Theodore Madison, WI 1999 Waunakee Du 9 9 2 M2529 12:48 6:24 42:11 21.0 13:52 7:56 1:08:52
Wright, Biewer, Farmer Madison, WI 1999 Castle Rock Tri. 1 NA 1 coed relay 9:58 3 43:47 1 22.7 22:18 1 7:26 1:16:03
Wright, Biewer, Farmer Madison, WI 1999 Galena Tri. 3 NA 2 coed relay 13:01 6 48:07 1 21.4 28:54 2 7:14 1:30:01

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Ted Biewer (biewer@loki.physics.wisc.edu)