This is F. TED B. or

You asked for it.

Resume, type thing

Past, i.e. things that were forgotten

Born at home on a cold December night, on a small farm near Sullivan, WI. Moved at 2 1/2 months to Chandler, AZ and attended Basha's/St. Mary's Catholic Elementary school through the 3rd grade. Moved back to the WI farm in the summer of 1981 and went to Sullivan Elemantray school and Jefferson Middle school. Moved again to Chandler, AZ in 1986 and began my freshman year at what was Chandler Jr. High School. Became a cycling fanatic. Finished third in a class of 502 at Chandler High School, and attended Arizona State University, double majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Spent a summer at the University of Colorado--Boulder on a NSF Research Experience for Undergradutes grant building a charged dust trap. After a short stint as the bassist for The Drunkards', graduated Summa Cum Laude and began graduate school at the University of Wisconsin--Madison following a summer at Schlumberger Doll Research Labs in Ridgefield, CT. Through the grace of the gods passed the qualifing exam at UW near the end of my first year, and spent the following summer serving a practicum at General Atomics in San Diego, CA. Since then, gathered a Master of Science in Physics degree in December of 1996 and a MS in Atomospheric Sciences in December of 1997 from the UW.

Present, i.e. things that are forgotten

Sixth year graduate student at the University of Wisconsin--Madison, majoring in plasma physics. Continued work on upgrading the MST Thomson Scattering diagnostic. Should be cool, stay posted.

Future, i.e. things that will be forgotten

Uncertain as it is, the very near future most likely holds 1/2 more years (including this year) of graduate school to complete my Ph.D. What comes after that only the Tralfamadorians can say.

Absolutely Vital Statistics

A recent weighing put me in around 165 earth pounds with a height of 6' 1''. Respectable, I suppose. Eyes of blue, hair of brown in desperate need of a trimming and parted for the moment on the left though I did not intend for that to be a reflection of my political views despite the fact that that's where they generally are. Personally attached to an awesome showgirl. And conscripted to a family of 3 brothers and one sister, plus (the requisite) mom and dad, all of whom, I might add, live in the free state of Arizona.
Viva la revolution!!

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